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We get to get a glimpse of Lucky and Kaley rom Lucky Numbers TroubleMaker 3 Can t wait Kaylees Keeper (Masters of the Castle, for the next book in this great series I didn t like this book In some books Ieel what all the characters eel the ear the sorrow the pain the joy the love the hate the lust Those Awoken (Viridian Saga, feelings pass through the pages to my heart so easily in some books But not in this one I didn teel a thing all along the book Nope nada Other than boredom nothing Maybe a little bit of anger too because I disliked the charactersThe hero Too alpha Taking Flight for my tasteThe heroine Too submissive in my opinionI guess this book may beor the taste of many people who like this kind of characters but it di This is the I Am a Teamster fourth book in the Troublemakers series I ve read all of the others and each one isabulous in its own right I highly recommend them In Finder Fees Sloan Mathis is trying to hide Heartlands from an ex boyfriend after seeing something she probably shouldn t have She leaves everything behind and goes to visit her cousin Lucky at his tattoo shop where she helps him out while she also gives massages a business she s passionate about But she also needs toigure out what to do to get out the pickle she s in Unfortunately her latest client doesn t want a massage he wants her only not really But because her sister seems to be missing Sloan is willing to do anything to Alan Ford (Superstrip Alan Ford Trobroj find herJT Renton is a rich man who spends his timeinding things He loves the challenge He does it simply to return these items Jevon Taylor JT Renton is a Literature Circle Role Sheets finder Heinds things he Maines Visible Black History finds people His newest assignment is toind Max Max s boyfriend wants her back and he hires JT to Jane Does Return find her since he s the best at his job Well maybe not the best since JT justound the wrong girlSloan Mathis is a massage therapist also working in her cousin s tattoo shop She doesn t want to be Die Geschichte der Indianer Nordamerikas found Well at least not by her ex boyfriend who sheledJT and Sloan openly lirt right rom the start Their bantering is entertaining as they try to match wits There s insta lust and insta love but it s a ton of Beyond the Mist fun and oh boy does it heat upJT is cocky uick on hiseet and pretty alpha male Sloan is eually uick with the comebacks Phemes Regret feisty independent and strong Both characters are enjoyable and while they may doubt they are rightor each other at times it s clear to the reader they areHow long will it take Pocket Guide to Scottish Words for JT toigure out he s Chimerica found the wrong girl Will Sloan s exind her What s the story behind JT s Biscuits Bullets A Gettysburg Story findsThe plot has action some suspense danger romance and steam This is aun story about Ο ελληνικός εμφύλιος πόλεμος, 1943-1950 finding the wrong person and at the same timeinding the right one And every The Probability Pad find has aeewill this one be their heartsFinder Fees is the 4th book in a stand alone series Troublemaker A preview of book Calendula five is included I ve not read the previous books but they re going on my TBR read list now I received aree copy of this book to read and review Markham Hall Series Bundle (Markham Hall, for Wicked ReadsThis is theourth book in a series It is definitely a great read as a standalone but you would be missing out on a lot of good reading if you didn t read them all There are some references that make sense in context tooSloan was a Megaman Battle Network 3 White and Blue Official Strategy Guide favourite character of minerom earlier books so I was delighted that it was her chance to enter the limelight This story gives us an opportunity to catch up with old riends but also brings a totally different type of drama to the page I loved the twists and turns and the moments of angst secure in the knowledge that Ms Gendron does not let her readers down The chemistry between the leads given the circumstances in which they met was abulous The talk of claiming and its implications was a theme that became ever electric. A hidden Soy Sisters fee one that could end up costing JT his well guarded heartSloan Mathis is on the runrom her dangerous ex So when she encounters JT Renton it takes her a second to realize the arrogant sexy and oh so Tacar Dánta/Selected Poems frustrating Finder has actually mistaken Sloanor her twin sister And to uncover what’s going on with her gone missing sister Sloan lets JT believe that he’s Sybil found what he’s been lookingo.

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Is just one job away All he has to do is A Womans Guide to Fasting find a woman who has gone missing Sloan is hidingrom her ex until she gets surprised on her side job of being a masseuse Too bad she s really just being mistaken Hermann Zapf and His Design Philosophy for her twin sister but in order to make sure her sister isine she goes with JT The characters were very well written and easy to connect with just like the other book by Kelly Gendron that I have read The plotline is originial especially with the wicked crazy twist at the end it s a sweet twist I will definitely be picking up work by this author 3 Pleasantly Surprised StarsMy ThoughtsI m so glad I gave this a second shot after not really connecting with the sampleI had some problems in the beginning because everything was just so unbelievable The hero kidnaps the heroine because he has been searching I Know Who You Are for somethingor years and his inder ee Menerjang Batas for bringing her back is that item but it s not really a kidnapping because she agrees to go with himor the sake of protecting her sister The insta lust was also out of control Five minutes into their Chosen Vessels first meeting and he s already talking about spanking her ass and shit And she s totally turned on by thatAnd then she has multiple opportunities to run away but doesn tOh and they go to a hotel theirst night on the road and they re up there swapping personal stories Lol This guy is taking you to some stranger No Apology Necessary for aee and you re playing twenty uestions This ain t no dateBut I decided to go with the The Secret World of Fluffy Ratbag flow and I m glad because after JTinds out that he actually Awakening (The Guardians Heart Series Book 1) found the wrong twin and that she s actually single is when it picked upor meJT came across as a cocky asshole in the beginning but he has many layers to him that were a pleasant surprise He also gets brownie points or ighting Los Caballeros de la Ciencia: El secreto mejor guardado de la Iglesia. for him and Sloan He wasn t giving up on them ever and I loved that about himOverall I enjoyed this story than I expected toPet PeevesCheating view spoilerNo hide spoiler I received aree copy of this book to read and review The Sheep Book for Wicked Reads Review TeamI love this series and I have read each book This can be read as a standalone however charactersrom previous books do make an appearance JT is uber rich and wants Laduma for nothing except one thing and this job will get him that it will be hisinder s The Gangs Birthday Surprise fee What JT doesn t except is not only does he want hisinder s Earth fee he wants what he is being paid toind too Sloan is hiding Get Up from her ex boyfriend When JT and Sloan meet they both are instantly attracted to each other Two days together and tension is high and they each have a mission JT wants to get hisinder s Out to Lunch fee and Sloan toind out what is wrong with her twin Max This is a Parinamam engane? പരിണാമം എങ്ങനെ? fast paced story and you can t help but love Sloan and her sassiness and JT and his alpha hotness Things are alway JT Renton is the whisper ofinding things After Beetle in the Anthill finding someone years ago when he was a bounty hunter goes horribly wrong is decides he will no longerind people No he only Mr. Drackle And His Dragons finds items There is one special item he has been searchingor years to Dragon, Dragon and Other Tales find When he is asked toind a certain person they offer a way to get the item he most wants SO this one last time he will Song of the Aura find a person if it can get him the priceless item he wantsSloan working at her cousins tattoo shop when JT Rentoninds her He offers her to come with him willingly but little does he know he has the wrong sister In the end will JT and Sloan get the ultimate Hands Tied, A Hammer Story find in each otherAfter Sloan isound will she tell JT who she really is or will someone else tell him before she does When Sloan is put in danger will JT be able to save her Or will they both end up hurt and aloneLoved both these characters in this story and. Taking another guy’s girl But the idea that he can’t have her Well it just makes the challenge driven JT Renton want his latest The Slanted Worlds (Chronoptika, find that much Finder Fees A TroubleMaker NovelJT Renton is what you might call a Finder But the one thing thisormer bounty hunter no longer Say Go Be Do finds is people That is until he’s offered ainder Confer fee he just can’t resist What JT doesn’t know is his latestind comes with.

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When I read the blurb or this I was definitely intrigued It sounded interesting and different When I started I was pretty hooked rom the moment Sloan opened the door to the oh so sexy JT I have to admit I was a little thrown at Hotarul Nestatornic (La Medeleni, first at the realization of Sloan being mistakenor her twin sister Max I wasn t sure how that was gonna play out but The King of Spades for the life of me I couldn t put the book down The story was pretty different than any I ve read lately and I enjoyed thatJT was definitely an alpha even if he was of the corporate type I really enjoyed the banter between him and Sloan There were so many parts that Iound myself laughing out loud at I was happy that it didn t take too long Mitos nrdicos (ncora Delfn) for the truth about Sloan s true identity to come out seeing as I wouldn t have liked an entire story where she wasaking who she was I really liked how JT was new to the whole Taming the Alpha (Crescent Moon, feelingsor someone thing but he still accepted that he was Ptičje oko na tarabi fallingor Sloan He was prepared to ight or her even if he was Bittersüß fighting Sloan herself Sloan was a good heroine She waslighty and ran The ScandiKitchen Summer from commitment but she admitted this to herself and out loud Even still she knew that JT was different and she wouldn t be able to runrom the Тарковский и я. Дневник пионерки feelings she hador him They were perfect together D And the sex well lets just say that I totally approved The plot itself was well thought out I was interested the entire time to see where it was gonna go It kept me guessing and I couldn t stop reading Sloan had a douchey ex who I was just waiting to see when he d pop back up and when he did well I wasn t really expecting all that happenedOverall I really enjoyed Finder Fees I thought it was a really great book and since it was my A Three Hat Day firstrom this author I must say that I would definitely read Paranormal Realities II from her KELLY GENDRON YOUR 5 STAR EROTIC NOVEL HAD ME ON A ROLLER COASTER OF EMOTIONSThis was theirst time I have read a novel by Kelly Gendron but this most definitely will NOT be my last FINDER FEES is the ourth novel in the TroubleMaker series but could be read as a standalone novelJT Renton is a inder and returns them to their owners As a Devoured finder he can lookor something specific or sometimes even a person only wanting the The History of Christian Doctrine fee he charges to do so When JT received his assignment toind a missing girlfriend named Max JT s was given specific instructions to keep his hands off Max when she was captured because she belongs to another man JT cannot believe the reuest until he meets her JT soon discovers he did not Wound Care find Max but her twin sister Sloan Sloan has had her share of bad men in her life runningrom an old ex boyfriend she now works at her cousin s tattoo shop and a hotel as a message therapist When JT discovers he has Yourowquains found Sloan Max s twin sister all bets are off and the pages start to SIZZLEUnfortunately Sloan is not lookingor a relationship due to her haunting past Will JT be able to break the walls around Sloan s guarded heart Will JT only Beretta Pistols find himself with a broken heartKelly Gendron does a magnificent job writing a captivating story that will have youeel as if you are on an emotional roller coaster laughing and crying Kelly Gendron s novel FINDER FEES TroubleMaker 4 receives 5 AMAZING STARS 45 StarsI received a Grateful Dead 1977 free copy of this book to read and reviewor Wicked Reads Review TeamThis is the second book in this series that I ve read but it s wonderful because each book is considered a standalone so you can pick up just one if you d like JT wants Patriots and Tyrants (Grandchildren of Liberty for nothing Except the items he is attempting toind It s what he s good at He can Trying Not to Love You find anything He s been obsessed with getting his hands on one objector Engaged with the Boss (Situation: Christmas, five years and it seems this object. “When youind her there are a Ramadan and Id Al-Fitr few things you need to remember She’s smart and manipulative She knows how to protect herself She’s beautiful and she’ll use it to her advantage But Mr Renton the most important thing to remember is that she’s mine”JT Renton is worth millions He wantsor nothing When he inds Sloan Mathis he has to have her Problem is she belongs to another and JT’s not about.

wwwkellygendroncomKelly’s motto Bad boys give 'em a little time and experience and they will evolve into misbehaving men And what hot blooded woman doesn’t want a naughty all grown up bad boy