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S timeline that doesn t feature any members of the Vorkosigan family at allAnd then there s this one Ethan of Athos is set during Miles Admiral Naismith ra but does not feature him It features Elli uin one of Naismith s top sidekicks but The Moment even she is only a supporting character this story is about theponymous Ethan a character who does not crop up in any other story in the series as far as I can recall so it definitely breaks the mouldEoA has the lowest average Goodreads ratings for any book in the series which is why it has remained unread by me for so long looks like I ll have to read some other reviews now to see what issues other readers took with it because I really The Cypress Tree enjoyed it a very solid 4 star Miles and Cordelia are both incredibly competent natural heroes They suare up to challenges and overcome them Ethan on the other hand is a reluctant hero an innocent sent out into the big bad universe on a medical mission of mercy to save his planet He gets sucked into the tangled world ofspionage and lurches from one disaster to another Sure uin is there to save his ass and drag him over the line but for a Doc from the sticks Ethan does his best to fight backI m guessing a lot of readers took The Kings Spy (Thomas Hill, exception to Ethan s home planet Athos the all male world where fathers grow their sons in tanks Personally I thought it was well done the idea that the planet will always be anconomic backwater because it s fighting the uphill cost of 100% artificial reproduction is a nice spin and as always Bujold handles them personal relationships with a gentle and deft touch for a sci fi writer she s Doctor Illuminatus exceptionally good at likeable charactersAs it stands outside of the main Saga this is very much a bonus book but I thought it was a cracking read and the pages flew by Without Miles it lacks thatlement of insanegleeful forward momentum that makes the best Vorkosigan books go whooosh but Ethan of Athos comfortably stands it s own I originally finished this book and began the review on Christmas Eve and had to cut it off unfinished because I had Santa business to attend to I ve only just circled back to finish itAfter this I read Behemoth How do you do Ethan began politely I represent the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization of the Planet Athos If I may I d like to tell you about the pioneering opportunities for settlement still available there The sudden dead silence of his audience was interrupted by a large worker in green coveralls Athos The Planet of the Fags You on the levelwas Bujold on the level when she wrote this sad to say this book is sort of a mess although it does have the genial tone fast pace semi amusing banter bursts of action and attempted The Real Witches Kitchen emotional depth of other Vorkosigan Saga novels it really doesn t work it feels half baked andven worse just rather silly and The Preachers Kid easily dismissed ah well can t winm all Bujoldso the planet Athos was founded by some fanatical religious dudes who thought women were the root of all O Testamento evil there are certainly plenty ofuivalents in our world s history and hey right here in the modern world too and so that basic idea could have been an ahem fertile concept but it charges right to the brink of HUH WHAT when we learn that millennia later Athos has remained a planet of men only men who fear women as Gangbang Slut evil s spawn and who procreate by importing ovaries and doing various reproductive science y type things that I barely understood or cared about all in all Athos is a peaceful and pleasant planet full of what appears to be a bunch of sweet simpletons but something goes wrong with the latest shipment of female parts and so the shy but apparently attractive Dr Ethan Uruhart must brave the big scary galaxy full of women to track down a new shipment while out and about Ethan finds himself caught right in the middle of nefarious activities involving the lovely mercenary Ellie uinn space station administrators humorless military types a telepath on the run andgads some threatening flirtation from various womenbasic uestions about sexuality remain unanswered or irritatingly ambiguous on a planet of men what happens to the heterosexuals although I imagine a world of men only ugh may perhaps be appealing to some gay gents I would think that basic sexuality would make this an unendurable prospect for the heteros stuck there like a gay man forced to live in a lesbian sorority for the rest of his life is Bujold saying sexuality is based on nurture not nature sorta sounds like it because there is a whole planet of men who seem perfectly fine without the fairer sex Athos is such a happy place has the heterosexuality just been nurtured out of 9 out of 10 men how in the world are they happy without any women whatsoeverAthos is only the background as most of the novel takes place on Kline Station unfortunately suarely in the foreground is Dr Ethan he is surely one of the most vapid uninteresting passive whiny basically useless heroes I ve had to deal with in a sci fi actioneer hey I just made that word up actioneer I like the ring of that anyway I really missed this series usual protagonist Miles Ethan was an One Con Glory exceedingly poor substitute 435 A buddy read with Evgeny and Maria because we love Science FictionI love this author I love this Universe and I love this world ofxtremes Every time I approach the next volume of this series I Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows experience this trepidation as to what weirdo society are we going to be introduced to this time The genius of the series lays in the ability of the author to present a system of life which seemsxtremely outlandish until you get to the basic premise and you see how The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) everything must have started in a very average world where an idea for The Greater Good takes root be it ideological religious or purelyconomic and goes to the most Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, extremend of that idea to where the final product has only a passing resemblance to the original Often the very thing it had tried to prevent is a likely side A Fairly Honourable Defeat effect This is another perfectxample Imagine a group of religious leaders of a strict church who believe that fornication and sexual temptation are sins but are having a really hard time controlling themselves around women The temptation in this case any woman becomes uated with the sin The woman then is of the Devil but unfortunately She is needed for procreation so the poor righteous saints have to ndure and suffer by Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue engaging in sin over and over against their will but they have no choice Well one day the sinful scientists on Beta Colony come up with uterine replicators a way in which if you have ovum and sperm samples and with genetics being advanced by utilizing one of the replicators you can skip the woman all together This must have been like the greatest gift from G D to those long suffering dudes So armed with the needed biological materials geneticists a charter for terraforming a new planet their religion and the firm resolution to never suffer a demon womanver. Rs utrins The Man Without a Face est furieux les cultures ovariennes ue les Pres Fondateurs ont apportes sur Athos voici deux sicles s'puisent Aussi la demande du Conseil de la Population va t il devoir uitter sa planre douillette o l'on vit tranuillementntre hommes pour aller n chercher d'autres dans la galaxie Et Ethan of Athos Vorkosigan Saga Miles Ethan of Athos is classed as a stand alone book in the Vorkosigan saga but I must admit I did find that although Miles wasn’t present for any of the action he was mentioned so much he really did become part of it Ethan is a doctor from Athos an all male planet The planet uses replicator technology which has been introduced in previous Vorkosigan books to breed their male only Review Ethan of Athos by Lois McMaster Bujold Ethan of Athos isn't worse writing than the Vorkosigan books It just flubs the setup raising significant issues that Bujold isn't capable of dealing with properly in the format of light meaningless political space opera It's not a horrible book particularly if you can ignore the feasibility and rational implications of the background and just njoy the uips It's ssentially the same Ethan of Atho.

Buddy read with Choko and EvgenyAt first look this book is a lot different from the rest of the Vorkosigan Saga because it misses a Vorkosigan Neither Miles nor any of his xtended family shows up in this volume But that doesn t make it any less Threads Of The Shroud entertaining And if you look closely you will see that EoA follows the general theme of the series a modern day ideology taken to thextremes One of the most interesting and useful inventions in this universe is the uterine replicator This wonderful piece of technology has changed the way humanity views procreation It s made possible for couples of all varieties to have biological children it s safer for the mother and child and permits genetic clean up thus All Seated on the Ground eliminating some of the most common genetic disorders And in this case it has given a bunch ofxtreme misogynists a chance to create their perfect world free of women As my friend Choko pointed out in her review this was most likely done by men who have very poor control over themselves but would never admit it so they blame the women Back when I first read this book I thought that this must be a paradise for gay men Fast forward a few years to the present when I have actually met gay people and they are no longer an abstract construct based on what the media shows and I know that they would be horrified You see this society isn t natural Not because there are a lot of homosexual couples but because there s no chance for anything Untitled. else It doesn t matter if you are gay or not if you want to have any sexual relationship it has to be with another man They don tven know what a woman looks like But in their Wiring eyes a woman is thepitome of all things Against All Odds evil To them the idea that womanuals the Devil is so ingrained that at a certain moment in the beginning of the book view spoiler one of the doctors responsible for the procreation of the Athosans suggests that they can grow themselves a few female fetuses harvest the ovaries before birth and get rid of the baby right after I deliberately use the word baby because the primodial follicle take about 150 days to develop into a preantral follicle primary and another 120 days to form an antral follicle secondary If you do the math that means that it takes 9 months for the proper level of development of the ovaries the Athosans will need to be able to Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage extractggs So that doctor suggested to The DOS essentially kill a newborn just because it s female We re not talking abortion here we re talking growing a human being for spare parts It s just plainvil and they can t Against All Odds even see it Oh the rest of that council had a problem with the suggestion But it wasn t the murder it was the fact that there would be a girl on their planet for about 9 months This is how screwed up the Athosan society is hide spoiler If you had told me two days ago that I wouldnjoy reading a book that departed from the main characters of the series and instead had a misogynist male protagonist from a misogynistic planet that follows a worldwide Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism explicitly misogyny based religion and that further I would find said protagonist charming sweet well intentioned and over ETHICAL I would have laughed in your faceAnd I would have been wrongI failed to take into account Lois McMaster Bujold Who is maybe a sorceress of some kind Thevidence suggests it Feminine wiles So yeah beyond all Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils expectation this book is amazing and hilarious and very fast paced and above all human After an average volume that was Cetaganda I fell for Bujold s writing and the world of Vorkosigans again Ethan of Athos is a strange little story Strange in a way that it s both very simple and yet when you start to think about it all it gives material for long discussions It s both gay and so very heterosexual it s adventurous and also you could probably skip most of the action parts and it will be still fine And all that not because the novel is so complex it s just strange in this wonderful way that gives lots and lots of joyAs far as I know this books is a standalone that The only thing I missed in this Vorkosigan saga installment was Miles himself Everythinglse was uite awesome adventure intrigue characters And the science part was pretty cool too I like Bujold s writing a lot it always pulls me in and keeps me till I finish the book It s rational not overloaded with detail and often humorous and ironicIt s a skippable book if you want to read saga only for Miles but in general it s a good sci fi story so you can leave it aside for laterWorst Cover GalleryNot that much this time but still OK I get the idea but that looks like a pee sample Peeing wasn t involved in this book Just saying Not to discourage you or something It s actually been years since I read this but I was reminded of it today by one of Sean s status updates for Angelfall the one where he laments that the MC and the angel are going to start romancing Payment Due each other I sympathized though I haven t read Angelfall and that got me wondering whether the romancing is inevitable or necessary to make a good bookSkip ahead to the answer it s not Here s proofBear in mind that the following is from memory and forgive me if I get details wrong I think I m remembering correctly however based on the reviews I ve looked atAlso I suspect there are spoilersven though most of the book is kind of a blur to me The important stuff is notEthan is from Athos a planet populated Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, entirely by men and he has never seen women before He has a male partner I recall whom he loves and there is some artificial mechanism for reproduction The book also has a plot which I don t remember at allxcept to say it was serviceable and it involves Ethan having to join forces with a beautiful womanOne of the reasons I don t recall the plot is that I spent the Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, entire book waiting for the other shoe to drop as it were Waiting for this woman to turn Ethan straight or at least tempt him toxperiment with it The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, even if he rejects it later He s only culturally gay after all Surely the possibility is thereDoesn t happenAnd it feels great I can tven tell you They get through all the adventures and misadventures was there smuggling involved Something like that and then Ethan goes home to his partner and you just want to give a very loud HA because it is so unexpected and so rare and Bujold has played your xpectations like a violinThis is why she is the McMaster friends and don t you forget it Do you like your SF with a healthy dollop of intellect and social commentary Sure you do This is the breakfast of championsSo yeah Sean I d also kind of like to see the angel NOT fall in love with someone just once For fans of the Vorkosigan Saga this represents an interesting break from the norm There are a couple of books in the series focused on Miles mother Cordelia Shards of Honour Barrayar the bulk 10 are focused on Miles Vorkosigan himself although they often feature many other POVs and there s one set way arlier in the universe. Ethan of Athos – NESFA Ethan of Athos by Lois McMaster Bujold Our hero is a uiet upstanding citizen of Athos an obstetrician in a world in which reproduction is carried out Tropical Bioproductivity entirely via uterine replicator without the aid of living women Problem the year old cultures are not providingggs the way they used to and attempts to order replacements by mail have failed catastrophically But when Ethan is sent Ethan d'Athos Lois McMaster BUJOLD Fiche livre Ethan d'Athos Lois McMaster BUJOLD Titre original Ethan of Athos Premire parution Baen Cycle Barrayar vol Traduction de Genevive BLATTMANN Illustration de Philippe CAZA J'AI LU Paris France coll Science Fiction me srie dos violetblanc n Dpt lgal octobre Achev d'imprimer octobre ‎Ethan of Athos on Apple Books ‎Set in Bujold’s Vorkosigan universe this independent novel follows a doctor as he braces himself for his first ncounter with that most alien of aliens a female of his own species Dr Ethan Uruhart is chief of biology at a District Reproduction Center He delivers babies from uterine r Ethan d'Athos de Lois McMaster BUJOLD n Le Dr Ethan Uruhart mdecin accoucheur responsable des rplicateu.

Again the Founding Fathers stablished the A buddy read with Choko and MariaA group of guys from Miles Vorkosigan universe decided it was a good idea to create a man only planet The technology at the moment was good Die Postmoderne Konstellation enough for such project and thus Athos was born The biggest and the most obvious problem was procreation The locals had to get some fresh femaleggs from time to time but it was not a problem and the men lived in practically complete isolation without seeing a single woman all their lives and thinking it was the way it should be However a huge interplanetary crisis was coming and the governing committee of the planet volunteered a guy named Ethan to go outside for help The poor guy had bad luck all around the very first person he met outside of his planet happened to be a dreaded woman As soon as his shock passed Ethan Folk Tales From the Soviet Union ended up right in the middle of intergalactic conspiracy Needless to say his life became very cheap as a result I need to get the following off my chest right away I think this is the weakest book of the series so far let me count the reasons I consider Miles Cordelia and Ivan to be the best characters of the series in that order Well none of them are here On a relative note I did not feel any of the characters presented had any depth The main villain looked outright wimpy and non threatening compared to some people Milesncountered The complete inability of local security forces to keep him isolated became a bad joke by the Ulysses and the Trojan War end of the book This in my opinion was his only strength The novel tried hard to show Ethan s culture shock this shock can carry the plot only so far Once again by thend this became old On the positive side I learned that a lot of apparently delicious dishes some of them sounded like outright delicacy can be cooked from newts This made me glad I was not living in that world The plot is fast moving and one familiar face appear actually disregard this no familiar faces appear read The Warrior s Apprentice to learn the reason for the paradox Lois McMaster Bujold is a skillful writer to make Tall, Dark Rich even her minorfforts worth reading 3 stars Rating 4 of fiveThe Publisher Says The familiar old SF planet of women chestnut is reversed in the planet of Athos an all male planet made possible by the invention of the uterine replicator Ethan drawn out of his beloved Athos by a uest finds himself an alien in mainstream human society and cannot help but find women disturbing aliens as well The Collector's Encyclopedia of Antique Marbles especially the ultra competent ultra beautiful Elli Ethan of Athos is Lois McMaster Bujold s third novel It departs from the concerns of the Vorkosigan family toxplore the ramifications of advanced biotechnology turning many a clich on its head along the wayMy Review Athos is a terraformed planet settled about 200 years before this book takes place by a rigidly religious sect of men who refused to have any females on their planet as they d only cause trouble and lead men astray To replace and grow the population they do the job of birth the hard way using uterine replicators to grow and birth their sons Only sons of course and all bred from the ovarian cultures brought by the Founders to Athos Which are unsurprisingly wearing out after 200 years After some bad Taught to Obey experiences with Galactic mail order bridescultures the Population Council decides to send an Ambassador out among Them the scary galactics to get new ovarian culturesEthan CJB 8 Uruhart Ambassador at Large of Athos is in a pickle He s never been off his home world before and here he is on Kline Station a space station within a reasonable sub light boost of several lucrative trading routes trying to navigate a Universe where The Sink of Sin that s girls to thee and me in the person of Commander Elli uinn Kline Station native and Free Dendarii mercenary appears to be trying to get him killed by Cetagandan crazies Colonel Luyst Millisor and company so the Cetagandans can retrieve something they want and Ethan hasBut he doesn t know what it isIt s the process of finding out what it is that the Cetagandans want the Dendarii need and the Athosians have that powers this retelling of North by Northwest in space Ethan must for the first time in his thirty plus years cope with the presence of women in his personal worldan alien species to himwhile learning about how the rough and tumble of the Galaxy s business is accomplished deal with thend of his partnership with Janos back on Athos find himself falling in love with the most alien possible alien man and return to Athos with what sent him out into the Galaxy in the first place More ovarian cultures for the Athosian Reproduction Centers Then he can go home and return to his first love Populating his beloved home world with new life and new possibilitiesHow he accomplishes these things is well it s fraught with danger it s uite surprisingly open minded of Ethan and it s just not what this famous mil SF series is famous forI first read this in 1986 I was married I had stepsons in the house I was sure that my relationship with their mother was solid oh boy was I Learning to Dance in the Rain ever wrong and yet the premise of a planet made up of men and only men had a lot of appealI was led from here to the rest of the Vorkosigan Saga including Barrayar Cetaganda Komarr Sergyar Beta Colony Jackson s Whole Lois Mcmaster Bujold Ethan Of Athos Miles Vorkosigan Ivan Vorpatril Falling Free Aral Vorkosigan Simon Illyan Vorbarra Barrayaran Imperial Auditor and wasually pleased with the next few books I read all listed hereI have never been amused at a line than at Ethan would cheerfully have decked any Athosian fundamentalist who insisted that his new love s love for his wife could have no honor in it Bujold clearly wanted to say something stern about the prevailing attitude towards gay men and their relationships Keep in mind it was 1986mid AIDS crisisand there was a lot a very great deal an Rebel (The Change, enormous amount of hatred and fear floating around Even so than there is today It wasven braver of Bujold to set this story in the SFnal community s playground since there was an almost complete silence from that fandom on any subject remotely gay male in nature So this book over the past 25 years has symbolized the generosity of straight allies of the gay male community I admire Bujold as much today as I did then for telling this story I loved the images of Athosian society as brief as they were and fell to contemplating what it would take to make such a culture work what would be the pitfalls of it and so on Nowadays with the manipulation of the human genome that s headed our unprepared society s way I think the book is Man of Her Dreams (The Enforcers, even relevant and should have anven wider audienceBut heyit s in print and selling 25 years later Not that many books can make that claim And for me that s a really nice thing A book about a subject that makes a lot of people suirm has that kind of staying powerThere just might be hope for humankind after al. S by Bujold Lois McMaster ae Buy Ethan of Athos by Bujold Lois McMaster online on ae at best prices Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on ligible purchase Vorkosigan Saga Literature TV Tropes In Ethan of Athos it's described as a male dominated totalitarian world governed by a military junta A character who grew up there implies that the interrogationtorture of suspected political dissidents is routine; the telepathy complex is specifically being developed for that purpose By contrast in Cetaganda written years later we learn that it's actually an ight planet Little Sister (Sweet Dreams, empire Ethan of Athos Blackstone Wholesale Ethan of Athos By Lois McMaster Bujold Read by Grover Gardner The Miles Vorkosigan Adventures Book Unabridged TalkEthan of Athos Wikipedia Athos as an SF culture or world is rare in that it is a well functioning andgalitarian religious society The norm in SF seems to be that religious or theocratic societies are totalitarian Athos as Ethan reports it is about as much a dictatorship as Eisenhowerian suburbia This may be because of the way the author went about creating it What usually happens is that an author star.

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