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Ts as to why the kid sucks He may be using his powers for evil but there s no denying the man is a master wordsmith with an acid pen A word of warning if ou are a person that dislikes coarse language Hummer you will not want to read this book Heavy language We have no children so Paul and I thought it was great Parents will probably not agree It s hard to make me laugh but laugh I did cry laughed even at parts I found this hilarious butou might be offended especially if With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) you re all about participation awards PS I m a parent We too are capable of humor Decent I expected but what canou do There were about 320 pages in this book I laughed out loud about 25 times and thought about 55 pages were funn. Ortrait Laugh uproariously as he judges sub par Valentines homemade gifts and other areas of elementary aged underperformanceWhy reward weakness and mediocrity with gold stars You are in Maddox's world now and no child is safe from the scrutiny and critical gaze of the world's foremost authority on children's crappy artwo.

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Ed the commentary It was much funnier that way Hilarious A brutality honest and humorous book that looks at children s artistic failures Just as funny as any book that belittles the sub par abilities of childrenGreat book however some of the images are way to small to see That hurt my eyes and made me sad F The title says it allI expected humorDon t This book is hilarious but difficult to recommend to other people without sounding like a total monster Maddox does not pull a single punch merciless at mocking children for their artistic ineptitude It s not so much the shock value that gets the laugh as it is the ultra specific things he criticises them for as well as the narrative he construc. R kid's childhood then ou are a sucker Maddox who has been writing hilarious essays for his popular site TheBestPageInTheUniversecom since 1996 can spell do math and run faster than our kids and he is here to show The Alcohol Experiment you just how inferiorour kids are Marvel as Maddox deconstructs an eight ear old's crayon drawn family

A savagely funny book that may well be than a little cruel NB therein lie the laughs but is the perfect antidote to any day spent at a kids party listening to fellow parents extolling the virtues of their tiny bright sparks Oh we re so proud of little Taruin he really is a little Michelangelo pfff eah right I am an elementary art teacher My friend gave me this book Just looking at the pictures is hilarious I laughed until I cried Unfortunatly some of the comments by the author are over the top rude A lot of the art his is giving an F to is actually very good based on the age of the child That made me sad so I mostly just looked at the pictures read what the kids themselves wrote and disregard. Previously published as I Am Better Than Your KidsIf Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian you think children are precious little snowflakes who are perfect in every way think again Ifou cherish every piece of art every book report every letter to Santa our child gives ou then this book is not for Demonica you Ifour refrigerator is adorned with mementos from ou.

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