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Pretty good anthology but misses than hits for me An. The world's oldest science fiction magazine has died and been resurrected times than most Dungeons Dragons characters So it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that although this trade paperback was touted as the very last issue of Amazing Stories well it wasn't After the initial hardcover of this collection was released in 1998 Amazing Stories was bought by Pokémon makers Wizards of the Coast which revived Hugo Gernsback's venerated SF periodical and kept it alive until.

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Anthology of mainly stories left in inventory when Ama. The summer of 2000 But even though this collection of ust over 20 short pieces wasn't the magazine's last gasp some of them prove superior to the Star Wars Star Trek and Babylon 5 fiction that followed in the Wizards years Editor Kim Mohan who stayed on for the revival collected then new works from the likes of Ursula K Le Guin Gregory Benford and Howard Waldrop as well as other shorts from less established writers Of particular note is a Robert Silverberg Philip K Dick tandem.

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Zing folded in 1997 Many of these are minor stories by. A 1953 Amazing reprint of Dick's Noah's Ark inspired The Builder followed by Silverberg's praise and ruminations in uality and uantity The Short Fiction of Philip K Dick Aside from Noah's Ark uite a few other ideas get tossed around everything from divine androgyny to time travel to the parameters of dream flight the last being the title of a piece by Arlan Andrews Sr all at an easily digestible length and most matching the uality of previous Mohan edited collections Paul Hugh.

Kim Rudolph Mohan born May 4 1949 in Chicago Illinois is an American author and editorMohan was born in Chicago Illinois and moved to Williams Bay Wisconsin when he was five He became an avid science fiction and fantasy reader and occasional wargamer and graduated third in his high school class He attended Beloit College switching majors between philosophy mathematics and other subje