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Absolutely the worst book I ve ever ead or actually listened to Stereotyped characters acting in poor ways that are supposed to somehow be acceptable gratuitous sex that has nothing to do with the story characters that come and gojust plain bad If you think this is good in any way you eally eally need to eevaluate either your eading choices or perhaps even your lifestyle if it at all epresents the stupidity in this bookSeriously I hung in until the end just to see where the train wreck ended Utter garbage This book was a good ead but I think I m used to author book Married to the game But this one was interesting Breeze goes home after a five year bid but the streets keeps calling and he tries his best to stay on the ight path Seeing the struggles of not being able to help his mom or his kids he ends up ight back on the bad pathBelieving that things would be better things turns out not great With his wife back at her knees wanting him back With another girl that has a secret and wants Breeze and another girl that has his heart Breeze has much on his plateMr Biggs want his seven cities back after seeing that Breeze is the man and he s willing to do anything to find BreezeOverall nicely written I listened to this book on audioSimple plot bad guy attempts to go good only to be thwarted by eality The uick ise after the main characters fall was a bit unbelievable The progression of elationships sometimes seemed to move eally uickly All thoughts of edemption and eligion are put on the shelfThe Characters motivation was transparent plot was simple and this was a uick listenHowever the narration was either slow and painfully deliberate or uick clipped and sophomoric in its delivery Glossing over events and poor transitions left you wondering how you got from point A to D and not touched on B C The streets keep calling by ChunichiTo me this book is eally good I like the details like the main problem in the storyTo begin this book is about Breez who just got out of jail He After doing a 5 year bid all ex drug dealer Breeze wants is a normal life with the love of his life and his children Determined to stay on a straight and narrow path he follows all the ules of his probation and even works a full time job as a janitor But when the pressure becomes too much to handle he.

As a wife and 3 kids While finding out his wife sold his house and left with kids he was furious He finds a job at a school as a janitor While seeing old friends he gets back in business forgetting the conseuences Doing what he does to get money for his kids The wife calls his phone and offers 2000 for him to sign papers so the kids could be his ex wife s boyfriends kids He is only living at his moms when eleased from jailMy favorite uotes from the book are when he says to his mom Never once did I think she would take my kids away from me 72 Another is when he tells his girlfriend Before I go I want you to know I eally appreciate you being so supportive about this whole thing 129 On the other hand opponents might say that this book is bad Also because of the action in the story However you don t have to judge a book by its cover You have to ead the book to understand it This book is eally good the story is eally intense Finally the uality of the book is strong The book is good because I like action booksEric Reyes Andrade This isn t my usual sort of book pick but once again I must make allowances for the lack of selection of available MP3 audiobooks through the Chicago Public Library This was actually a good mindless ead especially for listening to during my snow covered commute The main character Breeze has just gotten out of prison after a five year stint He s trying to fly straight and eco This was a uick ead or listen in my case which gave it little oom for fillers and pretty much straight to the point The way the main character was written it made me want him to be able to do his thing get on his feet and everything fall into place but in eality you know that doesn t happen likely The women he dealt with were all different and provided different things to his life I hoped he could get on the straight and narrow and settle down but I guess I should have known by the title The Streets Keep Calling not to expect a happily ever after I hope there is a follow up to the sto. Reverts back to what he knows best With everything under control he's the happiest man alive that is until he ealizes his happiness was achieved at the cost of another man's losses This brings Breeze back to a part of his life he'd hoped never to elive He puts his combat boots on and is eady for war.

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Ry but all in all I enjoyed this fast paced uick ead Street keep calling was a fast ead Breeze had serve a five year bid for a drug charge Everybody had turn their backs on him including his wife Maria When we got out he made a promise to himself and God that we wouldn t follow in the same foot steps as he did before But the streets kept calling him he was tired on struggling and couldn t pay any bills has a janitor Shit start going krazy in the blink of an eyes it started a war I would like to maybe see a part 2 to this book The Streets Keep Calling is a Coast 2 Coast Readers must ead I had to give this novel all five stars Breezy Breeze is that boy in the hood that we all know and Chunichi take you on a 360 ide in his hood So much happens is such a short amount of time I listened to the audiobook This was my first time experiencing this author The narrator was hilarious trying to be the females speaking in the book This was a decent ead I actually liked Breeze Trixie and Tanisha s characters Although Breeze was a felon he actually had a good heart and loved his kids and family That s espectable The Streets Keep Calling is a good title for the book It truly fits This story was about a man named Breeze when the book started off he was in prison and on his way out As he transitioned to the eal world he had to get acclimated Trying to walk the straight and narrow wasn t as easy as he d imagined This book is his journey Ok short ead I ll try books by this author This was a uick ead A little too uick for my liking When Maria died I m wondering what happened to Tanisha Where did she go Did she stay until the police came She was already conflicted whether or not she should stay with Breeze but after being basically tossed to the side for weeks she should ve just told Breeze s mom that it was over instead of waiting until he got locked up again I don t know I thought it was just too crazy Biggs was supposed to been put a hole in Mannie for even associating with Breeze But I gues. Not knowing if the battle will land him back in lockdown In order to keep his happiness Breeze is willing to isk it all Bestselling author Chunichi brings eaders another engaging tale of life on the streets The Streets Keep Calling will make you ask yourself How far would I be willing to go for surviv.

Since the release of her 2004 debut novel A Gangster’s Girl Essence Magazine best selling author Chunichi Knott has gone on to pen three additional best selling novels Married To The Game The Naked Truth and Return of A Gangster’s Girl With than a half of a million books in print and on the heels of her fifth novel California Connection Chunichi’s talent as a writer combined with her c