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Read it completely and come back to discuss about what is a hardcore story I believe that your point of view will have radically changed Didn t have any sweetness to balance the weirdness so just came off as a bad relationship to be in really Occasionally my thoughts go back to MaineBoyXY s stories that I read a year ago I really really liked his writing I mean his way of writing not always so much what he writes In this story there were many things I could not accept lack of safeword threatening hitting in anger sex in anger while one guy is tied up and without safeword Also they didn t use a condom although they were perfect strangers My GR friend Danny is right in his review the sex was not hardcore BDSM But I would add to that that the scene with the slap on the face and the oral sex in anger was not BDSM. Lls in love with an older student na.

Student Orientation is one of seven stories MaineboyXY has written for Nifty It s very similar to Simon and Sir with it s Ds theme yet it s a tad different regarding manipulation and consent Jeff Gaskins is our protagonist He s a shy freshman who has arrived on campus a few days arly for orientation The campus is uite Dangerous to Touch emptyxcept for a few staff members and students like Tom Patterson the floor RA Jeff is caught ogling Not a bad little story 43 pages A freshman who is naturally sub falls in love with an older student naturally dominant There is too much sex but these sex scenes are not badly described And there is a little humiliation and soft BDSMPlaying with ice cubes raspberry ice cream and melted wax is definitely not hardcoreIf you call it hardcore read Humiliator this is a free novel by Hugh uestorius. A freshman who is naturally a sub fa.

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Sex at all Rather it looks to me this Dom has an anger management problem and a good Dom should not have thatHowever one of the reasons my thoughts go back to this story besides the great writing or so I remember it is that there was a short scene that gave me something I d like of please D view spoilerHe made him lick the carpet didn t he omg Hot hide spoiler Student Orientation was a bit too hardcore for me Ds is one thing but in this book the degree of humiliation is a bit too muchThe realtionship between dom and slave here borders on abuseHell I ven liked Brains Over Brawn better and in this short story a jock gets raped or rather blackmailed into having sex No consent at all here But I liked it better because it didn t pretend to be consensual as Student Orientation did in my opinionBut Simon and Sir clea. Turally a dominantWords approx 18000.