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Our usual chapters n character creation the rules and creating an adventure The adventure format is simple and elegant Introduce a Mark who s screwed ver a client somehow The Mark has some bvious strengths and some hidden weaknesses Figure ut how to negate the Mark s strengths and bring pressure n the problem and what s stopping the players from doing that right then and there Rolling a ne adds a Complication and gives the players a Plot Point which are then used to make sure scenes go the players way particularly the vital ending sceneTh. Ists planning capers and putting ne ver n the mark The ultimate resource for both players and Game Masters Grifters and Mast.

Heists are not something that RPGs do well There s too much dungeon crawling and caution in ur bloodstream too much f an urge to master the rules and build an unstoppable juggernaut f a character Leverage RPG is an exception combining an elegantly light system in Cortex Plus with very solid gaming advice to help GMs and players come up with session long capers in classic Leverage style There a natural affinity between episodic TV shows and episodic RPG sessions and this games uses that brilliantlyThe book itself is a decent 200 pages with Every job needs a plan and every con needs a player This sourcebook for the Leverage RPG includes expanded rules for staging he.

E book itself is very nicely designed with a breezy conversational tone Lots f stills from the Leverage show provide some visual jazz Summaries f Season 1 2 episodes described in the same adventure format help make it clear how the adventure design process works My nly uibbles is that there isn t a glossary although the well laid Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse out index could substitute and that while the Cortex system is very simple there are enough nooks and crannies that I really wanted ane page flowchart summarizing everything that could happen when the dice are dow. Erminds features classic con frameworks new twists a host Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations of cover identities criminal masterminds and plentyf scenario ideas.

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