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Ect his chocolate fondue recipe for the town s tricentennial festival s dessert cook off They are also renting rooms to a bridal party group spending the weekend doing the festivities while the bride becomes better acuainted with the groom s family When Val finds the body of a guest in the backyard she doesn t know what to think Was it a case of mistaken identity As Val digs deeper into the background of each guest she finds than she bargained forThis is the third book in the series and each is better than the previous one There are lots of 5 ingredient recipes at the end of each book They are both easy and tasty The characters are well developed and realistic as is the background story of her grandfather s cooking escapades I liked the Chesapeake Bay setting and enjoyed the health club background as well Cozy and cooking fans will all enjoy this fun series Is it the best book out there I don t think so but I m giving it a 5 because I really didn t see it coming Do I like the reveal No but I do like how this book played out For some reason it made me got invested even when the majority of the involved people were basically only there by chance and I think because of that it at least explains better why we don t know and possibly don t care for them as opposed to the two previous books in which it was jut hard to care for characters other than Val etc If that makes sense Could be just me Maya Corrigan fans our wait is over This installment of the Five Ingredient Mysteries is the tasty treat International Organizations you ve been waiting for In FINAL FONDUE author Maya Corrigan takes us back to Maryland s Eastern shore and the Chesapeake Bay town of Bayport where Val and her grandfather have rented out rooms in their home to guests for the upcoming tri centennial celebration Having strangers in the house screams trouble to me Val discovers it is indeed trouble when she finds one of those strangers dead in the backyardFINAL FONDUE is everything readers of this series have some to count on A well thought out plot an intriguing mystery and plenty of suspects and motives to keepou guessing until the end this book is an entertaining cozy that will leave fans deliciously satisfied Love recipes with our cozies You ll find six five ingredient recipes at the back of the book Final Fondue by Maya Corrigan is the third book in A Five Ingredient Mystery series Val Deniston is in for a busy week in Bayport Maryland Bayport s Tri centennial Festival is taking place and Val is running the booth for the Cool Down Caf where she works Val has convinced her Grandad Don Myer to take in guests for the weekend will pay for the detective course he is taking Jennifer Brown has booked the rooms for herself and members of her bridal party Fawn Finchley Noah Hurdly Sarina Rafael Jennifer is in town to make plans for her wedding to Payton Grandsire son of Penelope Grandsire rich family in town Grandad is also working on his recipe for the cook off contest a chocolate fondue He has to live up to his reputation as the Codger Cook Unfortunately Chef Henri LaFarge is the judge and he holds a grudge against Val he is the one who got her fired from her publicist position Val is coming back to the house very late and stumbles in the dark Val has stumbled over Fawn Finchley one. Fondue farewell Now it's up to Val to keep the killer from making another stab at murder Includes 6 five ingredient recipesPraise For By Cook Or By CrookThis is definitely a starter for fans of Diane Mott Davidson Lou Jane Temple and Virginia Rich Library JournalA totally enjoyable read Definitely worth checking out Night Owl Review.

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Patch after losing his wife but with Val living with him he s found a new lease on life by writing a newspaper column branding The Codger Cook and expanding his snooping skills with an on line class His sometimes grumpy character brings humor and humanity to the story Val also has some baggage from her past that the author weaves effortlessly into a subplot intertwining with the central mystery It kept me turning pages and guessing until the final reveal reminding me a bit of an Agatha Christie grand finale which came as a complete surprise The uaint town setting with it s Haunted Maze left ou feeling like Silk and Steel you d actually visited the area not just read about it while the supporting characters meshed together creating a memorable story After reading FINAL FONDUE I realize I have some catch up reading to do and look forward to the next book in this seriesOf course a series titled Five Ingredient Mystery series wouldn t be complete without recipes There are several included at the back of the book and all sound euallyummy I tried the recipe for Nutty Buttery Mini Muffins recipe which uses only FIVE ingredients and was incredibly impressed with how easy they mixed up AND how absolutely delicious they were For complete review check out my blog at Val Deniston lost her job in New York as a cookbook publicist and also her fianc when she caught him cheating Now she s created a new life for herself in Bayport living with her grandfather in his old Victorian and running the caf at the local tennis and racket club She also has a new boyfriend in Gunnar Swenson and everything seems to be going her wayShe s also helping her grandfather create recipes as The Codger Cook writing for the local newspaper but if truth were told it s her recipes and he s borrowed them so everyone thinks he can cook and he ll get local recognition After Val has helped solve a couple of local murders her grandfather also wants to become a PI and is taking online courses to do so But now he s planning on a recipe of his own a chocolate fondue that he wants no help with and intends to enter in the local cook off for the town s tricentennial celebrationVal has also convinced him as a way to make money would be to take in temporary boarders during the festival Her grandfather unfortunately has also rented out Val s room and insists she stay with her cousin Moniue As if that weren t bad enough Val s mother calls and says she s coming for a visit and Val s ex Tony shows up unexpected and unannounced causing problems between her and GunnarBut Val s determined to make it work With cooking breakfasts for the four people in a wedding party that are staying with them driving to her cousin s working at the festival and the c Meet Val Deniston a former cookbook publicist in New York City When a car accident ended her career she moved home to Bayport a tourist town in the Chesapeake Bay area She lives with her old codger of a grandfather runs the Cool Down Cafe at the local fitness club and is working on publishing her own cookbook Thanks to Val s help her grandfather is writing a cooking column for the local newspaper featuring recipes that only take five ingredients The Old Codger is just now letting Val teach him how to actually cook Now he needs her help to perf. Puts off her decision in order to help her grandfather perfect his chocolate fondue for the weekend festivity's dessert cook off But after the opening ceremonies Val finds a houseguest strangled to death in her grandfather's backyard She suspects a classic case of mistaken identity especially when another guest nearly bids her life

It s time for Bayport s Tricentennial Festival and Val Deniston is busy creating food for her booth at the festival and helping her grandfather keep his house guests under controlA group of friends is staying at the Deniston house however it doesn t appear that all the friends are as chummy as they would like everyone to think The group includes bride to be Jennifer and her fiance Payton Val is surprised to find out that Jennifer is staying with them and not at the luxurious home of her fianceWhen a member of the group is murdered Val can t help but get involved She doesn t believe it s a random murder and before long she is searching for answersThere were so many exciting parts to this story however I don t want to give anything away in this review Fans of this series by the talented Maya Corrigan will absolutely love this storyI received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my fair and honest review This amusing delightful and relaxing read is a blend of romance and mystery BAYPORT Massachusetts is hosting aTri centennial festival Val Deniston has convinced her Grandfather to rent out rooms in his Victorian home for the festival The rooms are rented to a group in town to scoop out plans for a wedding Things go awry when one of the parties is strangled and found dead the backyard More problems are caused by all wearing Crab hats and Val Final Fondue is the third book in Maya Corrigan s Five Ingredient Mystery series It is the first one I have read but did not have any problem following the story It could be read as a stand alone novel but I am definitely going to go back and read the first twoVal Deniston the main character and protaganist lives with her grandfather Don Myer He is taking an online course to become a private investigator as well as writing a cooking column While FINAL FONDUE is the third book in Maya Corrigan s Five Ingredient Mystery series it is the first one I ve had the chance to read I found it easy to immerse myself in this newest release without knowing backstory which makes this a nice stand alone read Val Deniston lives with her grandfather Don Myer aka The Codger Cook While he would like to be a great cook he mostly takes Val s recipes and whittles them down to five ingredients sometimes with great results and sometimesnot so much Val has convinced her granddad to rent out the spare bedrooms to some of the tourists coming to town for Bayport s Tricentennial Festival Jennifer Brown a bride to be rents four of the guestrooms for herself and three members of the bridal party They plan on enjoying the festivities and look at wedding venues at the same timeThe festivities take an ugly turn when Val finds one of the bridesmaids strangled to death in her granddad s back ard Even disconcerting is that the deceased resembles Val and she s not sure if she was the intended victim Her nemesis Chef Henri La Farge is in town and appears to be stalking her But the bride also has her share of enemies and could have been the intended target With the police not finding the answers and Granddad taking on line private investigating classes and wanting to practice Val determines to find the culprit before another body shows upI just adored The Codger Cook He went through a rough. Val Deniston certainly has her plate full running a café dabbling with recipes and helping her grandfather prepare for the town's upcoming tri centennial celebration but she's grown fond of her new life in the Chesapeake Bay town of BayportSo when Val is asked to reclaim her old position as a cookbook publicist in New York City she.

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