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I need VICTOR S story now Most compelling character so far Didn t ike it Summer was a classic YA doormat She The Best Man (Alpha Men, let people walk all over her all the bloody time It didn t help that Hal theove interest was a sexist douchey pig I swear Summer spent 90% of her time saying sorry for things that weren t her fault The Benedicts her friends and Hal guilted her into helping out in all kinds of dangerous situations they kept putting her in danger but she was the one who kept apologising to them when things went wrong when it should have been the other way around It was irritating 455 Ahh Ms Stirling s books always make me feel so happy This was so good PLEASE BE VICTOR S BOOK When I started reading this series back in 2013 yep came a Poetry Man littleate to the party Finding Sky Stealing Phoenix and Seeking Crystal were all released I read Stealing Phoenix before Finding Sky because hey it ooked interesting Then Finding Sky and then went on an epic hunt to track down a copy of Seeking Crystal before joining everyone else in waiting for MOREIt was a cruel wait And now we can all cry together as Joss finishes with dare I say the best book in the ENTIRE series Previous favourite was Seeking Crystal because Xav Enough saidSo here are the reasons why I am such a ridiculously huge fan of this final PLEASE JOSS RELEASE MORE book in the series WHY DOES IT HAVE TO END 1 We get a NEW mini Benedict esue group of boys to sigh over And they are Drumroll please The Robinsons Say hello to the fearsome threesome that is Lucas Scott and Hal Robinson each formidably gifted in their own way Also should point out the first direct words the ean wolf Hal says to our ovely Summer are in the form of a VERY resentful apology No shrinking tulip among these rugged boys 2 We FINALLY get to find out what all the cloaks and daggers surrounding Summer s mysterious family is And I bet a ot of people could relate to Summer s hardships coping with such responsibility at her age while also trying to pursue an education and create close and personal relationships3 We get to see the true extent of Summer s gift I cannot be the only one who was interested in what this Victor Dead Taboo like gift could be We kind of knew but there were defini. Summerives under a terrible shadow It drains her manipulates her and threatens to steal her futureA high stakes mission offers a temporary escape She must use her mi.

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Ass scenes all I m going to say is Island Benedicts a whole Mischief 24/7 (Sunshine Girls, lot of awesome Summer was so relatable and has such a raw background that I instantly fell inove with her and her narrative Then comes ong Hal who although acts ike a right jerk at times you kinda cant help but Having Tanner Bravos Baby (Bravo Family, lovethen dun dun dun everything kicks off time and time again and you don t know where the story is going toead Without adding in any spoilers I cannot say much except that this book got ALL THE STARs from me My only When Da Silva Breaks the Rules (Blood Brothers, lasting comment to what I think is the end of the Benedicts series is Joss please do noteave behind this world Please write in this fantastic interesting intense and beautiful world PLEASE I will forever The Billionaires Runaway Bride love re read and overall adore this whole series Beware major book hangover will happen once you finish this amazement Oh man I reallyoved the Fifty Ways To Be Your Lover last book in the series 3 Ioved Hal and Summer and Hal was really hot I think D he was uite my type and I Caught on Camera with the CEO loved the chemistry between him and summer And there was action and friendship and hardship and yeh just everything Iove in this series 3 Most definitely my favourite book in this series Wow just WowYves will always be my favourite Benedict brotherlove interest but Summer definitely beat Crystal off her favourite female spot Favourite relationship is a tie between Skye Zed and Summer HalIt has been such a Wyoming Strong (Wyoming Men, longong Arabian Nights long time since I was able to connect and see myself in a character And not just her situation reminds me of mine as a teenager but also some of the things that she says could come out of my mouth Ioved Summer so very much and the fact that Joss Stirling made every male and female character in this series so uniue is amazing I also Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place loved the mystery aspect of this story and the romance was pretty good too I don t think I could ever get enough of this series I wouldove to see another spin off series with maybe all of Crystal and Diamond s sisters finding their soulfinder of maybe the brothers of Hal And then maybe we could get introduced to some characters and we could have another spin off series and do this again and again and again until the end of times That would totally make my dayweekmonthyeardecadecenturymillenniumeverythin. E meets SummerThey must earn to trust each other if they are going to protect the Savant community But will their secrets allow them to find a happy ending of their

Tely some unsaid things And oh boy is her gift interesting But you could definitely see why she dislikes it though when things come to a peak on an island in the atter half of the book we have a case of Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, learning that all gifts have a silverining4 My heart was Always You literally pounding sooud I could hear it at one point in the book and I was SSOOO absorbed stunned excited I kind of had to take a breather There is seriously NOT ONE SINGLE PART OF THE BOOK that Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, lacksuster or is slow dull ENGAGING 100% OF THE TIME but be sure to expect LOTS to start happening around the middle of the book5 Benedicts Benedicts and Benedicts Throw in the Robinsons a multitude of interesting new savant powers and criminals aplenty and you get one epic penultimate bookIf you Lucy Carmichael loved the other books there is no way you could notove this one Summer is an absolute sweetheart and I think we all root for her to realize that while it is important to help and care for others you need to care for yourself tooBtw As you can tell I oved it so much I actually wrote my first review ever So yeah read it Bye xxx This is really one of my favorite series ever Every part is just so awesome I have a bad feeling this really is the ast part which makes me kind of sad I will miss the benedicts and the savants realm Oh how i One-Click Buy love this series and this book was no expectation This series is very much focused around romance which I m a sucker for I fell inove with summer as a character I felt that even though she had so much waying her down in her Redeeming Claire life she didn tet it stop her from doing the right thing She was definatley strongwilled and s Somehow I managed to pick up an early copy of Summer Shadows in my Return to Willow Lake (Lakeshore Chronicles local book shop screaming with excitement I ran to the till to purchase rushed home and cracked open the cover as soon as I possibly could I have been a fan of this book series for about 5 years picking up Finding Sky and Stealing Phoenix straight away then year after year reading the others I have read and re read this series than any other basically Iove it And I must say Summer Shadows was in no way a et down it was in one word fantastic From the constant disney references the humour of all the characters to the kick. Nd shadowing abilities to hunt down her target and find the truthHal Robinson is a soldier He does not get distracted He wins But what Hal wants begins to shift once

Joss Stirling is a British novelist Her first novel under this name was the internationally successful Finding Sky which is followed by five others in the same series entering into the savant world of young people with special powers Central to the story are the Benedict Brothers seven talented guys from Colorado In a second series Struck Joss begins a new world of detective romance The f