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Three women don t ven meet Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows each other until thend of the novel The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) except for the first chapter which basically sets it up but then that meeting doesn t occur properly until thend It was very anti climatic I did finish the novel which I suppose is a feat in itself but I never really felt anything for it I was just turning the pages to see what if anything would happenFor the first 50 or so pages I did sort of like the book It didn t seem terrible but then it all gets ruined by the writing This book in terms of writing skill is atrocious It reads like a very bad Mills and Boon novel Julian Jenson is the slimiest Prime Minister I think I ve Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, ever read about As the Prime Minister he should be a man of power but instead he comes across like a lovesick puppy consistently saying Dance with me darling It made me cringe to hear the way Kay portrayed him That is not how a Prime Minister should be portrayed and I do notven want to know who Kay based Julian on You re meant to think the male in a Chick Lit novel is someone you could be attracted to I wanted to throw up on Julian I wanted to punch him because he made me feel sick Every time he opened his gob all I could think was A Fairly Honourable Defeat ew because I knew he was going to spout some kind of terrible guff and I don tven say guff But that s what he spouted You wouldn t think it would be hard to write a male character but Burley proves to be the xception Her male character writing is horribleAs for the females Isla Valerie and Sally I felt kinda sorry for Valerie Her husband was a total sleazeball But really I didn t really care for any of the characters It s hard for sympathy to remain for Valerie when she s little than a pill popping drunk Isla and Sally don t fare better Isla is meant to be intelligent but she comes across as a total idiot because she knows nothing Both Sally and Isla are happy to sleep with someone who is married but the worst part is I never felt that any of them really loved ach other Sally and Isla didn t love Julian they loved the idea of being in No 10 Julian didn t love them he didn t love anybody but himself frankly There was only one character in the whole novel I Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue enjoyed and that was spin doctor Ben do you know he s a spin doctor Seriously he s a spin doctor Spin doctor Spin doctor Spin doctor That s how much we re reminded of Ben s job I found him mildly amusing but Kay didn t know which way to take him She hinted at his sexuality but didn t take it anywhere Is side is his wife Valerie Trim tall wellducated but deeply unhappy – with her son and daughter away at school alcohol is becoming a trusted friendSally Simpson is at the peak of her game Powerful ditor of the bestselling magazine Celeb she can’t wait to take her rightfu.

Gave up after 40 pages What a load of dross Dreadful writing tissue thin plot The author knows little about politics Basically sums it up This book was pretty slow really Burley was interested in showing the seedier underworld of the celebrity culture And yeah so maybe she has insights into that world And maybe that stuff does go on But to be honest Who cares A readable book But not what i would call gripping or juicy or any of the things the cover proclaims it to be Didn t finish this it s dirge Hard to follow Lost interest in too many sub plot story lines What happens when the power of love challenges the love of power So have you met the Prime Minister before Suave PM Julian Jenson has just been re lected The nation s darling he has an legance and natural charm in public But in private the cracks are starting to show At his side is his wife Valerie Trim tall well ducated but deeply unhappy with her son and daughter away at school alcohol is becoming a trusted friend Sally Simpson is at the peak of her game Powerful Gone (Gone, editor of the bestselling magazine Celeb she can t wait to take her rightful place by Julian s side Sexy TV reporter Isla McGovern has caught Julian sye and she will do anything or anyone to get to the top When the three women meet so begins a perfect storm and only one can Threads Of The Shroud emerge as the First LadyWhen it was announced Kay Burley would be writing a novel I wasn t in the slightest bit interested Celebrity novels make me want to cry because often than not they just aren t that good There arexceptions to the rule absolutely but to be honest a celebrity getting a book deal takes away a book deal from someone who has written all of their life I then read a review of First Ladies and All Seated on the Ground even the review made me cringe at just how bad First Ladies sounded However I received a copy to review and I wanted to see for myself just how bad it was With the greatest of respect to Kay she should have stuck with her day jobThe idea of First Ladies is a good one but to be honest it s so poorlyxecuted that I don t really know where to begin Although the synopsis makes it sound as though the three ladies go head to head for Julian s affections that couldn t be further than the truth There is no battle Each woman just thinks separately that the Prime Minister wants to be with them The women Valeria Isla and Sally are all bit part players because at the Untitled. end of the day thentire novel revolves around Julian Jenson The. What happens when the power of love challenges the love of power‘So have you met the Prime Minister before’Suave PM Julian Jenson has just been re Wiring elected The nation’s darling he has anlegance and natural charm in public But in private the cracks are starting to showAt

T was rather mildly pointlessLike I said the idea for the novel was interesting But somebody Against All Odds else should have written it Kay Burley is not a writer I m sorry but if Iver hear her call herself one I ll probably smash my TV She d have been better off getting it ghost written it would have been infinitely less cringe inducing A novel shouldn t make me feel Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage embarrassed to be reading it Despite finding it anasy read I did spend most of the time wondering where Kay got the inspiration for her writing She must have seriously read the ntire Mills and Boon catalogue before sitting down to write because it s toe curlingly bad It wasn t racy it wasn t juicy it was just bad As much as I love Tasmina Perry as an author I would love to know how she thinks First Ladies is a juicy read Unless she blended it up and drank it then I suppose it could indeed be juicy I ve got no idea who the novel is based on although the Internet tells me Tony Blair Personally I hope not That s just gross and well I doubt ole Tony would be happy frankly Fact is I don t want to know who it s about I just want to get as far away from the book as I can and it ll be a sad sad day if Kay writes another one Kay Burley we do not need you in the Chick Lit world Honestly you re not helping our cause I confess I got this book out of my local library a couple of weeks ago and only just got it out from under the bed yesterday The shenanigans of politicians of very persuasion are well known throughout the world The First Lady no matter what country or political party is shown gazing adoringly at her Against All Odds errant husband as they stand hand in hand facing the media as he confesses what a bad boy he s been but he can redeem himself he s a good person really This of course is solely because of the magnificent woman by his side his soul mate his best friend Flashing taxpayer paid for teeth he leaves the room waving convivially to the multitudes having promised to doverything within his power to right the pain he has caused to his wife and familySound familiarYes because it has been played out a thousand times and will continue to be the fare of choice when the ratings are low on TV and a great man has been caught with his knickers below his kneesThis story is Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism exactly that scenario and I just loved it Well written funny and sad with a killernding Kay Burley has done a fantastic job in presenting a novel which I thoroughly Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils enjoyed and will recommend to anyone andveryone. L place by Julian’s sideSexy TV reporter Isla McGovern has caught Julian’s Payment Due eye and she will do anything or anyone to get to the topWhen the three women meet so begins a perfect storm and only one canmerge as the First Lady‘Juiciest read of 2011 I loved it’ Tasmina Perr.

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Burley's first novel titled First Ladies is due to be released on May 12 2011 The book is an erotic romance set in the media industry including television news