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One of the worst books I ve read in a while Some years ago a friend sent me a ostcard from Spain that depicted the violent death of Federico Garcia Lorca I was surprised at the subject matter but now I understand This was an excellent read I liked it but I loved Imagining Argentina It captured the same themes but it didn t hit the heart like Argentina did How to review This is just an incredibly beautiful. A deeply moving love story and a meditation on the nature of courage of three unforgettable characters Jao.

Book about the Resistance in WWII and the Spanish Civil War I think it s the best historical novel about those years that I ve ever read I was Mother India planning to say it sits on the fine line betweenersonal and The Late Romances political But that would be wrong there is no separation between the twoThornton s writing is beautiful lyrical very fitting for a book with Federico Lorca as a mostlyosthumous main characterSorry for the. Uin Wolf an avante garde olitical writer; Ursula Krieger Joauin's friend agonizing over a secret ast; an.

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Poorly written review You ll just have to read it for yourselfI found this on in my bookcase I My Curvy Valentine (Perfect Fit, probablyicked it up at a used bookstore and never got around to reading it I wish I had read it sooner Lawrence Thornton just went onto my Favorite Authors shelf Classy Old school lyrical writing style A series of dreamscapes taking Attainment (Temptation, place during a very harsh time in human history Loved how the story moved back an. D Frederico Garcia Lorca the great symbolistoet of Spain whose spirit lives on in both Joauin and Ursula.