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Lfand all that kind of stuff The messages are nice I just thought it was a bit over done But Lena seems to find some comfort in it so why should I complain I recommend this book to just about anyone I think any kids who like theater silliness stories of someone overcoming obstacles would njoy it There is Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows even a scene in the book where Ball gets a pie in the face from the Three Stooges Wonderful stuff Does making people laugh make one a hero I don t think so unless one was a comic in a World War II concentration camp or gulag who kept the prisoners in stitches that is But Lucille Ball did not face that kind of difficulty To be sure she was a very funny lady and she deserves to be remembered well and forpisodes of I Love Lucy to be shown as they are on repeats than 50 years after the show was on television But while that is a demonstration of her talent it is not heroic She was persistent in seeking fame and faced difficulties because it was considered shocking that she would have an interracial marriage with a Cuban on the television But if someone The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) else can view Desi Arnez as a hero for having loved Lucyven after their divorce Lucy could be viewed as a hero for loving him only the book does not portray it that way looking at her as a hero because the production company she owned with Desi Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, ended up producing some important shows like Mission Impossible and Star Trek This is talent to be sure but it is notxactly heroismThis book gives a chronological look at the life and career of Lucille Ball beginning with her difficult childhood where she talked with chickens and coped with a grandmother who believed that A Fairly Honourable Defeat enjoying oneself was a sin does the author mention this because he has a misguided view of religion The author looks at the rejection that Lucille Ball faced until her bright personality and her willingness to draw attention to herself gave her a role in film vaudeville and television that played to herxpressiveness and comic talent There is ven a funny in joke that compares Lucille Ball negatively to Bette Davis that is likely to be familiar to adults but perhaps not to the children reading this book The book shows some of the funnier scenes from the I Love Lucy show as well as the difficulties they had filming it in front of a live audience which was a good decision but the book nds after the show does focusing on Lucy as a television producer and does not really include anything Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue else of the later life she had after the television shownded showcasing the author s unwillingness to deal with old age and deathThe The Man Without a Face essential uestion this book provides is one that appears lamentably common in the author s body of work devoted to children does celebrity status make one heroic Any star can be an activist and can use fame to promote something Any star can and often does want to prove a point that is beyond the comfort level of the audience or thexecutives None of this makes someone a hero Lucille Ball was talented as an actress as a comedienne and as a talent scout recognizing shows worth producing These are talents worth recognizing worth respecting and worth mulating but they do no. Tells the story of one of America’s icons in a vivacious conversational way that works well for the youngest nonfiction readers those who aren’t uite ready for the Who Was biography series Each book focuses on a particular character trait that made that role model heroic For xample Lucille Ball could make any situatio.

Today would have been Lucille Ball s 104 birthday I thought this would be a great read to honor her on her birthday Brad Meltzer has written another great book for his Ordinary People Change the World children s series Lucille Ball w I am Lucille Ball is an amazing biography about a strong comedic woman who shows others to never give up on their dreams Gone (Gone, even if it seems too silly Lucille Ball shows all women that they can accomplish whatever their heart desiresven if it is not what a proper girl should do This book is wonderful for all ages to read but I would introduce it to a 3rd or 4th grade class to read aloud to I would use this book for a lesson in many different ways First I could use it during Women s History Month This book could be one of the highlights of the month demonstrating the accomplishments that women have achieved in the history of television Secondly I could use it as a way to demonstrate how we can break stereotypes between men and women There are many references in this book about how Lucille is not acting like a proper lady I could use this as a way to talk about how we do not have to be stuck in this certain stereotype This book is a WOW for me because I used to watch the show I Love Lucy growing up Every morning before school I would watch an Threads Of The Shroud episode of this show I always loved how headstrong Lucy was when in the show but nevernjoyed how controlling her husband was in the show This book made me realize how incredible and strong this actress actually is and how she accomplished much than I All Seated on the Ground ever knew I wish that her story could be told in history books because her accomplishments in life amazed me after reading this book and made me want to go and watch anpisode of I Love Lucy Told in the first person this telling of Lucy s childhood perseverance and positivity is inspiring It includes actual historical facts giving young kids access to information that is rarely rendered at their level I really applaud this biography for young uns Top notchIt looks like this is the beginning of a series all with the same author and illustrator Bravo This is a great little bio of Lucille Ball in a series of bios by Brad Meltzer Waiting to get a few from the library and looking forwardAll in all I am Lucile Ball is sweet funny interesting We see Lucille Ball horse around give rousing speeches to chickens refuse to compromise in order to gain stardom as a regular performer when what she wants is to do comic theater to be herself She strives and fails and tries againI didn t know if my six year old neighbor would like the book I thought it might be too heavy or detailed somehow but as it turns out it s all she wants to read over and over and over again And it has tough competition from Beware Of The Storybook Wolves which I also got out of the library last week I think as a trans kid and as a kid whose favorite word of the moment is unusual Lena also loves hearing Lucille Ball as narrator say there s no such thing as a proper girl or boy One of my favorite lines too though there is much to love here The nd got a bit too preachy for me Always be yourself and you have to love yourse. We can all be heroes is the message of this picture book biography series from #1 New York Times Bestselling author Brad Meltzer “Kids always search for heroes so we might as well have a say in it” Brad Meltzer realized and so he nvisioned this friendly fun approach to biography for his own kids and for yours Each book.

T make someone a hero Did they Wiring even change the world It depends on what you mean it certainly changed the world ofntertainment Perhaps that is Against All Odds enough It certainly isnough for the author who considers any talented athlete musician actoractress or Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage even showrunner to be notablenough to consider as a hero or heroine And that seems to cheapen heroism considerably How large of an impact does it take to change the world If it is small The DOS enough thatntertainers can regularly do it then children should not fear being able to change the world themselves With fun illustrations that are a bit graphic novel like with speech bubbles this book is part of the Ordinary People Change the World seriesHow does Lucille Ball fit this category as a person who changed the world She was the first female CEO of a major Hollywood studio Comedy and Against All Odds entertaining were her passions Some people in her life werencouraging school principal Bernard Drake and some were not Grandmother Peterson Hard work and her sense of humor kept her going through tough times in New York At least a fe These books are pretty much all the same by Brad Meltzer but I love knowing going in this is going to be a well done book and I am going to learn something about this famous person I wasn t the slap stick kind of kid so I sort of thought I love Lucy was funny but mostly I didn t Still I did like loud Lucy anyway She was special and I liked that as a woman the TV show was named after her It didn t happen often back then I learned much about her and she did amazing things I never thought about her having to struggle to make it in Hollywood Once someone is Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism established itsasy to forget there was a time Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils everyone couldn t see her genius but people thought she was too different and not a proper girl She struggled so It s nice to see what they went through Lucy is a great role model for kids and I m glad to know about her I would like to learn I let the niece read this on her own She likes these books for the facts they give She gave this 4 stars The nephew and I read it together and he thought Lucille was funny He liked her getting hit with a pie He recently saw the 3 stooges and he loves them He is a slap stick kind of guy so he loved Lucy s antics He gave this 5 stars These are great books to read a person s biography to get a snapshot of who they are You can read a lot of them as they are so short but it gives the highlights of their journey Injoy reading these and I will totally read In this world the person you need to love the most is youThis illustrious story of the life of the great Lucille Ball will get kids interested in past Hollywood stars It will capture their attention and will have them asking for Biography This book definitely WOWed me I had briefly heard of Lucille Ball because of I love Lucy but I didn t realize Payment Due everything she d been through to get to the point of I Love Lucy or anything after that This book not only told about Lucy growing up and the struggles she faced but Another good bio for kids I like the choice of Lucille Ball Her story is not generally known to kids and this bookxposes her to another generation. N funny By making people around the world laugh she proved that humor can take on anythingThis ngaging series is the perfect way to bring American history to life for young children providing them with the right role models supplementing Common Core learning in the classroom and best of all inspiring them to strive and dre.

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