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I ead once that Michael Chabon eceived many letters from people claiming to have been to Sitka the imaginary Jewish Alaskan setting of his much acclaimed The Yiddish Policemen s Union Apparently the same thing happened to Jan Morris the creator of the mysterious port city of Hav Supposedly a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society asked her to point it out on a map I m not surprised the first portion of this book especially is strongly eminiscent of Janet Flanner s dispatches from ParisI adored the first book in this omnibus Last Letters from Hav It establishes Hav as a marvelously eal feeling locale While the story ends in a way that feels like an ending the eader is left with a marvelous feeling of uncertaintyMorris waited two decades and change to write a followup Hav of the Myrmidons In a way it is a coda to the previous volume than a full book per se It eminded me of Cyteen in places the narrator acketing around coming up against secrets that no one wants to speak about unexpected limits to libertyIf you have ead the afterword to the trade paperback edition of China Mieville s The City The City then you will understand why he says that his book is in dialogue with Hav Especially if you are aware of his politics insofar as I understand them I can see why it would ub him the wrong waySpeaking of such things I ecommend that you skip the introduction by Ursula K Leguin until after you have ead the est of the book You will have fun that wayDates approximate Re ead May 2013 and added a couple things to the eview A book that I feel was written essentially for me Not in the sense of an upheaval ing personal evelation but one that deals with my adoration of esoterica of ongoing multicultural melting of people and ideas both modern and ancient I think the first seuence of the story Last Letters from Hav is the successful piece of writing The second Hav of the Myrmidons is fascinating but feels a little less lovingly thought over In any case it s an extremely fascinating study of the collective consciousness of the city and the author clearly understands the creeping dread of gentrifying forces in favor of anarcho libertarian pastiche Here you find traces of Dubai Brooklyn or SirteSmall aside 1 As a fictional place did anyone try to triangulate the physical and conceptual location of Hav from all of its cobbled descriptions Did you come up with the Republic of Hatay and AntiochSmall aside 2 There are a few editorial oversights that the editors should be advised to correct in Myrmidons Magda is at least twice called Mazda a missing space a double period a period in place of a comma and instances of stray punctuation often enough to be noticeable Originally published at wwwbookslutcomWilliam Gibson writes of a prose city a labyrinth a vast construct the eader learns to enter by any one of a multiplicity of doors It turns there on the mind s horizon exerting its own peculiar gravity It is a literary singularity This city seems to exist outside of time yet moves within it One can never be sureGibson was writing about the fictional city of Bellona from Samuel R Delany s Dhalgren yet his words apply eually if not so to another fictional city that of Hav the singular creation of the enowned and prolific Welsh travel writer historian and novelist Jan MorrisMorris brought Hav into the world in 1985 as Last Letters From Hav short listed for that year s Man Booker Prize She eturned to Hav in 2006 with Hav of the Myrmidons a single volume with a eprinting of the original Last Letters which was a finalist for the 2007 Arthur C Clarke Award Now the New York Review of Booksis bringing that combined volume to American eaders under its Classics imprintHav is a work of fiction unlike any other I ve ead Narrated by the character Jan Morris Hav unfolds entirely as a travel narrative as seemingly veridical as anything Paul Theroux or Lawrence Durrell would pen In fact upon its publication eaders overwhelmed Morris inuiring where exactly Hav could be found how to get there whether a visa was necessary or not Even the Royal Geographical Society wanted to know according to Morris s epilogueAccordingly the novel begins with Morris s arrival in Hav itself hazily located somewhere on the eastern Mediterranean She explores the city a egister of millennia of human history founded by migratory Celtic tribes or ancient Ionians perhaps by Achilles himself Conuered in turn by Arabs who held it until the Crusades intervened for a century it served as the fulcrum of the Silk Road for four hundred years at which point it passed into the hands of the Seljuk Turks the British Empire for a short time the Russian Empire until the Revolution and a Tripartite Mandate of France Italy and Germany between the warsIts onetime visitors and esidents epresent a veritable who s who of world history and culture Ibn Battuta Hemingway Diaghilev and Nijinsky Mann Freud Cavafy Churchill Joyce maybe Hitler though that s far from certain Every faith has a place here from the Grand Mosue of Malik in the Medina to the Greek Orthodox church on the small island of San Spiridon to scattered Buddhist and Hindu temples a synagogue and churches of every Christian sectThe eader follows Morris as she tries to navigate this unreal city with its multifarious architectural styles Babel of languages m lange of smells and sounds She familiarizes herself with its cafes its music its trademark urchin soup and snow aspberries She attends the Roof Race which is exactly what it sounds like and her descriptions of the frenzy of the crowd tearing through the city to follow the athletes unning and jumping across alleyways above is among the iveting parts of the novelOne could go on for some length and is tempted to for Morris s prose is so esplendent and exacting in its erudition and craftsmanship Her knowledge of Mediterranean history and culture shines through on every page and her attention to seemingly minor details such as witnessing two elderly Budd. 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Ing of the snow aspberries and the Roof Race Her visits to The Iron Dog and The House of the Chinese Master the most astonishing aesthetic experience Hav can offer are accompanied by marvelously detailed descriptions composed of wonder and aweThe novel is just a travel memoir a very good one with historical eferences and informative notes about where to find the best food until Morris comes to her discussion of the British Concession and its history in the province Morris seems to become much pointed in her eferences when she describes the British consul his wife and English interests in establishing a base in Hav Morris includes notes General CJ Napier wrote to his wife about Hav A dreadful hole worse than Sind and Oh what a foretaste of hell this is The British always kept some distance from true involvement in the life of Hav they loathed the Protectorate created buildings that looked uite like those created in India for their comfort and were eputed to house only spies in their officesWe learn that celebrities and leaders from many countries visited Hav in its heyday Morris description of Nijinsky s visit is particularly poignant but Hitler and Wagner at different times naturally George Sand and Chopin Kim Philby and the shadowy Sir Edmund Backhouse scholarly sinologist and baronet were all said to have stayed there at some time or anotherAn escarpment just to the north of Hav was home to a cave dwelling tribe of troglodytes who never settled in the city proper but who form a still living bridge between the city and its emotest origins Their language has a fragile connection with the Celtic but is still incomprehensible to everyone outside their group It is said when they first saw the peninsula upon which Hav now sits surrounded by blue sea they called the place Summer or hav in the surviving Celtic language of the West The underlying political structure of Hav was a shambles of competing interests and insufficiently expansionist beliefs which added to the ich confusion of organic growth in the labyrinthine city Hav was likewise a ich stew of eligions all in stages of isolation from their original tenets One mysterious group called Cathars of Hav was composed of secret members of the community and whose ceremonies and meetings involve obes and chants in underground locations The Cathars are said to trace their history to the Crusades and their beliefs to Manicheanism or the dualistic cosmology between the forces of good and evil darkness and light This group alone gives Morris pause in her amblings about the city but she does not spend much capital thinking about them before she is advised by the British Consul to leave the city in hasteMorris ends Last Letters from Hav on a note of uncertainty with low flying war planes streaking over the city Morris sees warships on the near horizon as she pauses on an overlook near where she will abandon her vehicle and catch a train away from Hav Morris uses the word maze to describe Hav than once leading us to think she meant among other things to suggest a mazeing Hav In 2005 Morris was invited to evisit Hav Her later map of the city looks completely different from the earlier one with many of the wonderful places she described azed Now the Myrmidon Tower dominates the landscape a virtuoso display of unashamed unrestricted technologically unexampled vulgarity upon which is emblazoned the state emblem of the Republic the letter M flashing in seuential colors of ed yellow green and blue and overlaid against an Achillean helmet outlined in gold When Morris ascends the Tower she discovers the nearby newly constructed Lazaretto Resort the name is written with an exclamation mark because we believe you will find it a truly exclamatory experience is in fact built like a maze when viewed from above The suites are named for places once a part of the old Hav before the Intervention in 1985As luck would have it the first people Morris interacts with in the New Hav are a very English middle aged couple whose advice don t experiment too much with the local stuff seems designed to emind Morris however things have changed much has stayed the same But then The thing is one feels so safe here The security s eally marvelous it s all so clean and friendly and well everything we e used to eally And that turns out to be the most frightening and curious thingThe troglydytes who originally named Hav are no longer living in whitewashed caves on the escarpment but have been moved to barracks near the airport where the menfolk work on airport construction While many Morris spoke with seemed pleased with the central heating and the comfortable living one man pointed out that they were experiments of ethnic engineering given a few certainties in exchange for their uniue though hardscrabble cultureMorris must leave after only six days this time while she was forced to leave after six months on her first visit Things have changed uite a lot and the menace is palpable People are afraid to speak openly for a very tight grip by the Cathars of Hav hear all and see all This science fiction eminds us what a woman of the world Ms Morris is for she has caught the national character of each esident group in Hav uite clearly But it is her certainty that events and locales have eally lost their historical basis and point of origin is one that stays with us long after we put her book down The world is enewing itself and has become strange to even one so practiced in the art of travel The great M M for what M eally for Myrmidon or M for Mammon For Mohammed the Prophet For Mani the Manichaean M for McDonald s or Monsanto or Microsoft M for Melchik M for Minoan M for Maze M for Me Again from the Epilogue Morris says A whole worldhas come into being since I wrote Last Letters from Hav New states have emerged and new kinds of cities suddenly erupted The world is a new thing in this century and history doesn t always provide a signpost Morris the great traveler is perplexed and uneasy. 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Hist monks alone in a crowd of merchants purchasing saffron for instance preserve the veneer of an official travel narrativeUltimately though Hav is a place utterly fluid where identity is consistent only in its Heraclitean flux History swirls around Hav yet always inchoate subject to the whims distortions and sedimented agendas of countless peoples of countless factions over countless years And like that other fictional city Bellona Hav is a mystery in which nothing is as it seems or maybe everything is exactly as it seems until it changes into something else until over time everything possible in human history has already happened is still happening and will happen again Last Letters from Hav indeed ends with a cataclysm known as the Intervention the details of which the eader is never entirely informedOne is eminded of Borges s The Library of Babel and Borges s ghost clearly walks through the streets of Hav This is mostly implicit in Last Letters From Hav though Morris does inform the eader that The maze is so universal a token of Hav appears so often in legends and artistic eferences of all kinds that one comes to take it for granted According to Morris It certainly seems true that if there is one constant factor binding the artistic and creative centuries together it is an idiom of the impenetrable The artists of Hav have loved the opaue than the specific the intuitive than the ationalThe connection to the concept of the labyrinth both physical and metaphysical is made far explicit in Hav of the Myrmidons in which Morris eturns to a post Intervention Hav that has been forever altered Gone are the domes spires meandering streets and chaotic din of old Hav which have been eplaced by a Chinese financed brand new metropolis of mirror glass steel and concrete metallic egimented The old city has been cut off from its garden island of Lazaretto which has become a sort of contemporary Dubai a glittering playground of luxury designed for foreign nouveaux iches aptly enamed Lazaretto Morris soon finds however that the seeming egimentation and ationalization of the city she knew has in no way educed its vertiginous complexityThe entropic despotism of old Hav has been eplaced by a nightmare surveillance state styling itself the Holy Myrmidonic Republic the symbol of which is a two thousand foot tower soaring above the esort of Lazaretto and adorned at its spire by a giant illuminated M which continually changes color The new Hav as is clear to Morris is a complete simulacrum of a farce The HMR prevents tourists from entering the old city Morris has a two week visa with an exemption thanks to some old acuaintances monitors every conversation produces genetically modified snow aspberries in an Atwoodian touch enamed Havberries with imported labor from Uzbekistan and Afghanistan to can and export and has ewritten and whitewashed its jumbled history to present the most sanitary face to potential foreign investorsWhile Hav of the Myrmidons feels a little too obviously polemic and perhaps that s because the current dystopian moment has witnessed Atwood s two most ecent novels The Hunger Games trilogy and Super Sad True Love Story not to mention the events of the six years intervening Morris s prose emains crisp and effusive as in the earlier work If the allegory of Hav is that identity and history are just as malleable and in flux as topography the two halves complement each other uite effectivelyOf course Morris herself says in the epilogue that even she doesn t know whether an essential allegory of Hav exists which is most likely the point At any ate this volume contains a lifetime worth of sensual experience and some of the most luminous and unforgettable writing I have ever encounteredHav by Jan MorrisNYRB ClassicsISBN 978 1590174494320 pages This was somewhat interesting but I m not sure the of the point of it I always feel with projects of this sort that I am wasting my time eading something informative in tone but non factual in content Essentially why ead a cultural study or travelogue about a made up place when there are plenty of eal ones about which I could be better informed I am dropping this unfinished and will try something else by the author at some later date Morris most everyone knows is one of the premier travel writers of the 20th Century She went everywhere and wrote with such interest and erudition about the places she visited that one eads her works simply because she writes better than anyone else One publisher gave her the opportunity to write fiction and Morris created an invented place Hav to which many folks immediately wanted to book a flight This novel is composed of two parts in Last Letters from Hav Morris describes for us her first glimpse of the Protectorate of Hav its esidents flora fauna eligions and origins In Hav of the Myrmidons written twenty years later Morris eturns to a much changed Protectorate In the Epilogue to the combined novel called simply Hav published by nyrb Morris tells us that the allegories of old Hav have been transmuted from a place of overlapping ancient cultures but with familiar signposts based in history to allegories of civic prodigieshitherto inconceivable and themselves all but fictional still Hav is an international protectorate near the Black Sea and on the Mediterranean Every major nation had its epresentatives there ensconced in formerly grand buildings that carried a storied history When Morris visited in the 1980 s Hav was undown and a tiny bit disreputable but the glamour of earlier days still shone through Morris shares her first impressions upon her arrival at night monotonous and cold stark and forbidding and those again modified by clear morning light bright colorful polyglot She stays several months buys an automobile and travels by ferry to outlying islands She meets the important citizens and legal epresentatives of countries occupying national concessions in Hav and witnesses the major celebrations the com. 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Jan Morris is a British historian author and travel writer Morris was educated at Lancing College West Sussex and Christ Church Oxford but is Welsh by heritage and adoption Before 1970 Morris published under her assigned birth name James and is known particularly for the Pax Britannica trilogy a history of the British Empire and for portraits of cities notably Oxford Venice Triest