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Novels is that heroines get into a predicament and the way they get out of it is to be rescued by someone rich and handsome When Best lost everything seemingly she reached out to someone that she didn t seem to love because he loved her and offered her the world Convenient Don t get me wrong The THunder Beneath Us was not a bad read There are some hilarious characters and caricatures some gripping emotional scenes like the ones with her father and mother and some touching scenes between Best and Grant I think the story unfolded in the exact way the author meant it to over time and with drama upon drama snowballing until Best broke apart Likely a satisfying read for those who love a literary drama I did it I told the truth and nothing swallowed me whole I showed them who I am what I am and somehow they still want to love me And for the first time in years I feel good shameless and freeBathsheba She was described in the Bible as being so beautiful she took your breath away and I think that s why Nicole Blades chose that name for her I think that s why she also chose the nickname Best for her Best and her brothers took a shortcut over a frozen lake on Christmas Eve but only she survived that s not a spoiler it s on the back of the book Best became unimaginably burdened with survivors guilt So much so that she used her own beauty as subterfuge to eep anyone else from getting too close She presented in her lowly opinion of herself the best thing she had left her looks She lured men in like a fly to a spider web She used them and then threw them away subconsciously creating that drowning scene over and over again they would try desperately to cling to her get to Hunter Killer (Pike Logan know her and she would step on them and watch them sink It was the only way toeep anyone from getting too closefrom discovering the life she left behind in Canada What Best didn t understand was that everything that happened wasn t her fault She wasn t a monster but she wouldn t risk letting anyone Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, know her truth too afraid that they wouldn t understand In the end she realizes that telling her truth with all of the gore and raw emotion was the most freeing thing she could have ever done And it didn t swallow her whole the way that lake did her brothers ten years before She feared rejection after taking away the mask But what she found was a group of people that were there to stand with her and love her through it all I m sad I am finished with this book I ll have to read it again Best is so raw and so real and so funny She and her friends most especially Tyson had me laughing and crying It was like sitting around someone s living room listening to them share how they finally figured out life and sharing their shame and finally being okay with it I received a free copy through Goodreads I did not enjoy this book at all I felt that Best was really selfish in trying to run away from what happened that night 10 years ago or however long ago the book was a bit inconsistent I think it bounced between 10 and 18 years ago or something either way I got annoyed with this book part way through so whatever After the unfortunate deaths of her brothers in uebec she grew up and went to New York City to hide from the sordid details of her family She spent years putting up barriers andeep everyone at arms length friends and her parents But when her boyfriend ends up in rehab and her name gets dragged through the gossip magazines she flips out when a reporter started digging into her pastAnd what does she do Well she runs away into the arms of her boss boss to Canada to someone else She was totally irresponsible in deflecting all her colleagues at work while she was suppose to be working on her assignment whereas her pet project eventually devoured her time and the last 13 of the book ignoring all calls from everyone and pushing away her understanding and loving boyfriend who was going through some issues The whole affair with the top boss was so meh Like that s it A weekend spent together and that was it The blurb on the back had me thinking there was going to be something big and sinister that could explode if anyone ever found out about the affair but nope nothing really happenedOh and her friends Ugh they are all so annoying Not the makeup guy he is so sweet But the Singh sisters I m so fed up with their fights and feuds with Best Get over it people I found that this book was trying way too hard to be hi. The ice cracked all three went in Only Best came out People said she was lucky but that The Friend Zone kind of luck is nothing but a burden Because Bestnows what she had to do to survive And after years of covering up the past her guilt is detonating through every facet of her seemingly charmed life It’s all unraveling so fast her new boss is undermining and deceitful her boyfriend is recovering from a breakdown and a rece.

P and appeal to a certain crowd but it failed The story could definitely use polishing At least the redeeming point is the family dynamics eventually we see real human emotions when the entire family comes together and the truth is finally spoken about Thank you to the author for providing me with a review copyBest Lightburn love that name feels Flying Scotsman Manual kind of like a superhero name is a top writer at a women s magazine It s not easy being a black female writer trying to advance in her career but Best is doing everything she can to move up the ladder I d written a terrible pun here but I decided to spare you instead so you re welcome It seems like she has a great boyfriend job friends and life in general but she s haunted by a traumatic event from her past Ten years ago Best was in an accident with her two brothers and was the only person to survive As her past starts to catch up to her her present day life begins to unravel until it seems like nothing is under her control anyMy description above makes this book sound rather bleak and it does begin with the terrible event But there are moments of humor and levity in here too I really enjoyed the writing style which was rather conversational When Best narrates it s like you re gabbing with your girlfriendAs I was reading I thought the plot and structure was a bit loose There were scenes and characters that felt like tangents rather than additions to strengthen the story In parts I wanted background I felt like I was supposed tonow and care about certain characters but I wasn t shown enough to understand the relationships between these charactersStill I thought the underlying story was raw and real There were moments that for reasons made me pause to catch my breath The pain that Best felt resonated with me In general I really enjoyed this novel and I would definitely read of the author s work This book had some lovely moments in it Sadly for me I found it lacking I wanted a lot from this Best was such an amazing type of character and I felt let down by most of her decisions especially in the end I wanted to love this but I just found it lacking Original review can be found at I received an advanced readers copy from Kensington via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank youThis entire book felt like a waiting game to me I was waiting for the good stuff the full picturebasically the guts of the story It felt like it was there hiding on the next page but it wouldn t uite come Needless to say it left me uite frustrated Instead there were a lot of characters who confused me that I didn t care about and a plot that was all over the map I craved a deeper and meaningful story that I think this book was definitely capable of but didn t uite succeed in deliveringDon t get me wrong there were valuable lessons and personal growth with Best throughout the story but they were not as defined and fleshed out as I would have liked There were many rabbit trails and it was partly because of this that I found the story ind of dull As an avid reader I like when I can get lost inside a story but this one just left me lost in a not so satisfying way A little less Grant and a little about Best s past would have gone a long wayAlthough this book was personally not for me I think that it might appeal to some Don t take my word for it I encourage readers to form their own opinion Perhaps I was just having a bad day when I read it In a terrible horrible not very good week it was such a blessing to have Nicole Blades The Thunder Beneath Us to retreat with for pockets of relief Just a few minutes on the couch with Best Lightburn and her story was enough to transport me away from the presidential election with storytellingThere were two remarkable things about the craft in this book One was the physicality with which Blades describes the characters and actions you hear the old show don t tell adage all the time as a writer but this verged on feel don t tell It was a really powerful way to make us feel Best s conflicts and memories The second thing that struck me was the specificity of even the minor characters Not a throwaway in the bunch That takes such devotion from the author and brings the story to life like a tableau This book made me laugh made me cry in a couple spots and made me really wish I had a friend like Tyson who would show up with his makeup case and paint a perfect sunset on my eyelids Highly recommend it. Nt investigative story has led to a secret affair with the magazine’s wealthy publisherBest is uick witted and headstrong but how do you find a way to happiness when you’re sure you haven’t earned it or embrace a future you feel you don’t deserve Evocative and emotional The Thunder Beneath Us is a gripping novel about learning to carry loss without breaking and to heal and forgive not least of all ourselv.

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SynopsisThis book follows Best Lightburn a reporter who works for a prestigious glam magazine She lives a glamorous lifestyle dating a sexy up and coming actor and living in New York City But this isn t truly her life She has hidden her secrets from the world and in turn is hiding from herselfTen years ago Best and her two brothers took a shortcut home across a frozen lake on Christmas Eve When the three of them tragically plummeted into the water Best was the only one who came out aliveafter years of covering up the past her guilt is pouring through every facet of her seemingly charmed life Her boyfriend is going through a mental break and her new boss is ma Imagine being the sole survivor of an incident at a frozen lake that claims your brothers in its icy depths The emotional baggage and survivors guilt one would carry on a daily basis would feel insurmountable Best Lightburn the protagonist of Nicole Blades The Thunder Beneath Us Kensington has had to live with that guilt her entire life She claims to be an only child to avoid discussion about her ill fated brothers establishes an enviable career at a styl DNF 20% This book is not for me at all I tried to start this book few times after I got this book from the author s assistant for me to review I normally I would do my best to read the book to deliver a proper review But I just cannot do it it would be too painful for me and will end with me writing a bad reviewWhat put me off this book in the part I read is the main character she is doing a lot of hating She is hating herself in a way that I cannot stand and makes me cringe she tells us how horrible she is how all the people think she is so amazing but truly she is a monster I cannot stand such ind of hating and it s hard to relate There are other ways to show that the character is hating themselves Best that s the MC name is also doing a lot of hating of others mainly women Maybe only women in the part I read She hates her new boss a girl that got promoted she talks shit about a sales girl I get that she can hate them but please first tell me why I also should be hating them Did I miss a big chapter of the book when Best tells us about all the horrific deeds her new boss did to her Because I cannot hate her just because you re hating her I m not your best friend Best I need some evidence And this brings me to the last thing that bothered me so much that I decided to give up on the book I felt like bits of the story were cut out Things were happening and I didn t Whalerider know why I struggled to plot I discovered Nicole Blades on twitter where I discover most writers these days She had been retweeted by someone whose book opinions I respect so I waited and WAITED until an ARC was available and then immediately pounced The Thunder Beneath Us is a story about Best Lightburn a columnist for a women s magazine not unlike Marie Clare or Cosmo Upheaval in the structure of The Powers That Be make Best uneasy but she s got this story idea that could make an amazing feature if only she could get them to bite on it The cowardly editors though want her to do mealy mouthed weak Vagina stories So though she isn t approved Best wiggles her way into getting an interview with the subject of her story idea a woman who survived an honorilling Initially I was very interested in reading about Best s attempts to interview this understandably media shy woman as well as the underlying story of her insurmountable guilt surrounding the death of her brothers and her fractured relationship with her parents because of it None of her friends Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex know no one in her lifenows about her two brothers Best has told everyone that she is an only child not the surviving child of a terrible accident I felt like there was story that I was interested in reading than the story that I read I read about her mentally unstable ex so much about Grant the mag owner she screwed the guy she met on the plane on the way to Montreal that she sort of led on It felt like filler There I was flipping pages trying to get to the good parts which seemed Graphic Design For Everyone kind of far between I wanted to see Best come clean to her friends to make amends with her parents toick that stupid job and her backstabbing co workers in the throat I wanted her to let her old boyfriend GO did they even love each other Because I just didn t understand the end where the big thing she was expecting to happen happened What happens a lot in. To the world Best Lightburn is a talented writer rising up the masthead at international style magazine James girlfriend of a gorgeous up and coming actor and friend to New York City’s fabulous Then there’s the other Best the one who has chosen to recast herself as an only child rather than confront the truthTen years ago on Christmas Eve Best and her two older brothers took a shortcut over a frozen lake When.

Nicole Blades is a novelist speaker and journalist who has been putting her stories on paper since the third grade Born and raised in Montreal uebec by Caribbean parents Nicole moved to New York City and launched her journalism career working at Essence magazine She later co founded the online magazine SheNetworks and worked as an editor at ESPN and Women’s Health Nicole's articles and e