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Other words the full range of human life and emotion O Hara uses his words carefully and makes the characters come alive on the pageSome of my favorite stories include We re Friends Again Sportsmanship and Pleasure but uite frankly they were all very goodThis a great edition to my short stories collection A solid 45 stars of 5 for me I think I came across John O Hara through the New Yorker Podcast which is excellent I d never heard of him he seems to have fallen out of fashion after decades of popularity This is of a me problem than a problem with O hara I don t like reading an entire volume of short stories all in one go Since this was a library book I d not much choice I find I get bored and start noticing an author s tics far too much when I need to read such a great volume of work all at once things I d probably never notice if I d had the time to read two or three stories between other things For the most part these are great and capture a certain time and mood in New York City mid century Its pre feminism Its pre birth control Women are limited to certain things which doesn t mean they don t have power it can only be exercised in a certain way Appearance marriage affairs all these things had social rules that wen or those that live in my bubble just don t think about any His portrayal of male friendship was interesting too Most of the married couples in the stories were not friends People according to O hara seemed to seek out friendship with the same gender though there were exceptions I also had just read a collection of Bobbie Ann Mason s short stories which were notable for the fact that they were much like sketches in that they did not necessarily have a neat story arc nor any arc whatsoever Older short stories have generally a beginning middle and end current short stories are less likely to follow a traditional format John O hara s work seems to be in that transitional period Some have the traditional arc a few with a lovely twist at the end but many are much open ended like modern writing I love the writing of John O Hara some of these stories are wonderful Others seem unfinished like maybe they re actually a fragment of a larger piece that O Hara never got around to completing It certainly could be that I just don t get the point of some of the stories But whatever the case some of them left me unsatisfie. In any other language Brendan GillĀ  Here at The New Yorker.

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The reader curious to find out the missing piece of information Another techniue is an intriguing mysterious endingSome examples of O Hara beginnings The alarm clock went off and she did not remember setting it The Assistant The famous actress went to the window and gazed down at the snow covered park Can I Stay Here Miller was putting his key in the lock Good Bye Herman and some endings She knew it her lawyer s phone number by heart The Assistant That s right he said Me It s Mental Work An audio book to savor The stories are tightly written and wonderfully presented in this audio collection In 2017 the stories bring ou back to a different time and a whole cast of 1930s to 1950s characters It s full of bars cocktail parties old dames society women lawyers thugs and clubs that no longer exist I loved go I came to O Hara through his novel Appointment in Samarra That novel his most successful was pretty good but the short story is where his writing really clicks for me This collection is one of the better collection of shorts I ve read for a few reasons First O Hara has an unusually terse almost reporter like style that really pops in a shorter format Second he s eually good in developing characters and plot over three pages or fifty pages The dude really had a gift and if Ten Minutes to Fall in Love you like short storiesou should read this one A truly amazing collection of stories by John O Hara depicting the 1930 s through the 1950 s in Manhattan Many stories centering around older Hollywood actors who could not get any work in films and so rather than be humiliated they move back to New York to work on Broadway or simply to become invisible and not have to answer to Hollywood actors agents producers and fans about why they had not been seen in any movies in such a long time Highly recommend Mr O Hara is truly one of America s greatest writers This collection of John O Hara s short stories most of them appearing in the The New Yorker magazine between the 1930s and 1960s are all uite good These stories cross walk across the lives of the people who live in New York City and local environs and typically are about the people of my parents generation Some of these stories are uite short 2 3 pages and others are much much longer but they are all insightful and incisive The plots tend to revolve people s cares their hopes their desires their loves in. 'Hara among the greatest short story writers in English or.

Continuing my current love affair with Mr O Hara One HELL of a writerO Hara wrote hundreds of short stories Ultimately they found their way into collections of course The one I read recently Library of America s John O Hara Stories pulled from his entire short story output But this volume is limited in scope it only covers stories set in New York O Hara also wrote g Cynical lonely characters on a backdrop of New York before and after ww2 I found the stories to be so dated but there were some surprising situations that harboured on the surreal and that always appeals to me I think the following uotation sums up some of the sadness and streaks of bleakness that permeate the storiesWhat did he know about me What really can any of us know about any of us and why must we make such a thing of loneliness when it is the final condition of us all And where would love be with out it We re Friends Again The New York Stories by John O Hara Penguin Classics 2013Most of O Hara s stories have been published in The New Yorker giving birth to a certain type of story that we now associate with the magazine Though I am not a fan of this type of story I find O Hara s stories among the most entertaining I ve ever readHaving worked as a journalist the skills accumulated while reporting real facts have served him well and have helped him create punchy fact based stories often inspired by overheard conversations An O Hara story is often like a play in that the setting is circumscribed the period of time in which the events take place is very short a day or even a few hours and it sometimes starts andor ends with dialogue O Hara s characters are from all the walks of life bartenders showgirls cops doctors widows or less wealthy drunks actors and one can tell that he has a deep knowledge of all the American class structures But the most idiosyncratic characteristic of his stories is that his characters are defined bythrough their voices and way of speaking His dialogues are so vivid and life like that even when ou don t know almost anything about his characters ou can see them Some of the stories in this collection are nothing than dialogues between a husband and a wife or a man and a woman who have just met but they draw ou in from the first line One of O Hara s techniues is to start a story in the middle of an ongoing dialogue which makes. Collected for the first time the New York stories of John

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John Henry O'Hara was an American writer born in Pottsville Pennsylvania He initially became known for his short stories and later became a best selling novelist whose works include Appointment in Samarra and BUtterfield 8 He was particularly known for an uncannily accurate ear for dialogue O'Hara was a keen observer of social status and class differences and wrote freuently about the social