Lee Magner: The Dragon's Lair Silhouette Intimate Moments #356

His riend and business partner Blake asks him to help a The Detour friend who happens to be a woman he isn t too happy The heroine has been receiving some threatening notes because of a jade she bought but she is keeping. Er confirmed they'd stop at nothing That was when hardened battle scarred Grant Macklin stepped in and took charge aerocious dragon ready to defend her honorA warrior with the soul of a poet Grant was no stranger to brutality and betrayal He wa.

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I enjoyed the blend of romance and intrigue Fast moving 35 starsThis was a nice engaging read The hero comes The Crime Trade (Tina Boyd from the world of shadows having worked covertly and an experience at 20 soured him on women so when. DANGER AND DESIRE Art collector Shelby Marlowe had nowhere to turn Caught in a bitter struggle between warring underworldamilies each vying or an ancient jade statue she possessed her life was in peril A close encounter with a hit and run driv.

The ull truth rom the hero because of a promise she made to a loved one which makes the hero leery Honestly the whole suspense plot was a bit stupid and involved a lot of pride rom people of a proud culture. Nted to trust Shelby but she seemed to be keeping something Mamá from him Which was dangerous Their uncertainate at the hands of the vicious crime lords Or his riveting attraction to Shelby and the unuenchable ire that threatened to consume them bo.

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