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Ced to a dependent bloc by the European powers Armstrong also rehearses some basics about Islamic fundamentalism in a section that will be familiar to anyone who has read her recent study The Battle for God A useful time ine and a guide to the Key Figures in the History of Islam complete this strong brisk survey of 1500 years of Islamic history Aug Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information Inc the book is written by an author who has complete grip on the subject although she is not a muslim but she expressed herself in an absolute superb way and brought the correct perspective of islam although in west the religion of islam is misunderstood as the religion of killings or it is being spread by sword etc but the history of islam tells us it is not so the writer show up all the important events and depicts that no where in islam it is ever encouraged to kill other human beings if they are non muslims but i dont know when the westernes will ook in to it and earn it is not the religion which make some of the muslims extremists but it is the sufferings which some of their brother undergo in palestine bosnia afghanistan ira and other parts of the world whihc force or tend them to do some undesirable things which are certainly prohibited in islam The Faerie Godmothers Apprentice Wore Green like suicide but they in their wrong perception and justike to take revenge do it but there is nothing wrong wiht the religion and its followers but with the wrong and unjust behaviours of the west towards some of the muslim countries Islam is one of the most talked about and The Sorcerer of the North (Rangers Apprentice least understood subjects that has bearing on our foreign policy and security today But Islam is so rich in history theology traditioniterature and practices that it is a challenge to grasp it on a cursory Practicing History level Armstrong makes a valiant attempt to bring much of this toight in the space of fewer than 200 pages She devotes much ink to the political traditions of Islam and their bearing on today s events She does well at giving us food for thought about the history of Islam s relations with the West over the past two centuries and why some streams in Islam the ones we tend to hear most about are in conflict with the West I believe it is critical for us to become knowledgeable about Islam before rendering superficial judgements about it this book offers a good starting point A short history is right and sort of a shame 1404 years of history suashed into 222 pages including index and two glossaries its possible to do but the result isn t much fun This is mostly a case of just the facts ma m with much of the personality and romance of Islam pretty much stripped out It s well written but dryly so the wet of history ies in those personal stories One of my biggest complaints about the book however was the tremendous amount of Arabic words italicized that weren t defined in glossary in the back What s the point of having a glossary if all the unfamiliar words aren t isted in it What was interesting was this is a pre 911 pre Afghani Irai War pre Arab Spring and pre Syrian uprising but just barely so The Some Thing Black last chapter hints at things to come Karen Armstrong isn t a fortune teller but she did have a good idea at the clash of Islam and the West would continue Thatast chapter was the best several new chapters could easily be adde. Nto del Islam imperial en McClellans Other Story los siglos XIV y XVos orígenes y consecuencias del Islam revolucionario y analiza Cant You Make Them Behave, King George? los retos ue afronta hoy en día esta religión milenariaEn esteibro se confrontan Leonardo da Vinci los estereotipos y se demuestra ueo ue Enkätboken llamamos «Islam» es un fenómeno mucho más rico y complejo deo ue su moderna facción fundamentalista sugiere.

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Nvestigate other books in the Modern Library Chronicles series from the publisher of which Islam is a part Armstrong s brief circa 190 pages history of Islam is necessary reading but not particularly well written Her account is based in the fact that there can be no separation of religious from political histories when it comes to Islam for the Islamic notion of salvation does not consist in the redemption of an original sin committed by Adam and the admittance to eternal Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy life but in the achievement of a society which puts into practice God s desires for the human race 24 A true history rather than a cultural study the book is full of names and dates many of which I must admit were embarrassingly unfamiliar to me The book is divided into five chapters Beginnings the story of Muhammed s sacred visions the Rashidun first four caliphs after the Prophet s death and the first fitnah the civil strife that came in the wake of mutiny by the supporters of Ali Muhammed s cousin and Ali s subseuent assassinationeading to tensions between Syrian ie Sunni and Irai ie Shia reformist Play Me, Im Yours loyal to Ali Muslims that would set the pattern for the following centuries Development detailing the newly monarchical Umayyads whose capital was in Damascus the Abbasids who violently overthrew the Umayyads ca 750 and the emergence of the esoteric movements notably Falsafah ie philosophy rationalist interpretation of the uran and Sufi mystic Culmination describing theargely minimal impact of the Crusades and the expansion of Islam particularly under the Mongols 1220 1500 who had no deep religious identity and thus absorbed and diffused Islam Islam Triumphant an account of the Safavid Iran Moghul Indian subcontinent and Ottoman Turkey and Middle East empires in the 14th 17th centuries the time of Europe s awakening from its backwater status and Islam Agonistes a uick run through of Islam since 1750 an account of the decline of the empires and the rise of FundamentalismArmstrong makes no mistake about her intent to clarify and counter Western misconceptions about Islam this approach comes to a head in the Health at Every Size last chapter However the brevity of the book makes it difficult for her to do than make assertions From Publishers WeeklyReaders seeking a uick but thoughtful introduction to Islam will want to peruse Armstrong satest offering In her hallmark stylish and accessible prose the author of A History of God takes readers from the sixth century days of the Prophet Muhammad to the present Armstrong writes about the revelations Muhammad received and explains that the ur an earned its name which means recitation because most of Muhammad s followers were illiterate and The Kings Witch (Frances Gorges Trilogy learned his teachings not from reading them but hearing them proclaimed aloud Throughout the book Armstrong traces what she sees as Islam s emphasis on rightiving Polvere alla polvere la Judaism over right beliefa Christianity Armstrong is at her most passionate when discussing Islam in the modern world She explains antagonisms between Irai Muslims and Syrian Muslims and discusses the devastating conseuences of modernization on the Islamic world Unlike Europe which modernized gradually over centuries the Islamic world had modernity thrust upon it in an exploitative manner The Islamic countries Armstrong argues have been redu. De a tierra hasta ue fueron reemplazados por as naciones europeas en el siglo XIXKaren Armstrong explica An Imperfect Spy (A Kate Fansler Mystery los acontecimientos centrales ena historia de esta religión Trial Run / Whip Hand / Twice Shy la división entre musulmanes chiítas y sunnitas La aparición del misticismo sufía expansión por el Mediterráneo y por Asia el efecto devastador de as cruzadas el florecimie.

Honestly why do I keep picking up Karen Armstrong s booksIt s not that she is a bad writer just an exceptionally boring one When I isten to Islam A Short History I feel I, Claudius like I m being hit by a verbal machine gun fire of names dates and places Unfortunately few of these fact bullets remain in my brain She starts off innocently enough giving an account Muhammad sife and then BANG BANG BANG she hits you with a blitzkrieg of boring impersonal fa Karen Armstrong is a former Roman Catholic nun who writes popular books about history of religion Here she tells the conventional story of Islam from the revelations of Muhammad till the present day the rises and falls of empires of This is a very important book Reuired reading regardless of the nature of your religious views or whether they exist or notAs a Muslim I know most of the historical figures and events explored in this book but with varying evels of familiarity and in a discontinuous manner This book is excellent in formulating a relatively complete albeit somewhat shallow picture of Islamic history stemming from the Rashidun Caliphate to the Ummayyad Abassid and Ottoman medieval empires to the state of the dependent Islamic block that constitutes the Muslim World in modern times The book s scope spans at east 1300 years miraculous if you consider its small number of pages It also presents condensed biographical accounts of many major Islamic figures including religious reformers such as Ibn Hanbal Ibn Taymiyyah Ibn Abd al Wahhab al Afghani and Sayyid utb Figures dis Armstrong tends to view all of history through the prism of the specific conflicts of our day to be accurate from a vantage point situated near the Arab Israeli Conflict That is helpful but also distorting occasionally Not a good book to Chicken Soup for the Soul learn about Islamic history but useful as a A few years ago I took an undergrad course on the Ottoman Empire There was a great deal of reading on the history of Islam so I was exposed to the material before reading this bookKaren Armstrong has done a perfect job of telling the history of the religion and it s prophet without creating a huge off putting and overly detailed account that would drive away many readersThe history of Islam is exciting and probably alien to most Americans Looking from the other direction America has been unfortunately aarge and meddlesome presence in the Arab world for over a century The interaction of the Ottoman Empire with Europe has caused friction for centuries For those who want to understand why Muslims have an attitude about the West this book is a valuable resource It takes the reader up to modern times and Armstrong s comments are most illuminating as she writes with sympathy for both Islam and the WestEmpires come and go rise and are put in the shade This story offers a period of 1400 years to examine the process involving the Byzantines the Persians the Mongols and of course the Europeans as seen from the Misbehaving lands of IslamYou will get aucid explanation of the varieties of Islam the Blooming Red leading thinkers of the religion and a nice sprinkling of Arabic words that are helpfully contained in a small glossary I was so impressed by this book that I decided to read the author s account of her experience being a nun Through the Narrow Gate and intend to El Islam es probablementea religión más incomprendida y malinterpretada de Irrevocable Trust (Irreparable, la modernidad Una curiosa ignorancia prevalece en Occidentes desdeas cruzadas cuando empezó a cultivarse una visión distorsionada del Islam como una religión violenta e intolerante Sin embargo Forensic Science los imperios islámicoslegaron a ser os más g randes y mejor situados.

Karen Armstrong a comparative religion specialist is the author of numerous books on religion including The Case for God A History of God The Battle for God Holy War Islam Buddha and Fields of Blood as well as a memoir The Spiral Staircase Her work has been translated into 45 languages In 2008 she was awarded the TED Prize and began working with TED on the Charter for Compassion