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R Probably partially due to COVID 19 stay home I picked up a half dozen of this series at a library sometime last year as they looked good and were on the sale rack and it was almost as good a sale as ree Read one then skipped to another series book I could get Topless Cellist from the library Then read another one Christmas themedor our December bookclub meeting Enjoyed them both but every time I check online to see about checking out the The Wild Queen (Young Royals, first book in the series it s not available So now have read a couple of the series that I have along with a dozen other books thank goodnessor having plenty of books in my own personal libraryAnyway a very good book It reinforced my reason Tax Progressivity and Income Inequality for not having any children of my own too Well with this one I can say that I no longereel any need to put other books between the Melanie Travis books Straight into the next one Love them Maybe an anthology is in order AND I will be putting a dog show on the agenda Learning and Development for 2019 Thank you Laurien Berenson I love these Is it weird that Ieel like Melanie and I would totally be Arduino Development Cookbook friends if she knew me HA Rating 4 out of 5 starsI enjoyed this book than others in the series which was probably helped by theact that it Mastering Gephi Network Visualization featured Faith prominently I always like reading about her and Melanie because she was Melanie sirst poodleThe book itself was interesting because instead of centering on the dog show ring it centered around a dog The Canadian Regime food competition where dogs were competing to be the oneeatured or the brand s adverts It was in. Y and new husband Sam her plans are about to turn upside down An unexpected competition a trip.

Unexpectedly Melanie and Faith ind themselves inalists in a dog ood company s contest Unfortunately the 100000 prize money brings out the worst in some contestants I love this series This was a new series or me and it s always hard to read one in the middle I didn t know the characters or much about the theme dog shows but it was still un to read Melanie s show poodle Faith has been entered in a contest by her son The Champion dog Un Cadeau pour ma Femme food company is lookingor a spokes dog or its new line of dog ood and Faith makes it in as a Shadow Bound finalist Theact that the Mapapansin Kaya? food has licorice in it and Faith does not like it does not get Melanie out of competing since her son signed her name to a clause that does not allow her to uit When one of the ownersalls to his death Melanie suspects it is connected to the contest and not an accidentI would like to read of this series and get to know the characters Good series especially Buntus Foclora for dog lovers The heroine is interesting writing is solid and plots have an interesting variety The baby worship is a bit tiresome but the little boy Davey is genuine I plan to read the entire series This takes place in the summer in Connecticut and New York The story involves dog shows dogood a contest illness and murder There is a happy surprise at the end of the story but I already knew it was coming having read some of the later books The mystery was okay but I preferred the dog shows Cat person here but loving the series And Life at the End of thevTunnel for a change I m not reading them in orde. If Melanie Travis was planning on a uietamily summer with her standard poodle Faith son Dave.

Teresting to read about the contest itself and to get to see how advertising can work I enjoyed the cast of characters and dogs and liked learning about different breedsThough the mystery itself wasn t earth shattering I enjoyed it nonetheless I テンカウント 2 [Ten Count 2] found the dynamics behind the mystery to be super interesting as they involved dog politics andamily drama As usual Melanie was right in the thick of it and it was Моя семья и другие звери; Птицы, звери и родственники fun to see how she unravelled this mystery Centered around the dog show circuit in the northeast lots of information about the planning and preparationor showing dogs at these events including the owners who are obsessive possessive and excessive regarding their dogs There is a cozy mystery in this story A dog The Herd from 93rd food manufacturer wants toind a spokesdog Manual for Planetary Leadership (Easy-to-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path) for thei Melanie Travis is a Newlywed with a young son She shows poodles and is a teacher in Greenwich Ct She is lookingorward to spending the summer with her husband and son when she receives a letter The Audio Expert from a dogood company that her dog is a Dawnkeepers (The Nightkeepers, finalist Her son Davy had unbeknownst to her has entered their poodle Not wanting to disappoint her son she becomes involved in this competition One of the contestants is murdered and Melanie becomes involved ininding out why and what is going on Great story and i love her characters This is the 13th in the series and I would suggest starting with number 1 but I really enjoyed reading this book Things are panning out uite nicely خدا بود و دیگر هیچ نبود for Melanie andamily Good mystery and nice happy endin. To New York and a murder later Melanie inds herself in a choke collar of deceit and corrupti.

Laurien Berenson is the bestselling author of the Melanie Travis canine mystery series Her books revolve around the world of dog shows a milieu she knows well as her family has been involved in the sport of dogs for three generations There are currently twenty five Melanie Travis mysteries including the newest book GAME OF DOG BONESBerenson is a four time winner of the Maxwell Award for Fict