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PRE READING Totally reading this for Raoul and Allegra s storyPOST READING Awww that was sooooo sweet Screw summer flings I want a winter romance I know I sound super corny but this story was just too cute Even with the melodramatics and everything As a follower of Laura Florand s La Vie en Roses series I was looking forward to this short story and discovering some authors in this anthology Outside of the loose theme of trying to find a lace that feels like home these 4 stories could not be divergent I like anthologies because you get little gifts of sweet fun however sometimes authors rush the details and leaves the reader trying to fill the gapswhich was true for all the stories 1 Christmas Carousel by Mary CarterGeorgia has fond memories of riding a carousel with her father around Christmas One year she meets a dying girl named Cindy Fast forward Georgia s a widow with a son runs an auction house in a sleepy old downtown which developers are trying to buy and make into a mall then she receives a carousel horse from her deceased father for Christmas in front of one of the developers who is Cindy s brother Ben Did you follow all that Ben and Georgia decide to track down who actually sent the horse and get stuck in some back water area in Rhode Island during a snow storm There was so much going on in this story I couldn t feel any connection between Ben and Georgia outside of guilty gratitude that does not euate Bred by the Beastmen (Bred by the Beastmen passion 2 out of 5 stars2 A Rose in Winter by Laura FlorandAllegra is in the south of France for Christmas while she is researching for her PHD Raoul is head of the African division of his Rosier family business but wants to come home They have a one night stand which leads them to a misunderstanding in the morning As they confront each other they both learn of each other s desire to feel at ease with themselves and their families The beginning of this story was a bit stilted but gettingast all that you see the heart of both Allegra and Raoul along with some feisty Rosier family members who hopefully with have books of their own Steamiest of the 4 stories 4 out of 5 stars 3 24 Days of Christmas by Linda Lael Miller originally Fline en Lingerie published in 2004Addie s world crashed down around her after an article she wrote had her fired and running away from LA to her home town on CO Calling on her former fianc Frank who is now the town Chief of Police and widow she is trying to start over Then her ex husband dumps her step son on her while he is away on his honeymoon This story was the BEST of the 4 and really delved into what home means and if it can be found in alace or a Surface person Each of the characters were sweet and flawed It made you want I make your own advent calendar to follow along 5 stars4 Christmas Angel by Kat Martin originallyublished in 1997 Set is Orange 5 (オレンジ, post Civil War Savannah Angel never forgave her love Josh for leaving her to fight for the North Now he is back in his blue belly Yank uniform as a Dr running the local dilapidated hospital filled with wounded soldiers I stopped reading this and couldn t finish Southern Civil War settings are not my thing but. There's nothing festive than a winter romance and in these heart warming stories love is a gift that can take you by surpriseThe 24 Days Of Christmas by Linda Lael MillerA matchbox advent calendar first brought Frank Rayner and Addie Hutton together But that was years ago There's no way the miracles of Christmas and the magic of true love couldossibly be hidden under one of its tiny flaps Or could.

Even so I just couldn t get into the characters I didn t care that she lost her lantation or how they still felt tingly around each other I am not sure how the ublishers chose this story but it was a DNF for me 0 stars Overall I would have bought this book for Laura Florand but was lucky enough to receive an Advanced Reading Copy I was The Scot pleasantly surprised by Ms Miller s story but the other 2 were a waste of time The only reason I wanted this book was to read La Vie en Rose m so filled with giddy feelings maybe i wil read other stories later enjoyed this A rose in winter 3 starts with romantic scene followed up close by angry convo makes it up by beautiful sweet scene ah dis book wraps you up in warm cozy feeling on winter night where you just wanna feel safe smile lighting up your face 4 Stars for A Rose in Winter by Laura Florand I didn t read the other stories but I loved Raoul and Allegra s story Just what I needed toick my mood up Four star rating for Laura Florand s story A Rose in Winter continue to love the Rosier family december 2019 only reread raoul and allegra and it brought back all the laura florand feels combined with all the christmas feelsi only read raoul and allegra story but i ll Spring Snow pick this anthology up again in december this year which was absolutely F A B i really really REALLY want a full book about these two i want in depth telling of their relationship and theirersonalities i want to know what will allegra do with her thesis and what is raoul The Greatest Victory place now in the family as well i want to see them asarents SO DAMN BAD and i just want to read a book about them thriving in to their life 35 StarsOnly read A Rose In Winter La Vie En Rose series By Laura FlorandA contemporary romance with a dash of Red Riding Hood to itAs always the author knows how to make things work You may start with the dream but real life is just waiting to join in this actually makes sense once you read the book oOFull review to come We all know I bought this Christmas collection for A Rose In Winter By Laura Florand and it was grand 4 stars A really lovely romance with Florand s trademark whole hearted heroes and a heroine who shows off the writer s deep understanding of human nature here with an exploration of only childhood This is a great retelling of Red Riding Hood in the same fascinating complex clever subtle way that she retells Rapunzel in The Chocolate Kiss In fact the witch and her garden make a show in this novella as well Best of all the setting of a French Noel with its traditions is exactly the kind of details you want to snuggle up with at this time of year While I wish the tale were longer and we got a little of the heroine I am not completely sure of her studies the ground work Florand sets up for the rest of the cousins stories in this series is flawless and all the secondary characters are top notch Can t wait for the next book The 24 Days Of Christmas by Linda Lael Miller 3 starsVery sweet second chance romance in a small town with a widowed Sheriff two kids and a woman starting over Christmas Angel by Kat Martin 2 starsIt is really hard to wi. TheyChristmas Angel by Kat MartinWhen Angel Summers' first love Josh Coltraine joined the Army she vowed to hate him forever But now he's back in Savannah for the holidays wishing for a miracle that could heal both their heartsThe Christmas Carousel by Mary CarterSingle mom Georgia Bradley can't afford to fight the developers who want to tear down her beloved Rhode Island auction house especially Ada.

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N me over to a Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, post civil war romance with a former belle heroine and all through the medical history here is interesting this one didn t work for me either The Christmas Carousel by Mary Carter 2 starsI find the trope of the evil developer not my favorite and this story has it The backstory is lovely but the romance not so much Initially I bought the book for the short story by Laura Florand but even if it s still my favorite story I loved the others stories tooThe 24 Days Of Christmas by Linda Lael Miller 375While she was engaged to Frank Abbie decided tolace her career first and built her life away from her small hometown and Frank Years and disappointments later she is back for Christmas and it is with Henry her stepson that she moved into the house she occupied before house inhabited also by Frank a widower now and her daughter Lizzie But is their love really a distant memory I loved this story Lizzie and Henry were sooo cute but I would have liked details on the life and Fates Monolith (MacLomain, past of Abbie anderhaps a bit twists with Toby Christmas Angel by Kat Martin 3Before the Civil War Angel and Josh were engaged but when the war broke out Angel remained true to her southern roots and Josh joined the side of the Yankees Now the Civil War is over and Josh is back to Savannah hoping to win Angel s heart againThe one I liked the least and yet I usually love historical romances the story as the characters are a little too artificial and if the story had At the Wolfs Table potential ultimately I was disappointedThe Christmas Carousel by Mary Carter 375Single mother Georgia held a small auction house in Rhode Island but as she just recovered from the death of her father she must deal with unscrupulous developers who want to buy her auction house to build a mall instead But when one of them Adam Cavalier appears on her doorstep a Scrooge far too handsome Georgia begins to think that maybe Christmas will not be as sad as she expected this yearMy second favorite story a very nice Christmas romance that made me dream and become a kid again I have a terrible urge to have a turn of carousel since my reading A Rose In Winter By Laura Florand 4While she is away from home for Christmas Allegra came across and succumbed to the very attractive Raoul Rosier back home for the holidays But what she thought to be only a one night stand uickly turns into something far valuable My favorite As usual I love the writing style of the author who completely immerses us in a very romantic Provence the characters are very endearing and the story is great I loved Allegra a character funny and full of happiness who is also a cousin of Magalie Chaudron the wife of Philippe Lyonnais and her relationship with Raoul charmed me I look forward to reading the next adventures of the Rosier family DOne regret TOO SHORT My favorite story from this anthology is hands down Laura Florand s A Rose in Winter While all the stories had that wonderful feel of coming home for Christmas that I was looking forward to in this book this one story stood out above the rest for me This is aowerful anthology featuring four very well known writers. M Cavalier But when she receives a mysterious gift Adam becomes intrigued with its origin and with GeorgiaA Rose In Winter By Laura FlorandAllegra Caldron knew the rule never to talk to strangers But on a cold winter night in Provence she breaks that rule and with an irresistible man Raoul Rosier seems thrillingly dangerous yet why does Allegra feel so safe with him even when she believes he's a thie.

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