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Want another failed marriage on his record and he ecides to convince her to give their marriage a real chance Charlie and Laura had amazing chemistry from the start but Laura was so prickly and really fought him on every inch he managed to gain with her She had this idea of how her life was going to be and she clung to that idea so hard To the etriment of everything else I get that her life growing up was extremely ifficult and she learned to only rely on herself but at some point you have to grow up and get it together She was so brittle and often was just outright mean to Charlie and it broke my heart every time He really was willing to Fantasy Man do anything to make her happy and it was so painful when he realized that might not be good enough Ion t want to be one of those readers who loves everything about the hero but judges the heroine for being The Flame Of Adventure difficult but it was really hard not feel that way here Laura was uite unlikable for the first part of the story And even later once I understood her better she still managed to make me want to smack her around I hated how much she was hurting Charlie and ultimately herself too in her uest for self preservation and the protection of the life she had convinced herself she needed It hurt to watch her convince herself over and over that she wasoing the right thing The side characters here were entertaining especially Laura s abuela Lola And the next book has been set up with Laura s older brother Max as the hero I m very curious to know about him and how he ealt with his family s ysfunction especially as it Divine Magnetic Lands differs from how Laura chose toeal with it This was a good story but I had such a hard time connecting with Laura That s clearly my own issue and as I said before this book made me feel so much that it was still overall a win for me I m looking forward to the continuation of the seriesARC provided by Publisher in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Megan from Alpha Book Club As always I liked the character s voice here and I was glad to see I had less issues with this book than i Frog and the Treasure did with the last one so Iefinitely think i enjoyed this one the most of the series This one has the we got runk and got married and now we gotta pretend to be fake married trope I liked that we get a real sense of who Laura and Charlie are when we get their POVs how they re both struggling with these perceived images of who people think they are versus who they really are I basically evoured this book so uickly i spent most of the Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors day reading when i was supposed to only read a few chapters but i was so engrossed and lemme just say these two when they were together for sexy times whoo boy hot and steamy alert Both of their families make appearances so we get to see some characters from the past books and i really like Lauren s grandmother just as much if not than iid in the previous book Lola is a trip lol I almost legit ied when Lauren is sneaking in the house after her night with Charlie and boom her grandmother is up and on the couch making out like a teenager or something lol i loved that go granny you get it girl heheh Althouuuuugh there was a this thing that Lola id Tu Alma ¿La Conoces? do that i had to side eye her for iid not approve of her meddling there And i will say i wasn t too comfortable with the obviously angryhate sex Charlie and Laura had when they got to that black moment and it wasn t that it wasn t something both parties wanted but i guess it was supposed to feel uncomfortable because Charlie s all up in his feelings and thinking she J.M. Coetzee doesnt want him so this is just a last fine we re justoing this cuz we need a release but zero feelings are involved here I think that was just a it s me thing really I have nothing against hate sex at all so i justi Feminization and Chastity Training for the Sissy Husband (The League of Dominant Women dunno that s how it made me feel shrug Another thing i felt like the blurb was a tad misleading with regards to the New York angle unless i just read it wrong i felt like the whole but she might be going to NY for a great ballet opportunity so we ll never work out thing that was hanging over their heads was a mere blip New Yorkidnt happen til close to the end of the book and came off as less of a big The Club of Angels deal than they made it out to be the vibe i got from the blurb was that it was going to be a big problem for them Overall i liked this one and am looking forward to in the series In a world filled with ballets and call sheets they weren t looking for romance Until love found them Remember that saying about the right person coming into your life at the wrong time Christopher takes that scenario and runs with it Before Daylight is the tale of workaholics who meet at a wedding and unknowingly find their forever The road to happily ever after is full of prideful regret and frustrating choices but serendipity wins out in the end Ms Christopher gets the soul of a romantic It s not about bleeding hearts or exaggerated happy endings Love is about finding the ending that s right for you If you want a romance where the hero really really likes cunnilingus this is the book for you Just your typical oops we got married book. Miami with heated kisses that promise as much as theyemand Perfect Partners Annulling their sham marriage is all Laura wants until she gets to New York and realizes that leaving Charlie behind is easier said than one Can a relationship that began as a hot mistake become the kind of love that will last forever.

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Charlie is the black sheep in his family and he has worked hard to make it on his own On the way he has made friends that he considers family When he is at the wedding of two of his closest friends he meets Laura who is the cousin of the brideAs a ballerina Laura is used to sacrificing her short term happiness in favor of long term success Well except uring her cousin Carla s wedding in the tropics When she sees Charlie she ecides she needs to let loose a little Then she finds from her grandfather that she let loose way than she intended to that night and now she has a husband Even though she is 새로 만든 먼나라 이웃나라 12 - 미국 3 drawn to Charlie she has big plans for her career A little thing like marriage can terail her Or can itThis book is one of a series I haven t read the other books in the series but I think it is well as a stand alone book I was asked by the author for an honest review It was very interesting Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, drunk get married love story Ballerina Laura and TV producer Charlie met at the wedding getrunk and also married And of course they completely forget that until is time for taxes So they are both shocked and they both agree in annulment but Charlie cannot forget the passion and how good she felt under him so he insists on a Born Fighting date with her because he really wants to consume his marriage and wife Circumstances lead them to stay married a while and they really start to live together until it s all too much for Laura They are both welleveloped characters Charlie is loving loving loving his Dr. Simon Forman dirty mouth and he is ready to fight for Laura She is a very interesting character The past had her shape in a strong but also a person who is afraid to let anyone in that until Charlie She surprised me in the end and it was a positive surprise and I liked her even I liked that story is unpredictable and youid not know what to expect And the passion between Laura and Charlie hot hot hotI volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly Since Laura was eight years old her goal in life is to not be like her mother which means that she needs to be self sufficient and not Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside depend on anyone Herrive to ensure this happened her sole focus has been forging her career as a prima ballerina to the exclusion of all else She never expected that attending her cousins wedding would have her believing that she was married even though alcohol has made the entire experience hazy For a ballerina she is older and she believes that if people found out she was married that it would be A Wartime Nurse detrimental to her career so she wants it annulled uickly and uietlyCharlie is a TV producer who has been unable to measure up to theemands of his father so he has chosen to forge his own path When he finds himself married to Laura he is not Split disappointed and he wants their marriage to be real and that starts with not agreeing to sign the annulment papers until they go on aateTheir feelings for each other impossible to When Stories Clash deny but is there any way that Charlie will be able to break through the walls that Laura has built around herself withoutestroying both of themI think that this is my favorite story by this author Both characters are Sword of Honour Second To None damaged by their pasts which causes them to strike out to try and protect themselves The chemistry and emotion between them is fiery and theetermination of Charlie to get his girl is inspiring I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book Laura Delgado has been The Extra Cadaver Murder dreaming her whole life for the chance to be the prima ballerina too the solo Now recovering from an injury and finally having that chance and the opportunity to go to New York and Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 6 dance there as well Herreams are all coming apart because some way or another she got married at her cousins wedding She oes not remember getting married but her grandfather is showing her the paperwork Now chasing own the groom and asking him to sign annulment papers he Charlie Laughlin Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society does not want to sign but wants to stay married to Laura He thinks she is the most beautiful women he has ever seen She agrees to go out toinner with him one time in order for him to sign the papers She has a great time and she notices that not only Um Fogo Eterno does he focus on her but when a waiter gives her attention he becomes jealous Confused by his actions the rest of the story is Laura trying to understand the reason why two people want to be together when all she sees in her life is anger andisappointment not love She is confused by Charlie s words and actions even to the point of when he travels to New York she is confused of what to Lawn Boy Returns do Find out what sheoes and the reasons for all of her issues with love of the heart I will say they are some very good scenes that she has with some people that she meets and the words she use are classic I Yolandas Genius don t want to give away the story but she has moments that make up for her confusion Overall a good book with good characters I received this book from Netgalleycom I gave it 5 stars Follow us at www1rad readerreviewscom The oops we got married trope can go either way with me but the blurb sounded so amazing I had to pick up this book And I am so gla. Perfect Strangers Ballerina Laura Delgado is just one solo away from aream job with the New York City Ballet Then a The Fairytale Hairdresser and Sleeping Beauty drunken pase The Light Beyond the Forest deux at her cousin’s wedding results in the one thing she never wanted a husband TV producer Charlie Laughlin may beeliciously kissable but she needs him offstage now and out

D I The First Mistake did This is a steamy feels filled roller coaster and is so much fun just make sure you have tissues While this is part of a series this is my first book by the author and I think it worked fine as a standalone She could not fall in love with her husband I absolutely loved Laura Yes sometimes I wanted to smack her upside the head but even then it was because I wanted to hurry her up to the HEA sheeserved As a 34 year old prima ballerina in Miami she s feeling her age and injuries but ballet has been everything to her since she was a child She s mostly estranged from her parents and older brothers her Jewelry Making For Beginners dad is an abusive jerk and her miserable mom copes by popping valium Her grandma whom her grandfather left behind when he left Cuba with the rest of the family is now living with her She copes with all this upheaval as she always has by beingisciplined and controlled and channeling all her emotions into ballet Before her inevitable retirement she wants to work with the New York Ballet corps so staying in Miami is not in her plans So the last thing she needs is to find out that she got married at her cousin s wedding in Bali Her entire life up until that point had been about iscipline training ieting and taking in criticism She The Penguin Book of English Verse d been a changeling at the behest of everyone in her life and she knew that she could never let anyone know what was underneath her exterior But there was something about the way he looked at her that had penetrated the wall she Seven Secrets of Happiness d built around herself to avoid the pain of feeling she was never uite good enough never uite the best The feeling of his gaze on her skin the feeling of him really looking at her lingered along with the imprint of his mouth Charlie is in reality TV producing a travel show for the just married cousin He and Laura met at the wedding gotrunk and apparently got married It s as much a surprise to him as it was to Laura though not necessarily an unwanted one They ve got a crazy chemistry together and Charlie isn t ready to just sign an annulment and say goodbye Laura just wants it all to go away the hint of being married could be the The Killer Cats Birthday Bash (The Killer Cat, death knell to her career but can Charlie convince her to give their marriage a chance Do you need me to tell you how gorgeous you are Sheidn t need that and just raised her eyebrows in response You The Force of Destiny don t need me to tell you that People tell you how beautiful you are all the time The issue is that you re than beautiful You re compelling and a little bit mean It makes myick hard when you lift that aristocratic nose at me The chemistry between Laura and Charlie is off the charts From their The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters (Chapter 9 Provocateur) disastrous firstate to the big confrontation in Laura s How I Became a Nun dressing room it s STEAMY Like fanning myself with my Kindle sort of steamy Laura sesperate not to acknowledge that she feels anything for Charlie so she s an absolute jerk to him and Charlie loves it That was surprising to me but it s a core The Rose Tattoo and Other Plays dynamic of first building blocks in their relationship and it worked so freaking well The pushpull in the relationship was beautiful and watching them fumbling to figure out how to make it work made me cry several timesOverall this was a steamy feels laden roller coaster and I loved every minute I willefinitely be looking up the rest of the books in this seriesI received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This The Undoing Project does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review This book made me feel so many things Swoony Angry Hurt Weepy Aggravated Heartbroken Hot Happy Though Iidn t love or agree with everything the characters First Flight (Dragon School did this book made me FEEL And that s worth a lot Laura Delgado is a prima ballerina in Miami She s been fully focused on herance career since she was about 8 years old It s the only thing she s ever really wanted for herself and she s kept her life regimented and planned in order to obtain her goals Her family is a hot mess She s not close to her 2 older brothers Her The Lone Man dad is a horrible jerk Her mom is a pill head Her grandfatherefected from Cuba many years before when her mom was young But her grandmother refused to leave Now her abuela Lola is in Miami as well and no one is uite sure how to handle her Laura s cousin Carla got married in Bali a few months before and she met a guy there She let herself rink entirely too much and get carried away with him And apparently she ended up married She oesn t remember anything about it but she knows she needs it annulled And fast Charlie Laughlin is a TV producer and the son of a Chicago newspaper magnate He isn t close to his family His The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl dad is a nightmare and his 5 brothers all work for theirad in some capacity Charlie wanted from his life He wanted to strike out on his own and he has He moved to Miami a few years before after his failed marriage which was yet another black mark against him with his family His best friend since college got married in Bali and he went to the wedding and met an amazing woman They had too many Skills for Practice in Occupational Therapy drinks and apparently he married her Though he s shocked to find out he got married he reallyoesn F her life Perfect DisasterCharlie’s ready for marriage and kids and on the lookout for just the right woman Laura Voice and Articulation Drillbook doesn’t fit the bill at all but Charlie can’t stop thinking about the sultry way they moved together And he can’t help but wonder if he can change the gorgeousancer’s mind about leaving.