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Maggie Robinson s Ladies Unlaced has become one of my favorite historical series While the first one In the Arms of the Heiress remains my favorite I have read each of them with oyous appreciation The Unsuitable Secretary gives romance Eversong Agency s motto Performing the Impossible Before Breakfast Since 1888 And if Mrs Eversong could be the Fairy Godboss along the way England always needs peers with strong wives Sir Thomas Featherstone is a man with a million ideas going thru his mind a great patron of the arts artists always in the papers as a scandalous scoundrel has tons of female friends has a man of affairs Thurton who is like Scrooge takes all the funny out of all his ideas That is why he is staring that the really scary dragon lady Mrs Eversong who is interviewing him looking for a secretary to help him with his Actual Rating 25As I try to think of something clever to open this review with I come up with a blank To be honest this book isn t all that memorable It s a fast paced romance that isn t much else aside from that Everything happens over the span of a couple of weeks and so the story itself isn t as well developed as it could be It opens with Sir Thomas looking for a secretary that will help rein him in a little but also help him develop his ideas He doesn t expect the secretary to be a female but what he also doesn t expect is to be attracted to her Unsurprisingly Harriet feels the same way and they dance around their feelings yada yada yada I sound so aded right now TiresomeThis book was kind of tiresome Some parts seemed to drone on and on when I was hoping it would get to the point I ended up having uestions that were never answered or even disclosed to Har I haven t read much romance during the early 1900s and so I don t know what s particularly popular or typical in this segment of romance novels However I did like this The Unsuitable Secretary It had a certain almost irreverent tone to it possibly because Thomas was soThomasBasically Thomas is a very wealthy patron of the arts given to indulging his whims because he has money than well not so much sense as ust the ability to spend it Though he does put in uite the effort to burn through as much as he can not out of a desire to spend but through simple generosity of spirit By contrast his new secretary Harriet is a lot practical She s had to be her income supplements her father s to take care of their small household which includes Harriet s twin fifteen year old brothers Where Thomas has an eye for fashion A captivating sensual historical romance Taken from my review at RomanceJunkiescomHarriet Benson enjoys her work with the Evensong Agency but she is still recovering from her recent surgery and is feeling tired Between struggling to get her strength back and taking care of her father and brothers she is unable to return to the agency full time Additionally she has to contend with her father s anger at her for working even though they need the money So she agrees to a promising part time position with Sir Thomas Featherstone despite his reputationSir Thomas Featherstone has a reputation as a womanizer a reputation he lets stand rather than to let anyone know ust how inexperienced he is An art patron he is accustomed to nudity alcohol and the creative element but despite all outward appearances he is a virgin With a gift for gab Thomas usually gets what he wants He has accumulated an extensive art collection and books have even been dedicated to him Thomas is planning to fulfill his dream of an artists colony where his prot g s can work in unfettered surroundings But first he needs a secretary and is fortunate to find Harriet She is very organized and helps him to get everything up and running but her wit and delectable curves have a way of distracting him No woman has ever affected him this way His lust for her and the fact that he never consorts with proper young women makes her a most unsuitable secretary for him Plus the disparity in their social standing is a roadblock to the two forming a la. From the author of In the Heart of the Highlander a romance proving that inappropriate desires can provide the most passionate encountersHarriet Benson takes her work at the Evensong Agency seriously but lately between convalescing from an illness and tending to her father and two young brothers she’s had to shorten her

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S wife Thomas finds himself at the Evensong Agency where he engages the services of a most unsuitable secretaryHe couldn t possible hire her One did not lust after one s secretary Thomas had reputation to uphold false and annoying as ti was Presumably Miss Benson was a proper young woman and Thomas never consorted with proper young women They were fatal to his bachelorhood and a proper young woman who had to work for a living was even deadly He d never been a cad to take advantage of the help and wasn t going to start now How could this vision of divine womanhood sit across from him for sixteen hours a week without him making an absolute fool of himself p 8Miss Harriet Benson is a twenty eight year old spinster She s determined to work as a secretary however ever since she fell ill her hours have been decreased and she has yet to recover to her full strength A new part time position working for Sir Thomas is Punishing the Art Thief just what she needs She ll be able to work during the morning and keep house for her father and younger twin brothers in the afternoon A perfect plan except that her employer might not be all that suitable eitherHe was not uite what she expected either He d been nearly inarticulate practically mute in the first few days she d come to Featherstone House and its library but she was beginning to understand the uickness of his mind once he started talk about his pet project Sir Thomas Featherstone was a man who some might say had money than sense but that was utterly untrue Heust had bigger ideas than most of his peers Those men were content to flit through life without much purpose Sir Thomas had almost too much purpose p 10Despite each others unsuitableness Thomas and Harriet begin working together and an unsuitable employment soon becomes an unsuitable relationship Not only is it inappropriate for Thomas and Harriet to disrupt their working relationship the gaping disparity in their social stations also stand in the way of a lasting relationshipEarly on in the novel Thomas decides to deal with his unfortunate attraction to Harriet by offering her the chance to become his mistress They filled out a contract and everything Normally I find this generous offer in a romance to be reprehensible and I will admit that I considered putting down this book because of that Personally the mistress relationship seems degrading and unlikely to foster a happily ever after than romances are predicated on However since I was reading a review copy of Unsuitable Secretary I felt obligated to continue reading and I m glad that I did Thomas is one fumbling dude when he offers to make Harriet his mistress the pair of them together are Maryland in Black and White just so adorably awkward it was easy to believe that they were only making this choice because it was the only one available to them or at least the only one they thought was an optionWhile I m not sure that I buy the fact that Thomas became such a fumbling awkward man around Harriet in spite his talent for gabbing with everyone else I have to admit that I was charmed by his awkwardness It nice to not have have a supremely confident hero every once and awhile Rose Gordon is another historical romance author that deals with awkward heroes particularly well so I m happy to encounter another realistic hero The actual relationship was new for both Thomas and Harriet and it was so fun to see their misunderstandings and mishaps thankfully they were never that serious Watching these two as the bumbled into a relationship was a real treat and one that I recommend for other readers looking for a lighter readI can t claim that An Unsuitable Secretary is a serious and emotional read but it is funny and endearing Personally I m not a fan of over the top emotional reads so this one suited meust fine This is the perfect read for someone looking for a smile and a fun departure from reality Make sure that you check out the other books in the series especially In the Heart of the HighlanderOriginally publisher on The Book Adventures Review copy provided by the publisher via NetGalle. Ing him to distraction She’s the perfect woman to fill his office reuirements and other desperate needs he’s been ignoringHarriet has always held firm to the rule that a secretary must never fall in love with her employer Only Thomas is determined to win her affections and he’s willing to risk any cost to make her his.

Sting relationship But soon as Harriet s home life begins to swiftly unravel she and Thomas engage in a most unsuitable relationship as he offers to pay her an exorbitant amount for seven days of her time This is money that Harriet can use to gain the freedom she desires but she does not count on falling in loveAn engaging tale THE UNSUITABLE SECRETARY the fourth book in author Maggie Robinson s LADIES UNLACED series is a clever sensual historical romance that will uickly draw you in Thomas is a bit awkward around Harriet during their first days working together but this is due to his attraction to her In fact his fumbling is a bit endearing even if it is a bit unexpected for the man that society calls a scoundrel With his reputation and his access to the freewheeling artistic world the last thing I expected was to discover that he is still a virgin as is Harriet With the help of books the two manage along albeit a bit humorously at times Both characters are flawed but this only makes them realistic The secondary characters add even humor and warmth to the story and I really like Thomas butler HitchbornPacked with humor abuse contracts clever banter sensuality romance and true love this character driven story will keep readers captivated Although this is the fourth book in a series it can be read as a standalone However if you like this story you may also enjoy the first three books including IN THE ARMS OF THE HEIRESS IN THE HEART OF THE HIGHLANDER and THE RELUCTANT GOVERNESS From the time I first read one of Ms Robinson s books her name has been on my list of must read authors This novel is one example of why she consistently remains on that list Pick up a copy and discover the world of Maggie Robinson for yourself I recommend itDottie RomanceJunkiescom 35 starsThis month s prompt for the TBR Challenge is a recommended read so I headed for my Goodreads recommendations page to see what my friends there had sen Loved itHarriet and Thomas were really great leads that will stay with me for uite awhile Thomas was such a sweet hero He is a very nice man and has a heart of gold Harriet was smart sensible and loyal She was also under appreciated by her family I loved the way Thomas was blown away by her from the beginning and did everything he could to make her feel cherished and to improve her self image I loved watching these two interact They were perfect for each other Did things move fast Yes but never did it feel rushed or unbelievable Can two virgins actually have a steamy book Yes I am sorry to see this series end I was hoping Evan would get his own story I would recommend this book and the entire series The writing is great the characters likable the love scenes hot and it has a HEA What could you want Very unusual character driven romance with two virgin characters There is not much going in the story besides two people from vastly different backgrounds slowly recognizing each other as sole mates but the writing the wonderful characters the unexpected humor that what win this story I loved both characters with all of their insecurities uirkiness self depreciation and honesty The Unsuitable Secretary is Robinson s fourth Edwardian historical romance While I had mixed feelings towards the previous book book four reminded me why I like this author This romance was light and full of wit uite frankly it put a smile on my face so I am inclined to like it Our hero and heroine are an unlikely duo Thomas is a man about town known for pointing out the Next Thing and possessed with a gift for gab Harriet is a spinster determined to work despite her traditional father s objections and she couldn t care less about the Next Thing she has bigger concernsSir Thomas Featherstone is hoping to start an artist colony He loves art and wants to support those who are good at it but can t afford to do it full time Fortunately Thomas has money to burn even if his man of business is reluctant to burn it What Thomas needs is a secretary dedicated exclusively to his project At the behest of his friend. Ours So when a promising position opens up for part time work she immediately accepts despite the fact that her new boss is scandalously indecent and dangerously appealingThough his reputation paints him as a scoundrel Sir Thomas Featherstone is proper than anyone would guess But Harriet’s wit and luscious curves are driv.

Maggie Robinson is a former teacher library clerk and mother of four who woke up in the middle of the night absolutely compelled to create the perfect man and use as many adverbs as possible doing so A transplanted New Yorker she lives with her not uite perfect husband in Maine where the cold winters are ideal for staying inside and writing hot historical romances and her latest venture the