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Very helpful guidance document full of recommendations for any novice. N use them to better benefit each and every time we playWhat You’ll Learn The positive and negative ways to process pain How to learn a new processing techniue that will work for you The best way to process pain during play What can interfere with your pain proce.

A must read for any novice considering pain playReally an amazing rea. From coukIf every play session ends before you want it to or you feel like you whimp out you too can benefit from learning healthier successful pain processing techniuesProcessing Pain in Play is a downloadable e book that will give you the secrets to better pain

D for anyone considering Ds relationships and pain play This book is Rocessing for longer exciting play sessions and meaningful rewarding SM exchangesI was once where you are now I wished I could endure pain or that I could reach sub space whenever I wanted And now I can I’ve learned the right and wrong ways to process pain and ca.

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