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R an excuse to blame you when the truth is I m so grateful that you were there that day that I don t even care why you didn t tell me I m picking a fight because because I m a coward Don t make up an excuse to un away I don t need a pretty lie Stone Stone is the only saving grace in this book He was fun laid back and sweet He has a big heart and took care of everyone Some of the things that came out his mouth OMG is Stone sweet He works so hard to get Emma to loosen up I eally thought he could do so much better than Emma Just saying Well here s a memo for you life isn t easy No he agreed sweeping a hand up her back his smile gone Life sure as hell isn t But you make of it what you can and you do your best to enjoy the hell out of it because it s the only life you get Because you were feeling pretty damn elaxed until about two seconds ago when you ealized you were hugging me for all you were worth That s when you got all uptight again I didn t eally care for Emma and Stone as a couple because I feel like Stone was always working so damn hard just to get her to loosen up and spend a little time with him She was just like a bitchy wet blanket I did love the TJ Stone brother moments and I loved the Annie Nick news I would have liked to see Katie and Cam again I missed them a lot in this book Over all this book was ok but not a great ead It s hard to love a book when you can t stand half of the main couple Oh well I am on to TJ s book You You offering your heart and soul to everything you do It changed me You changed me So the guy on the cover looks like he is saying Come here baby I ve got a secret It took me a while to block him out of my head and eplace him with my mental image of the hero The guy on the cover of the first in this series Instant Gratification looked angry and constipated I don t know what they are going for but it s not working for me However cover model exasperation aside this is a good seriesStone is my favorite Beta man Ahhh Stone that is one of the sexiest hero names I ve come across in awhile He s the middle brother of three that un a wilderness adventure lodge He s the organized brother He keeps everything unning smoothly However ecently he s ealizing this isn t enough for him His true passion is emodeling and flipping eal estate He keeps this to himself of course because he s got to un the family businessEmma is a NYC doctor that has come to the small town in the Sierras to un her doctor fathers clinic while he ecuperates from a heart attack She is very trying on This Reader s patience She s a classic Ice ueen She is all business and uite honestly a mean bitch Stone describes early on as Dr Evil I d agree with him She hates being in the small town she esents her father for her having to come here she s pissed at herself because she is attracted to Stone and he is not her type For some eason Stone likes her and tries to get her to loosen up and this is not an easy task Emma tries to keep herself closed off because she practically has one foot out the door She s antsy to get back to her life More than once after they have some kind of intimacy she gets up and dresses and stomps off and leaves him because she can t handle feelings I was thinking she s like the female version of that Alpha that I don t eally like but the woman always softens him up In this one Stone does attempts the softeningWill Stone ealize his dream of emodeling old buildings Will Emma stay Will Stone leave with her Will she flat out dump him You ve got to ead it to see I eally like Ms Shalvis humor and I can t wait for the third book Awe Stone How cute are you Such the middle child trying to pacify everyone even the woman you meet who you don t think you like but you do it ll just take you some time to ealize it If the cover you wasn t so odd looking computer generated I would have a huge crush on ya This book lacked the humor and good nature of the first book in the series It was ather stale which is so disappointingEmma grated me to no end She just did not let go not even for a minute Her defense mechanism was made of adamantium at the very least I never connected with her and to be honest I didn t feel she lowered those walls until the last minute And by last minute I mean the 90% mark GrrrStone made the book for me My favorite beta hero ever Oh my goodness he is just so damn perfect Sweet funny kind caring and hot as hell Total dreamboat I elated so much to his burden as the middle child Trying to keep his family happy and together while sacrificing his own dreams hit me hard BB STONE DESERVES ALL THEM GOOD THINGSIronically I preferred Serena and was invested in her happiness than Emma s view spoiler So when Serena hooked up with Spencer and moved to New York I was over the moon Yay for awesome secondary characters hide spoiler. Lp Emma learn to loosen up a bit he pictures white water afting or scenic mountain hikes Not a mind blowing affair that shakes them both to the core Emma's sure she has no place in a town like Wishful but Stone knows different Emma belongs here in this town in his life And convincing this strong minded stubborn sexy woman of that fact will be a challenge no Wilder man could esi.

Ok I can t wait to listen to the next book INSTANT TEMPTATION First let me get this out of the way What is with the covers on these books They are horrendous and do an incredible disservice the stories First we had with the very angry looking man sitting on a ock waiting to kick some puppies and now we have this one He may look happier than his brother but there is something seriously weird and just plain wrong with his freaky black eyes you probably need to see the full size to eally appreciate this creepyThis series is definitely a prime example of why the old adage Don t judge a book by its cover was created The covers might be awful but the stories within are eally great and a lot of funWe first met the three Wilder brothers in Instant Attraction and while it s not strictly necessary to ead that one first I would strongly encourage you to do so because that s a great book too and each of the Wilder boys are definitely worth spending time with Jill Shalvis sure can write a perfect hero These guys are ugged manly funny and genuine in short closer to someone you might find in eal life that the heroes of most omance novelsStone the middle brother is the one who takes care of everything that needs looking after the family the family business troubled teens search and escue You name it he ll do it But all this looking after everything and everyone else s needs doesn t leave much time for Stone to do things for himself not that he s complaining He loves his family and he loves that his job allows him to work outdoors in the majestic Sierras It s just that he wants something that is just for himEmma Sinclair is complaining Her father is ecovering from a heart attack so she is 3000 miles away from the New York City ER unning his small town clinic for him and she wants nothing than to get back there Stat Yes this does sound a little bitchy and there actually is an element of that in Emma but her elationship or lack thereof with her father is very complicatedWhere Emma is uptight and prickly Stone is laid back and friendly Emma is determined not to find out if opposites attract while Stone is determined to help Emma loosen up and get the stick out of her arse BTW that is almost a direct uote so if it offends don t ead this bookI m sure if I was so inclined I could find things to criticise in this story but I love the way Jill Shalvis writes especially the humour and dialogue and I was enjoying myself too much to care if Emma took a while to warm up or that Stone was bordering on being too good to be true and Emma didn t deserve himThe Wilder series is that very elusive straight contemporary omance that is not chick lit and is actually eally good I m glad I found this author and I m looking forward to eading from her once I finish TJ s story in with another appalling cover You e easy enough to hold on to Emma Evidenced by the way he was holding onto her You just get estless and anal and uptight and scare them all off Emma Sinclair is defined by the above words She likes being in control and has her whole life structured She grew up in New York and only came back because her dad the town doc needs her to un his place until he gets better but things are not always what they seem Emma has always considered herself a city girl and at Looking forward to TJ s story next 3 Dr Evil StarsSpoilers By teaching you how to smell the oses I m a giver that way Come on Emma Unless you e too chicken Kiss me Stone Take what you want Instant Gratification is the second book in the Wilder series and it s all about the middle brother Stone finding love While this book was a Okay ead it wasn t great for me The heroine Emma drove me crazy I didn t out ight hate her but I didn t like her either and the things she did made me wanna shake her Hard Emma I don t even know where to start with all the easons why I disliked Emma so I guess I will just take it from the top Emma is a uppity uptight bitch I thought she was selfish and ude to her dad even after learning everything she thought bad about her dad was wrong She was so hot and cold with poor Stone I am shocked he didn t have whiplash She would be ipping clothes off because she wanted to him so bad then the second the sex was done she was unning for the hills OMG and don t even get me started on how disrespectful it was that she had her guy friend sex buddy not only staying with her in her home while she was seeingkinda dating Stone what ever you wanna call what they had but that she let him kiss her twice after she started something with Stone I mean COME ON she kissed another guy I don t give a shit if it was to see if there are any sparks I wanted to slam my head into a wall when Stone caught her kissing the other guy and just took her excuse and then slept with her PFFFF You e ight I m looking fo. Inic for a summer Emma treats bee stings stomach flu and the occasional pet cat Plus she has to contend with patients like Stone Wilder gorgeous laid back and irritating beyond belief The man laughs at her A lot And Emma loathes him All except that tiny part of her that wants to throw him on her examining table and break every doctor patient ule in the bookWhen Stone tries to he.

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4 stars Contemporary RomanceInstant Gratification is the second book in Shalvis s Wilder series about three brothers Cameron Stone and TJ who ownrun Wilder Adventures and Expeditions an extreme tourssports adventure company in the town of Wishful California in the Sierra Mountains The three sexy ugged outdoorsmen extreme sport enthusiasts and playful mountain bums also happen to be the small town s most eligible bachelors and notorious playboysStone the middle brother is the family peacekeeper the glue that holds the Wilder business together and the all around good guy He puts his own dream of estoring historical buildings on hold to manage the family business volunteers with the local search and escue team and mentors foster kids He s a total dream beta hero sweet fun flirtatious caring sensitive loyal and sexy as all get out Stone is flat out the best thing about the book and it s too bad that the heroine is an anal uptight frigid and whiny Miss Prissy Pants who pushes him away and treats him like dirt most of the timeEmma is a powerhouse ER doctor from New York who comes back to her hometown of Wishful to un her estranged father s emergency clinic while he ecovers from a heart attack and is unable to carry on as the town s good ole Doc Of course she esents every minute of it and can t seem to adjust to the small town way of lifepatients who pay for their services in casseroles and gossipoutrageous Emma longs to get back to her fast paced job and important big city life complete with Starbucks and Thai take out There were some aspects of this story that eminded me a little of Robyn Carr s Virgin River but it s not nearly as good I m a fan of author Jill Shalvis and loved the first book Instant Attraction in the Wilder series so I had high hopes and expectations for this one Although it s a pleasant enough ead and a nice steamy contemporary omance with a super dreamboat hero it just didn t have uite the same zing or humor as the previous book I think the main eason I didn t like it as much is that I spent almost the entire book wanting to slap some serious sense into Emma or for her to just get lost in the woods or take a hike so that Stone could find someone who actually appreciated what an amazing man he is I just couldn t fathom his attraction and heartfelt devotion to her but I guess sometimes in eal life there are hot practically near perfect guys who datemarry frosty cold btches that leave us befuddled as to what they see in them and wondering how the hell they wound up together And Emma does warm and wise up towards the end but for me it was a little too lateOverall it s a good contemporary omance and an enjoyable ead with a very yummy gratifying beta hero I ll definitely ead the next book Instant Temptation which is TJ s story and set for elease April 2010 4 stars 35 Two months ago Dr Emma Sinclair came to Wishful California to temporarily un her father s clinic while he ecover from a heart attack They aren t close In fact she didn t see him often growing up But when he called she answered It s certainly a big change of pace from her stressful life but still she can t wait to be back in New York But that was before one of the Wilder brothers helped her pass the time always ending up injured What is it about him that she find so attractive when sh Originally posted at The Book Nympho INSTANT GRATIFICATION is the second book in Jill Shalvis Wilder series about three brothers that share the same last name This time around we get middle brother Stone s storyDr Emma is uptight and only in Wishful for a short time so she thinks to un her father s practice while he ecovers from a heart attack Emma is use to unning an ER in New York and the very slow pace of Wishful is driving her nuts But not as nuts as the sexy StoneStone is the glue that keeps the Wilder family together He s the peace keeper the one that does all the things the others don t want to do like the paperwork for Wilder Adventures and he s sexy as hell And he can t wait to get Dr Emma to loosen up and see what kind of fun they could have togetherEmma and Stone dance around each other for a while but once they start dancing together they eally heat of the pages of INSTANT GRATIFICATION If you e looking for a omance where the guy is an alpha outdoorsman and the gal is a city girl who needs a little dirtying up then you need to check out INSTANT GRATIFICATION by Jill ShalvisNarrationLiisa Ivary s narration is growing on me Liisa does an excellent job with the male voices and she manages to change her voice for the females characters where her non dialogue voice is different instead of it being the same as the heroine s which it is nice I still think that Liisa s voice sounds a little too mature for these younger couples but that s something I m willing to over lo. In Instant Attraction Jill Shalvis introduced Cameron Stone and TJ; the sexy daredevil brothers who un Wilder Adventures And for Stone Wilder the thrill of a lifetime is about to arrive in a surprising package The Doctor Is In Deep Wishful California is 3000 miles from Dr Emma Sinclair's last job in a New York City ER It may as well be another galaxy Here unning her father's cl.

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