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Le and all is made better George is met with an ultimatum that unless she travel to Africa as a photographer s assistant she ll be cut off and on her own And if she oes a good job her father will help her raise the funds to build the shelter for homeless refugees George is okay with everything except who the photographer is The man is famous and a few years before George in a First Blood demonstration against chauvinism had plastered him with a bag of flour for being a judge in a beauty pageant Her only hope is that he not recognize herLukas agrees too the yearly company calendar because it is very lucrative and gives him the funds to take on worthy projects Having his name as the photographer linked with the prominent automotive parts manufacturer makes the company calendar sought after by collectors He s shocked to find that the replacement assistant he The Palliser Novels d asked for is actually a female George and not a male George This causes complications as the only spare spot in camp is in his tent There s something about George that gets to him And uickly they seem to get under each other s skin When George proves to know her way around camera euipment and photography she earns Lukas grudging admiration As he slowly unravels the woman George hides behind floppy hats and coloured spectacles he finds a young woman with heart and a zest for life and the woman who threw flour on himThis was a fun read that swept me away on George s adventure to Africa George is a great gal who tries hard to hold her tongue but sometimes finds it s just impossible especially when Lukas likes to goad her Lukas finds George irritating thinking her the pampered heiress They each surprise each other for George may be pampered she s also resilient and not afraid of hard work and Lukas is not the chauvinist and playboy he s been made out to be Though her first release this book shines with Ms Fielding sistinct flare for story telling I loved the setting and how it helped to shape the characters This is one for the keeper shelf. Working with Lukas on an African photoshoot very awkward Especially when she realizes he's nothing like the man she imagined in fact he's totally irresistible And that's before he kisses

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Untung tipis jadi sekali Men And Gods In Mongolia duduk langsung kelar Aku ga klikengan ceritanya It was Liz Fielding s birthday the other Hunter Killer (Pike Logan day and Iecided to read one of her books I ve had on my TBR list for a long timeAn Image of You was Fielding s Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, debut novel for Harleuin Mills Boon published in 1992 Iidn t read much romance in that The Friend Zone decade and somehow I missed this author until recent yearsGeorgette is a typical heroine of the time She is twenty two and the hero Lukas is in his early thirties George as she is known is a good cause tragic Theaughter of a wealthy man An opposites attract of a chauvinistic photographer for those sort of calendars and a heroine forced to work with him Add in camping in the outback and you ve got it all there for a splendid category romance Up to Liz s usual standard Kerjaan 2019 10 editCeritanya standar tapi aku gemas Flying Scotsman Manual dengan si George Dia tipe cewek yang pengin mandiri tapi masih bergantung sama ayahnya Pengin bantu rakyat miskin tapi caranya salah Sampai ayahnya geraman mengirim Alpha (Shifters, dia magang bersama fotografer profesional rekan sang ayahan ternyata George kenal pria itu Pria yang pernah Whalerider dia lempar pakai tepungi ajang kecantikan I really enjoyed this story it is Liz Fielding s first book for Harleuin Mills Boon released in 1992 and wow have heroes and heroines changed a lot over the years it is beautifully written I loved the setting in Africa and MS Fielding pulled me in from the first page with the strong characters and the push and pull between the hero and heroine Georgette Bainbridge comes from a wealthy family and is 22 but is a bit of a rebel in her out spoken ways and her wish to stand up for the under og and protest when needed and this gets her in a few sticky situations here and there like throwing a bag of flour over a photographer and although she escapes unscathed that time it stay firmly entrenched in her mind so when she lands up in the newspaper again her father cuts her off and sends her to Africa on a photo shoot needless to say who wit. The rebel and the artist When Georgette Bainbridge first meets world famous photographer Lukas Karel it's not sparks that fly but bags of flour Feisty Georgette is staging a protest at the.

H this could be a bit of a worry if he remembers herLukas yes only Lukas is a photographer in his early 30 s and a very good one but he sticks to himself and oes a calendar for George s father once a year at various locations this time in Africa but when his assistant is injured he is sent another one none other than George and is stunned when George turns out to be female and he has the Graphic Design For Everyone distinct feeling that he has met her before Lukas is known to be stubborn and pig headed at times and boyoes he give George a hard time but in saying that he Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, does it because of the attraction her feels I think and she can give just as good back at timesThere were times I could have yelled at both Lukas and George but then I remembered that this book had been released a long time a go and this type of hero and heroine and ageifference were very common back then All in all though I thoroughly enjoyed this one from start to finish Liz Fielding is a natural story teller who keeps the reader turning the pages and feeling attuned to all of the characters and their emotions in the story this one will have you smiling as you journey with George and Lukas to a wonderful HEA and as I said I loved the setting and the story fabulous 4 Stars Two years ago I read a gem from Ms Fielding titled Eloping with Emmy This was an earlier book written in 1998 and I thoroughly enjoyed it It s taken me a few years to gather up Ms Fielding s back list and I m elighted that now I can enjoy her earliest releases An Image of You is Ms Fielding s ebut with Harleuin Romance and having read a bit of her bio about her life as a young woman living in Africa I m very happy that this one has an African setting Georgette fondly called George is a young heiress who Art of Laurel and Hardy devotes her time to causes She has a kind heart but a feisty spirit that tends to get her in trouble After a night spent in jail as a result of aemonstration she s called to her father s office to face his anger George is surprised that this time she can t just smi. Beauty pageant Lukas is judging he might be gorgeous but if he's a chauvinist then getting covered in flour is the least that he eserves Georgette might be proud of her aim but it makes.

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