John G. Geer: Politicians and Party Politics

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Ician center stage and examining issues from a variety of viewpoints this insightful volume advances the argument that to understand party politics one must understand the motives and actions of politicians themselvesContributors Larry M Bartels Robert A Dahl James DeNardo John G Geer Fred I Greenstein Ikuo Kabashima Stanley Kelley Jr Jonathan S Krasno David R Mayhew Walter F Murphy Gerald M Pomper Thomas R Rochon Carol M Swain and John Zaller.

Volume examines how politicians as party members motivate voters how they conduct campaigns and how they behave in governmentWith interests ranging from public opinion research to democratic theory the contributors bring a wide array of new theories and new data to bear on age old problems They offer a new way to think about party coalitions uestion the benefits of two party competition and focus on politics as a vocation By putting the polit.

The study of political parties has usually focused on the organizations themselves and their roles in government and politics Politicians and Party Politics shifts the spotlight to the individuals who make up political parties the politician as member of a political party the politician as part of the political process and the politician in relation to his or her constituents With thirteen essays from a distinguished group of contributors this.

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