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Keeping me totally involved I had no idea what would happen I really enjoy this author s work and the dry humour which flickers backward and forward between Alex and Milo often has me laughing out loud Highly recommendedWith thanks to Hachette AU for my ARC to read and review As the thirty third Alex Delaware novel opens a very dysfunctional LA family of four returns from a Sunday night dinner out to find a murder victim left in the family s den The victim s face has been blown away by a shotgun and his hands have been cut off He s obviously been killed somewhere else and left here but whyHomicide Detective Milo Sturgis is totally flummoxed and so does what he always seems do do with every even remotely complicated case that he sees he dials up his buddy psychologist Alex Delaware in the hope that Alex can sort things out for him Alex races to the scene and begins offering his thoughts The family members all swear that that have no idea who the victim might be or why he would have been left in their den This is hardly surprising since given that the victim has no face and no hands that might be fingerprinted nobody at this point has the slightest idea who he might have been or why he would have been left in that spot The father is a total blow hard the mother is a pain in the butt the teen age son is a complete erk and the daughter is ust plain weird Alex will have his hands full trying to figure these guys out but they all claim that no one could be angry enough with them to have done something like this in their homeThis is a fairly wealthy and insular neighborhood and the canvas turns up a very strange neighbor who everyone thinks might be a great suspect mostly ust because there are no other obvious suspects in sight But the guy refuses even to talk to the police or to Alex and so they spend a lot of time spinning their wheels Other suspects will emerge another victim will be murdered and Alex and Milo will try to get it all sorted out To be honest though I have to say that I barely cared whether they did or notWith apologies to anyone who has read my reviews of the last few books in this series I will repeat what I ve said before I absolutely loved the first few books in this series Alex Delaware was a great new protagonist and most importantly in the early books there were actually legitimate reasons for him to be involved in these investigations He was a consulting police psychologist and the police used him in cases where his expertise was genuinely needed In many of the recent books though the notion that Delaware would be seriously working as a psychological consultant has gone out the window to a very large extent Milo invites Delaware to participate in practically every investigation that comes his way irrespective of whether there s a legitimate need or not This book is a good example Given the screwy nature of several of the characters in this novel somewhere down the line Milo might have asked Delaware to provide some insight but there s no legitimate reason to be dragging him into the case even before the criminologists have left the scene of the crime A man s been murdered by a shotgun blast like no one s ever seen this before and like any reasonably intelligent homicide detective would need to call in a psychologist at this pointAs the novel progresses Alex will offer the occasional psychological observations most of which are no sophisticated than those that might have been offered by anyone who s taken Psych 101 Frankly the author seems to have gotten to the point where he often doesn t even make much of a pretext that Delaware s skills as a psychologist are essential to the story Clearly he ust exists at this point to be Milo s Best Bud and to help him solve the crimes that come his wayIf Delaware were another homicide detective rather than a psychologist it would make sense for him to be heavily involved in this case and the story would make for a reasonably decent novel But he isn t and it doesn t And as someone who s been reading this series from the beginning and who remembers how great it once was I find myself increasingly frustrated and disappointed with what it s becom. D corpse of a total stranger in their house This baffling twisted tale tests Alex and Milo to their intellectual and emotional limit.

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Wow Alex Delaware 33 And I ve read them all Scary Also shows how good this series is and what uality of writing and storytelling you get from it I ve given up on a lot of long running series but not this one because I enjoy the read every time Obviously I have my favourites and I love some than others but none have been bad or dull or same old at allThe ma I had trouble focusing on this book because there were so many characters The story was well written and fairly interesting with several changes in direction I guess the combination of characters and direction is what held me back from giving this title a higher rating Nobody does this type of policepsychological mystery the way Jonathan Kellerman does Alex and Milo are a strange team They work beautifully together and manage to solve the crimeor in this case crimes This book was as full of enough twists and turns to make me dizzy Well I really sped through this book a complicated story which begins with the murder of an unknown man left in a family s house while they are at dinner Who is the victim Why was he left in this specific home and this specific room And what about the neighbors and the rather odd family dynamics at play here There are so many investigation twists and turns as the team of Milo Sturgis and Alex Delaware police and psychologist respectively lead the search for identity purpose motive perpetrator But each step widens the search In this outing Milo and Alex play their intuitive strengths off each other to try to ferret out answers Many of the series regulars are back as well with Robin of course and the many police detectives and officers who are becoming so familiar helping out on this complicated case While this may have come a whisker close to overkill in complexity I enjoyed going along for the ride and never gave much thought to trying to solving anything before our intrepid duo Another Kellerman book to recommend to those who read mysterythrillers Tempted as I am to give this one 5 stars Most Eligible Sheriff (Sweetheart, Nevada just because psychologist and LAPD consultant Dr Alex Delaware has long been near the top of my 10 all time favorite heroes I have to be honest and say this one isn t my pick of the 33 book litter Do not think I didn t enjoy it though it sust that the pace seemed a little slower and the number of characters maybe half a dozen too many for my aging brain to keep straight through a rather complex plot that umps from suspect to suspect and back again Also a bit of a disappointment is that Alex s main sueeze Robin is noticeably missing for almost all the action even their lovable dog Blanche gets page timeStill Alex remains at the top of his game and his pal and professional colleague LAPD homicide detective Milo Sturgis remains ust as curmudgeonly The story begins when a mutilated male body turns up in an odd place the home of a family of four none of whom claims to have a clue as to who the dead guy might be Milo catches the case and almost immediately he calls on Alex for help Clearly the man was murdered elsewhere so why would he end up in the home of people he doesn t know Complicating the case are an obnoxious husband an even obnoxious wife a teenage son with a king size attitude problem a sister who might be described generously as three bricks shy of a chimney and a next door neighbor with hermit tendenciesTo be sure there s to that neighborhood than meets the eye but nobody s talking except perhaps that obnoxious husband who The Fixers just can t seem to shut up The trail leads Alex and Milo to a few other oddball characters in nearby parts of the state and back again with driving time interspersed with enough musings psychological insights and banter between the old friends to keep things interesting until all the trails begin to mergeBottom line Another solid bookust not exciting enough that I was willing to miss the final round of Olympics ice dancing to finish the final three chapters It was however the first free time task I tackled the following morning Not for me 2 of 10 stars Jonathan Kellerman is back with our friends Detective Milo Sturgis and Dr Alex Delaware a psychologist advisor to the policeTheir wonderful relationship. A disturbing murder with shocking conseuences sets in motion the new book in the #1 bestselling suspense series starring psychologis.

Has gone on for years enduring the passage of time and horrible situations they have investigated Milo again phones Alex late at night with a strange new murder A family was out for supper returned home and with everyone upstairs the father runs to the den downstairs to find a mutilated dead body With the face blown off and the hands removed it is time to investigate who the body is and why is it in this family s house The case becomes stranger involving odd neighbors a re appearing young teen dysfunctional family membersWhere do they startThe characters are wonderful plenty of different people to love or hate for their idiosyncracies with suspenseful situations and lots of twists The whole police unit along with Alexthrow out different ways the story could gobut you will not know what happens until the eventful closing of the story I received the ARC of this book from Netgalley the publisher Random House Ballantine and author Jonathan Kellermanall who I thank very much and from which I am able to share my views Another great Alex Delaware story I feel as if he has been my own doctor reading about him from a young age until now Excited for him to continue This is the 33rd novel in the Alex Delaware series and I have read many if not most of the books The first novel When the Bough Breaks was published in 1985 That is 33 years One book every year After reading last year s Heartbreak Hotel I was thinking the series had run its course and I was finished even if Jonathan Kellerman wasn t I guess old habits die hard because when this novel was released I added it to my already crowded TBR shelf I wasn t disappointedFor those not familiar with the series Alex Delaware is a child psychologist who sometimes assists his good friend LAPD Lieutenant Milo Sturgis Originally the stories focused on children with Delaware being brought in as a consultant for the police After 33 books years the stories have broadened to include other cases and Alex Delaware s presence doesn t always seem to be in an official capacity although no one points this outThis story opens with a family returning home from Sunday dinner to find a brutally murdered man in their house The nature of the murder makes identification impossible but the victim is a stranger There is no blood and no sign of a struggle Evidence would indicate that the victim had been killed elsewhere and dumped there Why this house Why this room It was the study and was primarily the fathers room The family seems to be a little odd They are not the Cleavers remember Leave It To Beaver That is why Milo calls his good friend Alex He wants his read on the family And as long as he is there meet the neighbors Doesn t sound like there are any block parties or neighborhood cookouts in this neighborhoodThere is no shortage of suspects or motivation in this story Milo Sturgis is an experienced and skillful homicide detective but there are times when he needs insight into the mind of the criminal That is when he and Alex Delaware team up to solve the riddle Lots of twists and turns to keep you turning the page and trying to figure out whodunit While this may not be one of my favorites in the series it is still very enjoyable and good to see that the series has not run it course Dr Alex Delaware criminal psychologist and his Detective friend and associate Milo Sturgis worked together to solve the crimes of Los Angeles Milo s solve rates were legendary but the current case was testing their strengthsCalled to a home in an up market area Alex was soon involved with the case The black and whites the police dressed in protective garb along with Milo asking uestions of the family members the victim had been brutalised and the initial thought was what a struggle it would be to identify the manAs days turned into a week then two and the answers were still a long way off Milo and Alex persevered The strangeness of the case the twisted and emotionless family they encountered would they solve this one Or would it drift into an unsolved case a cold case Night Moves by Jonathan Kellerman is the 33rd in the Alex Delaware series and I thoroughly enjoyed it with the intense and gripping story. T Alex Delaware and Detective Milo SturgisAn affluent family returns home from Sunday dinner only to find the murdered and brutalize.

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