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Miscegenation amendments to the Constitution were still being ntroduced Sir Gawain the Green Knight: New Verse Translation in Congress While New York State had no laws againstt feelings against July (Countdown interracial relationships were still very prevalent and powerful It s a lovely fantasy but I doubt that a scant 30 years after the end of the Civil War a friendship between a black man and a white woman evenn New York City or a posh and thus hidebound resort like Saratoga Springs could operate so openly Still this Horse-Happy Schoolgirl is for the most part an enjoyable read but I feelt could have been better 3 Liked the setting not the characters I found this story contrived and unconvincing The characters were not developed so I didn t care about them And I do find Saratoga Springs Seducing a Wallflower in the late 1880s a charming setting 25 MEH The secondn a series of Gilded Age mysteries O Brien sets the tone atmosphere and hardships The Snowy Day (Peter, in the time period of the late nineteenth century Focusing on a meatpacking tycoon and storied Union army captain Jed Crake there are two separate mysteries One of the missing young women namely helpless chambermaids but specifically the newest victim whose disappearance hadn t garnered any attention until months later While Prescott and Associates joins thenvestigation their prime suspect Crake ends up dead himself Not only must the private Unseen New Evidence - The origin of life under the microscope investigators piece together the dead girls killer connection and how they were disastrously disposed of using the meatpacking planttself but who among the elite Blue Boat in a 1800 s atrocities during teh Civil War haunt late 1800 s upstate NY resort town Annteresting mystery for Antitype (Archetype, its setting late 19th century Saratoga Springs and the basic story Captain Jed Crake a decorated Civil War veteran suspected of atrocities during the Civil War and violence to women thereafters found dead Conscience in a room during the height of the racing season Mrs Pamela Thompson who serves as annvestigator for lawyer Jeremiah Prescott tries to figure out who of the many people who hate Crake might have killed him The description of Saratoga and ts surroundings ncluding an afternoon excursion to Grant s cottage are fascinating The writing The Seventh Day is rather plebeian though In an author s note at the back O Brien says that James Joyce and Willa Cather havenfluenced his writing style Were they alive they would have nothing to fear DEATH IN SARATOGA SPRINGSCharles O BrienKensingtonJune 2014Prescott and Associates counselors at law are hired A return to the Gilded Age with this read It was a fascinating time I enjoyed this mystery and the central character. A fate worse than death Praise for Death of a Robber BaronO'Brien captures the colorful details and varied characters of an opulent era deftly Publishers Weekly A pleasingly detailed look at the age of the robber barons along with enough strongly characterized suspects to keep readers guessing Kirkus ReviewsThe author skillfully weaves n fascinating details about American social history Pair with Stefanie Pintoff and also recommend for fans of Rhys Bowen's ‘Molly Murphy' series Library Journ.

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Entertaining and easy to read Usually I could anticipate the future happenings The Devils Jug, the Crying Tree Me in the plot Enjoyed the historical background Thiss the second Ramesses in the Gilded Age Mystery seriest s 1894 and we are The Irish Warrior in New York City Jeremiah Prescott a New York City attorneys approached by the wealthy Crawford family who want him to Baby, Im Back! (Return to Redemption, investigate the disappearance of a young black housemaid Enter scene left Pamela Thompson who has been employed by Prescott tonvestigate wrong doings and misdeeds committed by the wealthy and maybe not so wealthy of American SocietyThe Gilded Age Mystery series s an easy historical suspense novel which entertains and educates ts reader Set The Draining Lake (Inspector Erlendur in one of the most fascinating periods of New York City s long and varied life well worth a readf you are Mers interestedn New York s Gilded Age The year A Heros Welcome is 1894 On a routine freezing February Monday morningn New York City Pamela Thompson widow picks her way carefully across the Finding Normal ice to the office of her employers Prescott Associates on Irving Place After entering the premises nothing will be the same for her and her friends for a long long time Waitingn his office with her employer Mr Prescott Die Germanen is a tall distinguished gentleman whos The Broken Sword introduced as Mr Virgil Crawford butler to the Crawford family now residing on Washington Suare On the basis of the names Pamela assumes that Mr Crawford must be a relative A closer look at his light skin golden brown eyes and thick curly grey hair tells her that this man was black and very likely once a slave The Crawford s James and his sister Edith were originally from near Savannah Georgia Virgil hadndeed been one of their slaves After the war they offered him a proper position and he has been serving them ever since On this day he wants to engage Prescott to Haunted Houses investigate the disappearance of their housekeeper Mary Colt s niece Ruth Colt Pamelas assigned to the case and so begins a tale with twists and turns than a fair ground roller coaster Immediately t s decided by all the Christianity at the Crossroads interested parties that the villain and cause of the girl s disappearance must be the evil Captain Jed Crake supposedly a distinguished cavalry officer and now the owner of a meat packing business on West Fourteenth Street So much fornnocent until proven guilty As Pamela and her The Romanovs investigative partner Harry White begin to make progress her ward Francesca Riccis threatened by a gangster Unless they agree to stop Cravings investigating the captain the girl will be disappeared They agree and a recovered Francescas sent to work for the summe. From the slaughterhouses of Manhattan to the elite enclaves of Saratoga Springs private detective Pamela Thompson follows a trail of death and deception left by a Civil War heroDeath In Saratoga SpringsNew York City 1894 Captain Jed Crake The Wedding Date is a decorated veteran of the Union army and a successful moguln the meatpacking Swan Song industry But this powerful man also has a hidden private life as a predator of young women Working for attorney Jeremiah Prescott privatenvestigators Pamela Thompson and forme.

R for her protection Learn Better in the Grand Union Hotel one of Saratoga Springs most august and well known establishments Now the real mysteries can be activated As a diverse cast assemblesn Saratoga Springs elements of the book begin to seem as Harbor Me if they were written by Agatha Christie with Pamela as a younger Miss Marple First to arrives Captain Crake and his nurse Birgitta accompanied by his wife Rachel and her lover Robert Shaw Also mooning around El Señor del Carnaval (Jan Fabel, is a strange golden eyed bell boy Jason Dunn who came with Karl Metzger a NYC butcher fired by Crake and his wife Erika Even though all of these had reasons to hate Captain Crake when hes murdered suspicion Processing Pain in Play immediately falls on Francesca Desperate and afraid she contacts Pamelan New York and a large part of the Prescott Associates team arrive Master Math in Saratoga Springs along with James and Edith Crawford and thendubitable Virgil Crawford With all the actors The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever in place a myriad of plots and subplots are charged to unravel I must say that the author s research has been thorough and effective His knowledge of the settings Saratoga Springs New York City and also Savannah during the war shines through the details and makes a series of complexntertwining plots come alive In fact to my mind there s almost too much plot for what Patton on Leadership is a relatively slim 185 page book The characters andncidents are deftly sketched and yet to me they seem to be begging for elaboration there are so many potentially La Impostura Perversa interesting plot threads that are just touched upon then left behind To be honest I think this would be a better bookf Zones of Instability it were 100 pages or so longer I also have trouble with some of the language It seemsll judged The Riven Shield (The Sun Sword, in places For example I found constant use of gambling dens particularly grievous Saratoga Springs was ands a classy place The kinds of people who patronised the Grand Union Hotel would have chosen other words for the places they freuented Once More With Feeling in which to waste their money Or for example when Pamela receives annvitation to visit the track with Edith she Orange World and Other Stories is tempted Nowf one of my key suspects What Matters Most in a murdernvestigation nvited me for a day at the races I d be a lot than tempted The ssue here I think Linnys Sweet Dream List is one of voice Each charactern a book should speak and think with language that reflects their background social status and personality Too often for me the choice of words here doesn t accurately project the person t s assigned to Another possibly Carnal Captive (Carnal Incorporated irrelevant uestions would Virgil Crawford have been allowed to so openly keep company with Pamela As late as 1912 anti. R NYPD detective Harry Miller are engaged to search for a maid allegedly abducted by the captainBefore they can find the missing woman Crake's dark history catches up with him and he Bad Boys On Board (Watson Brothers, is murderedn a posh hotel n Saratoga Springs As fate would have t Pamela's ward Francesca Ricci working as a chambermaid Tied Up in the hotels accused of the crime Now Picture This (Marsden in this pastoral playground of thedle rich t's up to Pamela and Miller to find Crake's killer as well as his victim and save an nnocent girl from.

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See this thread for informationThe Columbia University educated historian embarked on his mystery writing career in 1988 six years before he retired from the WIU history department O'Brien's wife Elvy an art historian had moved to Williamstown VA after accepting a position with the J Paul Getty Trust then at the Clark Art Institute That began a series of long commutes for O'BrienI wanted to make use of time on board trains and planes and in airports Many of my fellow passengers were reading crime novels I thought why not exploit my fund of historical settings and write a historical mystery O'Brien explained The idea of 'Mute Witness' blossomed in the air between Albany and ChicagoWhen O'Brien retired in 1994 after 22 years of teaching at Western he began to seriously study the art of writing fiction with colleague Tama Baldwin of the WIU English faculty