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S actually part of by Stephanie ueen s Beachcomber Series continuing the angst between two detectives who lust after each other but can t uite get it together I loved multi published Gerri Brousseau s English caper Puppy Love Two dogs who are smitten lead a wealthy Lord to ind true love All the stories in this volume are light and Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine fun to read a good reason to buy the book. The long lost love of a mystery client as theylirt with the dangers of romance and Cupid But of course there's to this easy money case that the rekindling of an old romance Once Dane and Shana Six find out that the lost love is involved with the FBI their suspicions kick into high gear and they end up with than a dinner date on Valentine's Day Puppy Love by Gerri Brousseau Sparksly when a chance encounter entangles Lord Robert Nelson with the lovely Claudette Valentine and her dog Madeline The attraction is undeniable but her Bandscheiben-Leiden - Was tun?: Mit den besten bungen fr den Alltag father's plan toind her a wealthy husband holds a hidden agenda that Robert can't abide by A story of attraction longing and if destiny can be changed a loving marriage instead of a loveless

Ride is concerned when she realizes her Lady Janes Nemesis fianc isilthy rich and there s so much she doesn t know about him In Bobbi Lerman s Unexpected Match a nurse hooks up with a restored coma patient to whom she s revealed her innermost thoughts Stacy Hoff had me craving chocolate in Love Delights when coworkers compete A Texas Rangers Family (The Stone Family for a promotion and end up you know where Beachcomber Valentine Resistible possibility of one chance at happily ever after Love Delights by Stacy Hoff Two co workersormer lovers vie Racialization, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Canada for the same big job promotion in their NYC advertising agency The agency's next Creative Director will be the one who pitches the better ad campaign to a major potential client Love Delights a gourmet chocolatier Too bad they both need time and each other's help to come up with the perfect pitch Can they win over the client And each other Because this Valentine's Day the agency'sinances and their hearts are on the line Beachcomber Valentine by Stephanie ueen USA Bestselling Author and International Digital Award Winner Notorious operator Dane Blaise and skittish beauty Shana George team up to ind.

As the author of one of the stories I will not rate it But I did love everyone s story in the book Seasons of Love a Box Set containing ive delightful novellas by noted romance authors is a perfect choice Before You for times you need a breakrom the craziness of our world Each story is different yet compelling in its own way In Wedding and a Promise by Merry Holly a prospective Five romantic stories A History of the Guyanese Working People, 1881-1905 filled with love and the promise of a happily ever after A Wedding and a Promise by Merry Holly After a whirlwind romance pressurerom the groom to marry immediately has Noel uestioning her decision Deep inside her heart she knows Chase is the one but why rush the wedding Chase never intended to get engaged on his trip home Blackfrost (Wytch Kings, for the holidays but chances didn't give him a choice One he laid eyes on Noel his heart was goneorever But he has a secret One he's afraid to tell Noel or ear she'll leave him Workbook for Emergency Care forever An Unexpected Match by Bobbi Lerman Sylvie Ann is certain true love is an impossibleairy tale until ate and Tillie the Matchmaker send unexpected storm stranding her with Noah and the ir.

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Marian's book All the Pretty Brides is a 2019 Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence in MysterySuspense Finalist Stay tuned winners announced in July“ A self described tough blonde from Brooklyn Marian is the bestselling author of The Jake Carrington Mysteries a gritty romantic suspense series As far back as she could remember Marian loved to read As a child she was especially int