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Miniseries North Star Montana Miniseries North Star Montana Enjoyed it Sex without the details Lovely book for christmas holidays Good book Jenna lost her husband when he fell during a climbing expedition As a result she is left alone to raise her two children Because her husband had been a risk taker she has gone overboard the other way trying to protect her children from everything Chance gave her a job working at his store because he felt a responsibility to help her He had been part of the same climbing group as her husband and felt it was important to help He also used his climbing as a way to escape from his past He also was very attracted to her and wanted to see where it Jenna Darlington would not refuse a Christmas miracle A widow she's struggling to keep her little family together So when Chance McKenna offers her a job it seems her wishes are coming trueToo bad there's a

Ight go Jenna wanted nothing to do with him because of what she saw as his recklessness and thought it would be a bad influence on her children Both had major issues to overcome but the resolution was fantastic Chance is the third brother along with Liam and Brad Chance is the numbers and business brother who manages the family owned fee A oung widow Jeanna is having a hard time this Christmas She looses her job right before the holiday While trying to cancel her Christmas lay away she receives a job offer from a friend of her husbands who she doesn t approve of Chance had a rough start in life and has a hard time putting it in the past so he can settle down Great holiday story that. Atch Chance is not acting how she expects Dressing as Santa to greet kids in the store It's charming And seeing him out of that red suit Well it's hard to keep her priorities straight Worse his preference for.

Keeps on the edge of our seat Well they or not be a couple It always amazes me how these authors can pack a story full of so much life in so few words Sweet story The heroine is a widow whose husband died while being reckless on a rock climb The hero is one of the dead husband s climbing buddies who owns a feed hardware sporting goods store When the heroine comes in to cancel her layaway get a refund because she needs the cash the hero offers her a job She s resistant because she blames the buddies for the hubby s death and resents them for being so careless and reckless but she needs the money And the story begins It s got some nice angst without going overboard I enjoyed reading Extreme sports is influencing her kids and suddenly she's got daredevils on her hands Yet when Jenna tries to put distance between her and Chance he proves that there might be to this miracle than she thinks.

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