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R the no baby policy which I think is totally reasonable ne because she had a side job she was interested in and it was cutting into dance practice and the last because she was black and the leader didn t like black people yet we have no evidence How to Grow Hydroponic Marijuana At Home: A Complete Guide to Growing Most Potent Cannabis Ever! of this except this Rockette s word Now that the confession isver she says that she isn t going to the police she is fleeing to Canada Mary tells her she should go to the police and George can help her get a lawyer but the Rockette declines Mary says she ll go to the police with the informationtomorrow because it s 530 and she needs to go home and cook for George What does she think that the police are gone from their jobs for the day That she ll wait till business hours to call and tell them the identity La Prise de l'Elysée: Les Campagnes Présidentielles de la Ve République of a murderer who has killed 3 people in 2 days The Rockette thanks her for giving her time to get away and Mary goes home gossiping all to her friendsn the trip back and then discussing the upcoming wedding f 2 f the Hoofers None The Ugly Princess of her friendsr the driver tells her to call the police this minute r go to the police it can wait till tomorrow Her husband the lawyer agrees and says call the police in the morning too WTF is wrong with these peopleMorning and Mary finally calls the police but the detective is busy at the moment Mary doesn t tell the fficer who she is talking to the information r leave a message for the detective r wait to call back instead she ll just find him sometime during the day as he ll have to be ut investigating the murders When they get to the theater the detective is there but so is the Rockette who was going to Canada She hasn t told the detective anything and wants to talk to Mary So Mary leaves her friends to talk and the Rockette leads her utside at gunpoint to Marlowe and another Rockette helping her They take Mary away telling her that the confessing Rockette is again in league with Marlowe and that they are going to kill her They take her to a cruise boat but the confessing Rockette now thinks that Marlowe will kill both her and Mary so they escape by pushing Marlowe and her helper into the water at the pier Mary and Rockette catch a cab back to the theater and FINALLY tell the detective everything Detective takes the Rockette away and puts Harvest to Hydrosol: Distill Your Own Exquisite Hydrosols at Home out the alert for Marlowe and her helper who have gotten away from the cops at the pier To feel better they are all goingut for a sunset cruise Hunchback on a boatf Buddy onef the Hoofer s fiance They all call their partners to join them and in 30 minutes they are at the boat waiting wasn t it just morning a few paragraphs ago The fiance jokes about falling into the water and has to be reminded about Mary s The Space Child's Mother Goose ordeal which she told him about not 30 minutes ago and all the partner s arrive they they have been sitting around doing nothing all day just waiting for this boat ride Soff they go describing the sights as if for a travel brochure as the sun sets when it was The Quotable Hitchens from Alcohol to Zionism: The Very Best of Christopher Hitchens only morning just a hourr so agoThe next day they go back to the theater for dancing lessons and after an hour decide it s time for lunch Everyone leaves except Mary who is waiting for Mike While she waits she is taken hostage by Marlowe who is hiding in the bathroom with a gun They leave the theater and Marlowe tells her they are going to Cuba but Mary see s Mike s car and stops him by throwing a shoe at it They all get into an altercation and the police come Even though the police are The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told: Seventeen Incredible Tales on the lookout for Marlowe this cop is clueless and has to call in before arresting Marlowe Without being uestioned Mary and Mike goff for coffee and Mary tells Mike she is staying with George but still wants to be friends Mike is the perfect man about this and declares his love saying he s kay with friendship and waiting until she will someday be free r if George is upset about what they have been doing he ll be happy to marry her if she leaves him Cómo ligar con esa chica que tanto te gusta y a la que le gusta otro over it Mary decides she needs to pray a bit in thanks for not dying 2 days in a row typo in the book says 2 times inne day which is a tip Death Threat off to When she is in the church Marlowe s helper from the day before sits next to her and points a gun at her taking her hostage Really and here the hell are they getting all these guns anyway She says she is mad at Mary for almost killing her she can t swim up managed to getut f the water just fine Mary manages to knock the gun away and it goes ff when it hits the floor totally unbelievable and Marlowe s helper runs away The priest comes ut from the back and tells ff Mary rudely and not calling the police Gives her the gun from the floor and tells her to get ut f his church She calls her friends to pick her up and when they do the tell her to give it to the policetomorrowlike they work 9 5 Porter Rockwell: A Biography or somethingr wouldn t be interesting in Mary being threatened by a murder suspect they are looking for Nope everything can wait till tomorrow Mary will go home and be fine It s not like the woman knows where she lives and will find her total spoiler BTWOnce home she begins to cook dinner for George and when he gets home she tells him about Mike he isn t happy to hear this and about her day with Marlowe and her helper George convinces her to call the detective at last something similar to reality and she does The detectives says he ll have someone come by to watch Satire over them Not long after someone is at the back door and Mary thinks it s the police at the back door riiiight She answers and it s Marlowe s helper with yet another gun where are they getting guns so easy and for free She want s Mary as a hostage again but she d like some food first because she took all day running around looking for Maryh and she found where Mary lives by using googleit is creepy how much information about a person is Deflower the Boss on google So Mary who was just about to pull dinnerff the stove Hebrew magic amulets offers it to her and then promptly throws a potf boiling water and noodles in her face George gets the gun as the helper goes to the sink for cold water and the police come waltzing in just then They are here to protect Mary and George and be n the lookout for the helper but are confused by George with the gun and want to arrest him and have to call in to get clarification as to what is going n and who to really arrest are all the cops idiots The helper is arrested and taken away but Mary and George are not uestionedThe last 3 chapters go like this 2 pages about how they dance in the show and are good comic relief 7 pages Being There of the Hoofer s and lovednes having dinner and about Mary s perfect Martha Stewart set up and her great grandmothers china The last chapter is a list هذه بلادنا: الجواء of all the best things to do in New York cheap things to do in New York and what not to do in New York before the Hoofers decide they are going to do a job in London and everyone rearranges plans they made months ago and their partners who must also be rich rearrange their schedules to go as if they don t have important jobsINCLUDES COOKING TIPS AND TASTY RECIPES says the description and insidef the book First there are no tips those are just some fun whit Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom or sillyness that involves food As for the recipes they were almost all seafood based and would cost a pretty penny to make halff them So unless you have a lot f cash for groceries and are Martha Stewart in the kitchen half f these are f no use to youI know that these women are in their 50 s and possibly closer to 60 but they have an annoying habit f saying h ther character s name every time they talk Who does that Not even my grandmother r great grandmother does that Maybe every great nce in a while but not every time they address someone And everyone keeps kissing ne f the hoofer s finance S and microphones n their shoes But when a dazzling diva f a dancer is found dead under the stage there’s uite a lineup The War at Home: One Family's Fight Against PTSD of suspects In between rehearsals and seasonal sightseeing and the discoveryf a multi talented multi colored cat the toe tapping troupe has to sort ut the intri.

I received a free copy f this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThese ladies are a fun loving group doing what they love to do dance They have been asked to do a Christmas skit with the famous Rockettes but things are not going as planned when there s a murderer in their midst A cute holiday mystery with a lovely cast that is entertaining and lighthearted Who knows what they ll be up to next We ll just have to wait and see High Kicks Hot Chocolate and Homicides is the fifth book in Mary McHugh s A Happy Hoofers Mystery series This is the second book I ve read written by this author and I enjoyed her writing style The storyline is well plotted the characters well developed and there is a nice blend f humor drama and mystery The author provided sufficient character background that this book can be read as a standalone The characters are uirky and colorful I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mysteryThe Happy Hoofers is a group f women who travel the world performing their dance routines The group consists f Tina Janice Pat Mary Louise and Gini In this installment The Happy Hoofers are joining the Rockettes in their annual Christmas performance at Radio City Music Hall in New York City They will be dancing to Santa Claus is Coming to Town in high heels and Santa utfits that weigh 40 pounds so they know they are going to have to work hard to be ready Sadly their contact person and head Rockette Glenna Parsons is found dead under the stage her body mangled by machinery Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse on the first dayf rehearsal Before the killer can be arrested several Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations other Rockettes are murdered and Mary Louise finds herself in dangerI received a copyf this book in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley Not very impressed with this story It s told through main character Mary Louise aka Wheezie an idiot f a woman First ff the description is a bit ff but that is par the course these days The happy Hoofers a group f 5 ladies in their middle 50 s The Stringbean Murders or so who must be rich to live the lives they do are asked to preform a dance number with the Rockettesf New York City s Radio City Music Hall The sexy Santa suit are not sexy at all and have a 40 pound ball for a belly and full beards to cover their faces The dazzling diva أساطير شعبية من قلب جزيرة العرب: الجزء الرابع of a dancer who is found dead is not a diva and seemed fairly nice for the few pages we see her compared to the restf the Rockettes we meet and the new leader Marlowe who all the Stricken (Asphalt Cowboys, others say is great but is a real bitch they were betterff with the nice The Sporty Game one who they are all bitching about after she has died One Rockette even bad mouths the deadne for in her words telling her she d lay her American Yakuza II off if she got pregnant which she is and almost losses the baby at rehearsal and has already lostne at 3 months Well no shit I d lay you Inventions That Changed the World: Working Wonders offr at least bench you until you delivered Dancing 4 Love Onboard: Cupid's Caribbean Cruise or five shows a day not to mention hoursf rehearsal wearing a 40 pound ball Vertical Mind: Psychological Approaches for Optimal Rock Climbing on my stomach with high steps and kicks will cause damage to any pregnant womanThe seasonal sightseeingf the ladies is stuff they already visit and love and is presented here as if this were a travel book about the best places to visit in New York it s all advertising Plus everything they eat is described what it is and how good it was and so forth what also bugged me about that aspect Blood Love of the story is Mary Louise asked for the recipe for pretty much everything she ate Now I havenly visited New York and didn t go to too many fancy restaurants but they don t go handing ut their recopies if they even cook everything half the time most f the food is already made r mixed r whatever and just put in an ven One part that confused me is that ne f the hoofers decides n a whim to go to the Statue f Liberty that s all well and good but she talks about going into the crown and that is the problem You can nly do so with an advance reservation by phone r nline I have been but she and she lover and her son just magically pop in More advertisementAt the beginning to the story Mary Louise is having some marital problems with her husband f 30 years Their children are grown and gone which she reminds us constantly and also what they are doing now that they are gone numerous times with the same sentences and she has taken up dancing She has met a man named Mike who she has begun an affair with while having this tough time She complains that her husband isn t around r doesn t talk to her r if he does he doesn t listen I understand the not listening so much but she never tries to stop him and just lets him go n whenever he talks about his day so that is kinda annoying Civil rights, tool of communist deception of her to complain when she can do something about it but doesn t The complaint about him not being around is unfounded as well He works as a lawyer but seems to be home at a decent hour for her to serve him a perfect dinner every evening but she is thene gone all the time She explains and it s pointed ut every few pages all the ther countries she had been to recently to dance with her group and never thinking about him waiting at home for her while she is gone weeks at a time Which is how she met Mike who is perfect and kind and listens to her like her husband used to do and he is pressing her to divorce her husband to be with her He is an OBGYN who delvers babies and is Cutthroat on beck and call 247 but she isn t worried about that and howften he ll have to leave her at a moments notice An Eastern Orthodox Response to Evangelical Claims or be gone for long periodsf time she is undecided because her upbringing tells her to work The Claiming of the Shrew on marriage when it gets tough and not just throw in the toweldoesn t that teach also say not to cheatn your husband She has no problem with thatAnywaythe lead Rockette is dead it s very Summoned obvious who did it no mystery there andne Rockette is down for the count and Mary is running around the city with Mike everyday The injured Rockette says she must talk to Mary about who killed the first Rockette and they make a lunch date But when Mary gets there the injured Rockette is now dead You guessed it it was murder dun dun dun The police would like to uestion Mary but she calls her Lawyer husband who just happens to be in the area for help She says she ll do everything to help tie police but with holds information and nly replies what her husband says is kay to answer It s stuff that the police should know by now r will within hours but still why with hold this info She and her husband go to lunch where she decides she does love her husband dearly and isn t so unhappy She goes back to the theater and gossips about the murder before deciding she is going to see Mike not even an hour after deciding she loves George They go ut and she is confused again about she she stay with George Baghdad, Mon Amour: A Journey of Exile and Return or be with Mike She gets back to the theater and guess whatanother dead Rockette the nextne to be training them as she is leaving the scene she gets pulled aside by another Rockette who wants to talk to her about the Dead Inside other murdered Rockettes She says she must talk to Mary and tell her everything because she is afraid that she is going to be murdered next If she knows thisr fears this why the hell would she tell Mary and not the policeSo Mary and the confessing Rockette go for coffee and the Rockette tells her everything That the new lead Rockette Marlowe didn t like the first leader and so decided to kill her to get her job Marlowe told her and the new ther dead Rockettes that she would get the ld leader fired and they all set up the murder Now Marlowe is killing The Taste of Spruce Gum off every Rockette who was inn the murder Again bad mouthing f the ld leader for the reasons for each f the Rockettes picked to help in the murder One fo. “Hilarity and camaraderie” RT Book Reviews Murder takes center stage   It’s a Christmas miracle for the Happy Hoofers Tina Janice Pat Mary Louise and Gini They’ve scored a gig at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall with the legendary Rockettes complete with sexy Santa suit.

Ven when the angle is impossible he gets a kiss just for whatever reason any time they see himSo to sum up this whole MYSTERY not story a string f murders happen that the main character does not see is basically told about and half Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile of the people involved decide they want to tell her about it insteadf the cops and finally Orb one does and then the main murderer decides to kill her and makes several attempts that are just to ridiculous to believe before finally being arrested I really enjoy this series and each book being narrated by a different hoofer makes it interestingIn High Kicks Hot Chocolate and Homicides Mary Louise affectionately known as Weezie is telling the story The hoofers are excited to be dancing in New York City with the very talented Rockettes It is an honor for them to be participating in the very popular Christmas show and even though they know it will be hard work they are determined to join the holiday funMary Louise knows her husband doesn t really understand her lovef dancing and after some rather abrupt conversations Weezie and her husband come to an agreement What makes this even difficult is that Weezie is still in love with Mike the doctor she met at The Dandy and Lady Penelope onef her dance jobsSpending time with Mike is a plus for her and the excitement with dancing with the Rockettes has everyone in a festive moodUnfortunately there are a series f deaths happening and someone is eager to bump ff the Rockettes Multi-Family Therapy one byneBefore long Mary Louise finds herself in danger and hopes she can dance her way ut f becoming the next victimFilled with laughs and and delicious recipes this book will have you longing for the holidays I received a free copy f this book in exchange for an honest review High Kicks Hot Chocolate and Homicides is the fifth book in Mary McHugh s A Happy Hoofers Mystery series I haven t read any f the ther books in this series but I don t think you need to really They do mention a lot f things that happened in previous books but each book is a separate story I guess the rotate narrators and this A History of Prophecy in Israel, Revised and Enlarged one is narrated by Mary Louise who is a housewife andf course part Think good thoughts about a pussycat of the Happy Hoofers The Happy Hoofers a groupf 5 dancers in their early 50s are hired by the Rockettes to dance with them in their Radio Coty Music Hall Christmas performance When the head Rockette Glenna is found dead her body mangled by machinery under the stage the girls find themselves embroiled in another murder mystery I don t think this book was a mystery It was like a murder happened and the Happy Hoofers happened to be there and then Mary Louise happened to be told who the murderer was There was no sleuthing One, Two, Three Me or clues The murderer was completelybvious and even the twist was bvious from before the murder even happened Mostly the story centered n her deciding if she loved her husband Sex and Lust in Tijuana: True Sex Stories of the Tjamigos or the man she was seeingn the side First the made her husband a complete jerk then the did a 180 and made him a sweetheart Still she was totally stepping ut n him And if she said Oh George Tea for Ruby or Oh Miker Oh Peter any than she already did it would have been in every paragraph I pictured her as Mrs Brady The story also went into way to much detail about where everyone went for lunch and what they had and what the recipe was and what the place looked like Then she took us for a tour The Life of Saint Philip Neri of New York Describing everything At the end they even spent a chapter talking about free things people Isiting New York could do Was this published by the New York PR firm Even the climaxf the story was bad It started and stopped and started and stopped and started and stopped And then it was verThe nly reason I am giving this book two stars instead f ne is because I liked the idea behind it That just because these gales were in their 50s didn t mean they were not still active desirable adults I would never recommend this book to anyone unless they were planning a trip to New York I voluntarily reviewed this ARCThis is a great winter book I can just imagine being snuggled into a blanket next to a fire sipping a nice hot cup I only Like the Fingers of the Guy I Hate, Vol. 1 of coffee while snow is gently fallingutside The Whistle Pig or since I m a northerner watching blizzard conditions It s light it s cozy it s predictable Pretty much it s just that perfect mix for a cold winter s day I do feel that it leaned a little towards light romantic mystery than a straight cozy mystery but the main characters felt so real that it didn t matter It felt weird to me that the entire mystery was fully explained by about 23rdsf the way in leading to a few too many climactic scenes Although it did get amusing when Mary Louise realizes how ridiculous it was getting A major plus for me was the fact that this can be read as a standalone and it also doesn t leave any unresolved plotlines I have read four books in this series and liked this ne the least In this uting with the Happy Hoofers Tina Janice Pat Mary Louise and Gini are joining the Rockettes in New York City for their annual Christmas performance Set to dance to Santa Claus is Coming to Town in 40 lb big bellied Santa utfits the ladies are ready to start daily rehearsals with the famous Rockettes As usual there is a murder shortly after the book starts this time the head Rockette Glenna Parsons is found dead under the stage mangled by machinery The show must go n and with a new Rockette established as being in charge the Hoofers try to prepare for their upcoming performanceThis book was extremely predictable It was told from the point Church Planting Is for Wimps: How God Uses Messed-Up People to Plant Ordinary Churches That Do Extraordinary Things of viewf Mary Louise aka Weezie the cook in the group The ensuing adventure where murders A Stepdaughter In Heat occur and Mary Louise is in danger just unfolded in a rather ho hum way So why did I finish this book I enjoyed the travelogue partf the story I learned about things to see in New York City that I did not know about I also liked the recipes that were shared I did not like the way Mary Louise was dealing with her relationships with her husband George and her boyfriend Mike The way she talked about George to Mike seemed unfair as George was not aware f her relationship This story was a very uick read a few hours sitting in the sun in Florida I am assuming that this is the last book in this series as it was published back in 2016 I did enjoy the first books in this series than this ne and have Rufus one prior to this that I will read to get the full picturef the stories f these five fun and fit women The Happy Hoover are at it again this time for a Christmas event that always ends in murder at least with these girls in tow I love these books Gini is probably my favorite but I love each f them for their uniue personality and the level they bring to each book The Happy Hoofers is a group You Are a Miserable Excuse for a Hero!: Book One in the Just Make a Choice! Series of 5 friends in their fifties who dance wherever they can find jobs around the world Apparently they run into a few murders in between dances In New York the Happy Hoofers have been hired to dance with the Rockettes for Christmas On the first dayf practice the head Rockette is found dead under the stage In between rehearsals Happy Hoofer Mary Louise learns information about the murder and that confidence leads to another murder and further troubles for Mary LouiseThis cozy mystery is a little light n the mystery as a romantic triangle has developed between Mary Louise her husband George and a doctor who seems to meet her emotional needs than George does On the plus side the author gives us scrumptious recipes at the end f each chapter and wonderful descriptions Women and Social Work: Towards a Woman-Centered Practice of the food and landmarksf New YorkI received this book in a giveaway from Goodreads Love loved it Engaging characters great plot with plenty f twists The story flowed easy and uickly with that conversational styl. Gue before another victim kicks the bucket  INCLUDES COOKING TIPS AND TASTY RECIPES  Praise for the Happy Hoofers Mysteries   “McHugh delivers murder and mayhem” Jerilyn Dufresne   “Hilarity and hijinks” Nancy Coco   “Cozy adventure for mystery buffs” Library Journal.

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