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Through the wars this book so far has a lot of action and gore ver since its been past the part of his childhood its been almost constant violence or stories of battles this is a good book if the reader likes faster pace battle violence and action the only thing i dont care for is that the author likes to repeat some points a couple times it gets annoying and some parts that seem good are only touched on then goes right into a random act Unbelievable ReadThis book makes the horrors of war so real as the author tells the stories of these young Marines Gives me a brand new appreciation for their courage the hardshi. Rrender Near the Chosin Reservoir in Korea as the mercury dropped to twenty below the 1st Marine Division found itself surrounded and cut off by the nemy The outlook seemed so bleak that many in Washington had privately written off the men But surrender is not part of a Marines vocabulary Gunners Glory contains.

12 8 10I just finished reading Gunners Glory It was a very good book and i njoyed reading it The nd of the book wasnt as good as the rest It was all a flash back and just kept dragging on it seemed like I just started reading In The Lake Of The Woods by Tim o brien Im about 40 pages into it and its going good so far11 17 10I am currently on page 136 of Gunners Glory This book is filled with action on very page and it keeps me into the book and wanting to read I would recomend this book to anyone who like war books or likes books with a lot of action i loved how the truth is told and how their faith helped them. They were warriors trained to fight dedicated to their country and determined to win At Guadalcanal the Marine Corps machine gunners took verything the Japanese could throw at them in one of the bloodiest battles of World War II; their position was so hopeless that at one point they were given the go ahead to su.

Ps pain suffering and death they xperienced Sad that anyone must go through this but I m thankful for their sacrifice I hope we never forget Interesting first person accounts of the battles of Marine machine gunnersOne might take some if the stories with a grain of salt keeping mindful of the fragile memories of the old men recounting them The narrator of the first account talks about a Marine who used a44 magnum on the island of Tulagi The gun and the ammunition however wouldn t be invented for another dozen years Stories grow with the telling and this is to be A Heart of Stone expectedIt s still a fun read for fans of the Marine. True stories of these and other tough battles in the Pacific in Korea and in Vietnam recounted by the machine gunners who fought them Bloody wounded sometimes barely alive they stayed with their guns delivering a stream of firepower that often turned defeat into victoryand always made them thenemys first target.

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Johnnie ClarkJohnnie Clark was wounded 3 times with famous 5th Marine Regiment as a machine gunner He was awarded the Silver Star 3 Purple Hearts The Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry among other decorations GUNS UP was his first book a non fiction classic now in a 34th printing It has been reuired reading in many high schools and colleges as well as the Commandant's list for suggested reading for all Marines His second novel SEMPER FIDELIS also made the Commandant's list Johnnie has two children Shawn and Bonnie He lives in St Petersburg Florida with his wife Nancy and dog Gunner He owns and operates Johnnie Clark Tae Kwon Do and Judo School A Christian Do Jang He is an 8th Dan Grandmaster He is a member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame