Big Kahuna: The Peripheral Cocksucker

Ded free. Mbot Roberta 'Robbi' Stark is beautiful built and programmed for love the unexpected result of an ESP xperiment gone awry Completely unaware of her newly gained robotic nature she believes the changes taking place in her body and mind are natural and that her feelings for Jake are genuine Little does she know that her love for her creator her martial arts prowess and her skill and nthusiasm between the sheets are.

Downloa. The work that started it all Three years at the top of Literotica's Mind Control category the tongue in cheek trilogy of Jake and Robbi has been rebooted for book publicationJake McBride is your typical Cal Berkeley student in many ways he's brilliant burns the candle at both nds in order to maintain grades and as poor as a church mouse But he does have one thing that sets him apart from his fellow students a fe.

On ARE. Nothing than a few lines of codeBut as Jake xplores the wonders of his fembotic girlfriend he realizes too late that there's to Robbi than on demand lap dances She's also a killer appA NOTE TO POTENTIAL BUYERSThis Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, ebook has been tested on the Kindle Fire and on 'smulation software for the Touch the Kindle the DX and the iPad They all look fine though the Touch looks a touch weird; maybe it always looks like tha.

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