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Another great read by Cheris Hodges I have owned this book for ears and just got around to reading it What a great story I missed Cheris never fails me in her writing Everything I have read by her has always been good I love a feel good story where even the less fortunate is helped cillasbookmaniacs Forces of Nature is the tale of two families each trying to defend their legacy for different reasons We have Crystal Hughes who has been handed the Hughes Farm She will fight with everything in her to maintain the farm from outside developers Then we have the sexy powerful Douglas Wellington III who is hell bent on taking over the Hughes farm to see his father s last project come to fruition What neither of them know is that this is not the first time a Wellington tried to take over the Hughes farm There is a family feud that neither set of parents ever told their children about An entire generation ago Douglas Wellington Jr tried unsuccessfully to wrangle the farm away from Crystal s dad Joel Was it just business or was it personal When faced with the threat of losing the farm Crystal Hughes 1st instinct is fight not flight She goes down to Welco headuarters and demands a meeting with old Mr Wellington She s already envisioned him as the devil incarnate but is knocked off her game with the sight of the fiercely fine Douglas Wellington III She is annoyed with herself for feeling attracted to the enemy Why does he have to be so damn fine How can The Defense (Eddie Flynn you be attracted to the manou re supposed to despise Well she is Meanwhile Douglas is thinking she sure is beautiful when she s angryCrystal comes up with this scheme that challenges Douglas to stay on the farm in a cottage so that he can see and experience the beauty of the farm Her family attorney who also happens to be best friends with her mom tells her it s a horrible idea but she s thinking that once he sees it there s no way he could want to demolish it Because of the mutual attraction Hai nhà you ll have to read forourself how that plan turns out If ou are familiar with the writings of Cheris Hodges then ou know that she is a romance writer who takes that genre very seriously She takes her time setting up romantic partners and never rushes them into their inevitable liaison We get the back story of each character and the story that takes them from past to present My only disappointment. Crystal Hughes is mad as hellNo one is going to tear down the farmland that's been in her family since the turn of the century certainly not multimillion dollar Welco Industries And until Welco's president meets with her Crystal will wage a fiery one woman protest to prove it But when he finally appears Douglas Wellington III is far from the elderly.

Was in the mentioning of Douglas III s mother I didn t get my curiosity satisfied with her character She s alive but where is she now Is there another book when I ll find out about her Wouldn t mind I also wanted to know about the reporter Deloris All in all a very good story Sparks flyI loved the premise of the book It reminded me of an old black and white movie A spicy sassy woman with chip on her shoulder and a charismatic engaging guy who likes women who are challengingPros The characters had wonderful chemistry I loved their dialogue and the power struggle they showcasedThe stakes were set high from the very beginning There was tension from page one and it continued to build through out the bookCheris Hodges writes beautifully Vivid scenery without over bloating words and descriptionsNO spoilers but the twist was refreshingCons I didn t like the book cover Minor thing but the cover was not strong enoughOverall an enjoyable read and look forward to from Cheris HodgesKeleigh Crigler Hadley author of Revenge Inc This was a very good romance novel My first by this author I listened to the audio book and Shari Peele did an awesome job Crystal was an educated woman who loved her family and took over her family farm so that her parents could retire Crystal had a heart of gold Douglas was a businessman who took over his father s company after his father died of cancer Douglas was thought of as a man with a heart of steelUntil he met Crystal Crystal and Douglas story was so different et believable The sacrifices they made for their love and their families was remarkable I enjoyed how she mixed in the family history of both Crystal and Douglas Cheris did a great job telling a lovely story I will definitely read books by this author Read it to find out how nature can bring two strong minded individuals together I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a good romance book The plotting on this was a little uneven the end dragged on after the couple had figured their stuff out Still a solid enemies to lovers story with some generational saga thrown in It felt a little like Dynasty in a good wayI also really liked both the hero and the heroine This took it back to the old school when romances were sweet the heroines were clumsy but endearing the heroes were sure footed and classically handsome the villains were justmisunderst. Curmudgeon she expectedTall lean and fabulous Douglas is in for a surprise of his own Crystal's cafe au lait beauty takes his breath away Still if she had any sense she'd realize his project will save the impoverished community With battle lines drawn Crystal issues Douglas a challenge spend one week on the land he wants to destroy He agrees if onl.

Andings Overall an ok read I gave this writer two tries this one and Recipe for Desire Her books are pleasant and charming with uncomplicated plots The characters are sorta one dimensional romantic leads but likable nonetheless This is good for anyone who wants a endearing read with a happy ending and without a lot of explicit Cute storylove the twist and turns as well as the development and rekindling of several relationshipsI also love the lessons of forgiveness in this story The book started out well with the Crystal fighting to save her farm but the love story between Crystal and Douglas was dull I was going to return this book to library without finishing it but decided to push through because I do not like starting things but not finishing them Recipe for Desire is so far my favorite book by this author Read my review at Booklist wwwbooklistonlinecomUsing romance clich s and often stilted language Hodges pits two small town African American adversaries against each other over a family farm Organic farmer and community do gooder Crystal Hughes is threatened by scion Douglas Wellington III when his development company wants to buy her land to build a business park Since Hughes Farm was the first African American land owned in the county and now suppports a house for wayward girls Crystal refuses to sell it Douglas pressured on the one hand by a gung ho board of directors and on the other by his godfather is adamant about building there In between is their instant attraction to each other which forces long held grudges and long buried family history to emerge as others get wind of Crystal and Douglas growing love Plagued by anomalies and inconsistencies this romance will frustrate readers Forces of Nature by Cheris Hodges is a wonderful book I absolutely love Cheris s writing style She has a way of drawing ou into the storyline and keeping our interest and attention It took me two days to read this book it was very hard to put downCrystal Hughes definitely got Douglas Wellington III s full attention when she handcuff herself to the receptionist desk in his family s company As this couple fought over land they were also fighting their instant attraction to each other It was nice how Cheris gave us the historical background of the families and how their differences and conflicts evolvedA really great read and must purchase. Y to be alone with her But when nature takes over amid North Carolina's lush countryside these two warriors just may discover what happens to even the best laid plansCount on Cheris Hodges to deliver a sassy sexy romantic read Farrah Rochon author of Always and ForeverThis is a winning romance that readers will love RT Book Reviews on Too Hot For TV.

Cheris Hodges was bitten by the writing bug at an early age and always knew she wanted to be a writer She is a 1999 graduate of Johnson C Smith University and a freelance writer in Charlotte North Carolina A native of Bennettsville South Carolina Cheris loves hearing from her readers