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Meh It was okay I ike reading about Pilgrim Snail language andanguages and there were some interesting bits but when it came time to the An Unsafe Haven laundryist of insults and curses I usually just felt bad I get from the title it isn t a book of blessings on people but some of them just felt awful I guess I was hoping for a humorous take on Yiddish and how it can be used to offer backhanded compliments or insults So certainly part of it was my expectation Also I feel I d personally get out of Loving Lies (Summer Lovin, learning Yiddish rather than just trying to memorize some phrases Again a personal thingAs with anything you re mileage may varyThe short I wouldn t have read it had I been better aware of what it was and I shan t ever read it again My renewed enjoymentappreciationinterest in Yiddish continues This book was a gift from my wife and a good one it is There are many errors in the book though as far as correct translations go but it sight enough and humorous enough to get a pass on those Several of the insults are now part of my vernacular Wife s mission accomplished When I saw the title I knew I had to read this book I ve read a fair number of books written in the setting of the Jewish community and have come across uite a few Yiddish words I could surmise their meanings but now I know This books sets you You haven’t been really insulted until you’ve been cursed at in Yiddish One of the most colorful and toothsome Caught in His Gilded World languages ever spoken Yiddish has survived in the toughest of circumstances and it’s partly due to its ability to say what’s on its mindike it or not Harsh to the point of cruelty well where to begin Yiddish curses can also add a touch of sweetness to the bitter pill A vecher balkon dir in kop May a soft balcony fall on your head You don’t agree Gai bareh.

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I could go on I bet you know them I bet you ve used them They are all YiddishIf you want to go beyond the basics Lita Epstein has compiled a bunch of insults and other phrases in her book If You Can t Say Anything Nice Say it In Yiddish She has transliterated everything to her best approximation to how she The Viscount The Virgin learned them If you re on the west coast youl see some oddities in her spelling Properly written Yiddish is written with the Hebrew alphabet but uses a mostly Germanic grammar and Fantastic Stories of the Imagination February 2015 lexiconEpstein s book is a fun introduction to Yiddish but it won t take you beyond memorizing a few funny phrases Hey whyearn a whole anguage when you can just focus on the good parts This is an invaluable resource for people who needs to earn how to deliver a good cussing out Some of the ill wishes in here are creative beyond the dreams of the average bear ike May a demon take your father s son I daresay I know who to use that one on Even the blessings are eft handed May the Lord bless and keep the czarfar away from us This book is not to be missed Has some funny curses but also has some really rude and hurtful ones The glossary is really usefulSome chapters are boring There are few paragraphs on jewish herstory i Wellness, Not Weight liked that part aot The book was a christmas present from my brother Ough the Yiddish anguage to better identify an intended target The book also provides two generous glossaries of phrases to take you from English to Yiddish and back again So think dumkop Even if you could never tell a shlemiel from a shlemazel or a kvetcher from a yenta before you’ll now be able to proudly shout Migulgl zol er vern in a henglaykhter by tag zol er hengen un by nakht zol er brenen He should be transformed into a chandelier to hang by day and to burn by night.

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Traight Yiddish is not Hebrew Yiddish a very old anguage derives from a Modern Korean Literature lot of German words and many other words picked where the Jews haveived over the centuries The average American might be surprised at how many Yiddish words he or she is knows without even trying bagel shalom ox shmooze shmear nosh shtik shlep blintz kosher shmaltzy gezunt heit megillah shalom mensch mishmash chutzpah Mazel Tov for starters and we haven t even gotten to the insults shmuck putz shlok klutz shlepper shmok shnook If you are in the market for some handy curses this book is Really cool idea for a book and there are some very creative insults thereBut Yiddish is a bit ike Russian Czech and similar Going Om languages to me my brain just does not seem to be wired for them Anything I m aanguage geek If I had infinite time and money I would spend them earning as many anguages as I could One of the Taking Stage languages that has fascinated me asong as I can remember is Yiddish It used to be a vibrant Pulling the Vampires Braid (A Loving Nip language but post Holocaust it has dwindled to a dyinganguage relegated mostly to academics and the elderly There is a revival effort afoot and hopefully it will take holdIn the meantime Yiddish is mostly a The Survival List language of phrases and insults passed down through different business cultures Schmuck chutzpah spiel. Di vantsen Go bother the bedbugsLita Epstein offers a crash course in the Yiddish gift for vivid invective Along the way you’llearn a bit about the An Immigration History Of Britain language itself its history pronounciation and travels and gain access to itsethal power Humor is of course a freuent accomplice the better to kill you with mein kind and the sheer range of words for goof offs screw ups gossip mongers and evil doers will demonstrate how keen observation not to mention hair splitting works thr.