Mary Hoffman: Women of Camelot ueens and Enchantresses at the Court of King Arthur

Or This is a well written and beautifully presented collection of Arthurian egends as told from the perspective of the women The stories are very engaging but not for younger children as there are some dark and mature themes The illustrations are stunning Even though this is categorized as a children s book I thoroughly enjoyed it from an adult perspective This is an exuisitely beautiful picture book ripe with swirls of color pattern and expression Brilliant hues flesh out sharply The Doughboys lined figures as the author takes us into the personalives of the many women whose behavior shaped the 魔法使いの涙 [Mahou Tsukai no Namida] legend of Arthur as surely as his knights did From Ygraine whose foolishlyauded beauty proved a snare for a Futurity lust filled king to the treacherous Morgana Le Faye bitter over the ascension of her bastard half brother to the mysterious Nimue who could. Ot toife unveiling their thoughts and feelings Seven women are featured in the book including ueen Guinevere whose passion for Sir Lancelot eased the pain of her unhappy marriage to King Arthur; the tenacious Elaine of Corbenic who tricks Lancelot into oving her and gives birth to their son Sir Galahad; Nimue the mysterious and magical Lady of the Lake who robs Merlin of his magic; and Morgan e Fay the king's half.

This collection of tales for children organizes the Arthurian Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism legends as expressed primarily in Malory into stories based around each woman Igrayne Guinevere Nimue Lyonet Morgan Morgause Elaine and Ragnell A handy family tree at the beginning of the book focuses the relationships for the purpose of this work and a glossary of characters provides uick reference details for those not already familiar with theegends Balit s illustrations are very stylized almost ike pre Raphaelite stained glass and occassionally risue The style of illustrations was truly beautiful The text was inventive and full of character uniue to each woman s story Startlingly mature for a children s book but I really enjoyed reading this and would definitely buy it for my own future bookshelf The illustrations alone are something to cherish 3 entered in err. While there are many versions of the famous adventures of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table the accounts invariably concentrate on the knights themselves In the Age of Chivalry women figure either as objects of desire or as mere embodiments of such ideals as purity beauty or innocenceWith a highly engaging text by Mary Hoffman and original illustrations by Christina Balit the book brings the women of Camel.

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N t help but betray Merlin after earning all his secrets this book proves vastly than a mere picture book for children It is a treat and a revelation filled with historical detail and well imagined conversation It s a beauteous gift for anyone who ever considered there was to Camelot than the daring of a bunch of ard knights I really Caz Sanatı liked how these Arthurian tales are told from different women s points of view It expertly portrayed the position rights and strength of the women 45 stars The artwork is beautiful and reading Arthurianegends told by the women was a great experience Traditional Desire Sensibility literature fantasy About powerful and kick butt women of Camelot and what they did Somewhat advancedots of text and complex words Inspiring for ittle girls and boys about what they can do Stories of Arthur from the women s perspective. Sister and sworn enemy Resolute and resourceful these women have intriguing personal stories and exert a strong influence on the events of King Arthur's court The book includes a genealogy a bibliography and a brief description of the eading charactersWomen of Camelot ueens and Enchantresses at the Court of King Arthur will appeal to young adults of both genders who are enchanted by Camelot the middle ages and history.

Mary LassiterMary Hoffman is a bestselling British author and reviewer born in 1945 She is a true enthusiast of Italy and spends a lot of her time there which shows in her Stravaganza novels a series currently in publication In total she has written over 80 books including the aforementioned Stravaganza series and the bestselling picture book Amazing Grace Mary is also the editor of a review magazine Armadillo for kids