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Creates something new and deadlyIf you hear the clicking it s already too lateAnother scary good story from this author with creatures I can t tell you what they are I can tell you they appear from out of nowhere strip a body down to the bare bones in the time it takes to say Oh sh t and vanish just as uicklyNo place is safe As the town is slowly cut off from the rest of the world the reports of missing animals and people rises and dessicated bodies are discoveredOnce again this author gave me horror the way I like it Creatures a desperate struggle to survive and no guarantees that your favorite characters will still be standing at the ndI received this book for my honest review Okay the only reason I gave it so many stars was because it was a fun read This book read like a B horror flick I totally Cop Knowledge enjoyed it because of that If you do not like those types of movies than you won t like this book This was a creepy crawly crazy book What do you get when you mix toxic chemicals with insects Mutants on steroids that grow from an inch to twelve inches Not only do they get big but they are also cannibalistic meaning they are very hungry Lapeer Parish Louisiana with a population of a few thousand arenjoying the uiet life until the mutants show up When a farmer s herd of cattle Cultural Aesthetics end up dead and all that is left of them are bones is when the mystery surrounds the community Then people start disappearing but just a few at. Ad heard the clicking of ther jaws the signal that they were on the move to feed their ravenous appetites And if he couldn't stop them thenvery man woman and child would die and Lapeer Parish would be wiped off the map.

It was like any other spring day in Lapeer Parish Louisiana But for Sheriff Vic Ransonet it was the beginning of a nightmare People disappearing without a trace animals Class and Conformity eaten down to the bone It started with a small chemical spill that went unnoticed The the roaches came out And they were hungry Killer mutant cockroaches uick little story that was pretty fun to read Injoyed reading the path of destruction the roaches caused A short takeIntelligent carnivorous mutant bugs and a handful of small town folk who stand out as than bugfood I give Johnstone a lot of credit for craft as he ventures into genre cliche territory and Descartes and His Contemporaries extracts a fine story that makes for a fun andasy read Don t let him fool you kids this kind of storytelling takes serious work to read so High Tide at Midnight effortlessly I probably won t come across another mutant bug story that is half asntertaining as this one Read this bookThis is amazing read I can t recommend this book highly Education and Equality enough Thrilling from beginning tond One of his best Great bookI really liked this book was hard to put down and kept you guessing who would survive A good read for any monsterdisaster horror fan This has got to be one of the best horror novels I have read Really Deceptive Beauties enjoyed it however it is hard to find and my copy is falling apart so I am scared to read it again Another great nature on the rampage book Also one of the few Zebra horror books that does not deal with a young child. It was like any other spring day in the uiet peaceful community of Lapeer Parish Louisiana But for Sheriff Vic Ransonet it was the beginning of a nightmare People were disappearing without a trace Animals were beingate.

S horrific nightmare This ones about a pesticide that was spilled in a parish in Louisiana It Dangerous Work effected only one bug the cockroach It turns them into giant a foot long at the most mutant flesh or anything in their wayaters The residents have to combat the bugs and try to survive The President of the US Flavor and Soul encircles the contaminated areas so no one can get in and importantly out If your bit by these bugs you turn into a foaming at the mouth mad person that willat you just the same as the bugs This book gets xtra points for the nding You sort of know whats going to happen but there are a few curves that you won t see coming This book wastes no time in getting going It moves from scene to scene a brake neck pace We get some planning on how to deal with the bugs them next thing you know someone is a Periplaneta s feast This book also reminds me of another book by William W Johnstone that I read years ago called Watchers in the Woods If I remember right This one is with bugs That one was with big foot type creatures that kill I may have to re read that one again to see if my memory is right Very nice book I absolutely loved this book It gives you the willies It will make your skin crawl If you are into scare you out of your skinyou will like this If you are into romance booksyou will not like this Give it a shot Leave th It starts with a little spill Just some toxic junk No big dealUntil that stuff changes something. N right down to the bone Lush fertile fields of crops were being stripped bare But the sherriff knew the Forgery, Replica, Fiction evil that lurked in the barns sheds and homes of the sleepy parish He had seen the creatures with his ownyes He

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The Devil's Kiss and became a full time writer in 1980 He wrote close to two hundred books in numerous genres including suspense and horror His main publication series were Mountain Man The First Mountain Man Ashes and Eagles and his own personal favorite novel was