Louis Begley: Kill and Be Killed

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Ed any because this mysteryrevenge book is very badly written Run on sentences over explain everything Gratuitous and self indulgent asides bog everything down Self satisfied and unpleasant with it sums up a badly executed attempt at a thriller Story line was interesting enough but I hated the writing style So stiff epetitive Unnatural dialog The characters were interesting and likable as was the plot but the author kept Jacques Prevert referring to the previous book to the point that it was too muchepeated information and the way it was written on the page was at times confusing there was not separation either by uotation marks or space to know when someone was speaking it was all one whole page. L lawyer who ejected him after the bloody episode with Harry's assassin     But events beyond Jack's control intervene Kerry loses her life in circumstances that contradict everything Jack thinks he knew about her Soon death begins to stalk Jack himself It is impossible not to ecognize in its drumbeat the machinations of Abner Brown the man who orchestrated Harry's demise     Jack fights back driven by cold age and determina.

After page of writing Jack Dana is an X Military who has become a writer but also keeps his hand in investigations along with his x military friends and colleagues After his uncle is killed his x girlfriend commits suicide and he comes home from overseas to see for sure what has happen to her First time eader and I enjoyed the book Lots of intrigue in Begley s crispsomewhat graceful prose with some language I consider The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1: The Pox Party raw The story is of Jack Danaa former Marine turned novelist on a uest to find the ones behind the murder of his uncleniceead While this book is fast paced like the first one in this one there How to Write Essays really isn t a mystery to be solved and that takes the wind out of my sails. Tion to complete hisevenge At his side is Kerry's best friend the glamorous and enigmatic Heidi Krohn Their uest will force Jack to plumb the abyss of depravity into which Kerry had sunk and face one of his fellow Marines who has embarked on a violent feud of his own      Reprising memorable characters from Killer Come Hither and introducing dangerous new ones Begley concludes Jack's harrowing vendetta with one last shocking twis.

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U erst miserabler Thriller Mehr gibt es dazu eigentlich nicht zu sagen Die fr heren Werke von Begley sind weitaus besser HmmmThis Blue Moose rendition has too many easy to spot ahead subplotsEntertaining but not totally smartToo close to being MSpilaine ish Poor Begley had an interesting late life literary career after having been a lawyer His memoir Wartime Lies is excellent as are his first two novels about his character Schmidt Begley was kind of like the writer Louis Auchincloss a novelist of New York s elite uality but not good enough to be Henry James or Edith Wharton He was always mannered even prissy as a stylist but I wonder if either success went to his head or if he isn teally edit. Master stylist Begley continues the story of Jack Dana the former Marine Corps officer turned novelist whose uest to avenge his murdered uncle takes a new dangerous turnThe man who brutally murdered Uncle Harry is dead In an effort to The Sky Weaver (Iskari, recover from the confrontation and collect himself Jack takesefuge on Torcello a small island in the Venetian lagoon to eturn to his writing career Even urgently he wants to win back Kerry the beautifu.

Louis Begley is an American novelist Begley was born Ludwik Begleiter in Stryi at the time part of Poland and now in Ukraine as the only child of a physician He is a survivor of the Holocaust due to the multiple purchases of Aryan papers by his mother and constant evasion of the Nazis They survived by pretending to be Polish Catholic The family left Poland in the fall of 1946 and settled in N