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Nnifer Rummel for TeensReadToocomChloe tags along while her boyfriend tapes a reality cooking contest The crew goes to the supermarket picks a stranger and then creates a meal in hisher kitchen While Josh cooks up a superb meal something goes very wrong First the contestant hates the meal and with good reason as it s been poisoned She ies soon afterwards and all those at the taping are suspected of murder If there s one thing Chloe Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary doesn t need right now on top of her normal life planning her best friend s wedding and trying to make time to see her busy chef boyfriend it s solving a murder Yet she needs to solve this case before anything else can happen This is the fourth book in the GOURMET GIRL MYSTERY series for this motheraughter uo FED UP is a cute food mystery served with a side of recipes I saw this book in the new book area at the library and thought it might be fun I wanted to like a murder mystery crossed with gourmet eating but it really just ended up being ridiculous Some pages read like a menu and many of the characters were over the top The main character is an idiot and comes off that way to several of the people in the book too apparently There is a good bit of lecturing on cooking environmentalism animal right etc This is a book I feel like I should have liked but it s honestly just not that well written It s a girly foodie murder mystery with recipes at the back It seemed like they talked about the food in too much etailwithout me getting hungry to try it None of the characters were very interesting The love interest was boring and the second love interest you only met twice before it turned out he wanted to throw a cat in the river What And it ends with a cliff hanger which was just annoying because there was almost nothing leading up to it and I m not emotionally invested enough to read the next book. T but Chloe wonders Was it one of Josh's competitors Or the The Majors Daughter deceased's husband Or someone on the crew Sifting through suspects Chloeeals with wedding chaos and Josh's erratic behavior She'll have to balance her plate while trying to catch a food felon.

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Chloe s boyfriend chef Josh is up for a shot at a reality show But then one of the people who eats the food he prepares ies of poison Although the police seem rather lackadaisical Chloe is The Touch deeply affected by theeath and ecides to investigate Meanwhile she s also trying to prepare for her best friend s combined weddingbaby shower to be followed almost immediately by a wedding Although this is the newest book in a series I read it before the others and loved it I am now reading the series backwards and would recommend starting the series with Steamed to keep everything in the correct order of events However the writers are extremely talented and yo This is the Gourmet Girl mystery series co written byJessica Conant Park and her mother Susan Conant Our heroine Chloe Carter tags along with her boyfriend chef Josh Driscoll as he films an episode of a battle of the chefs style television series They choose a random shopper at an upscale market to be the recipient of a home cooked gourmet inner but the fun is spoiled when the shopper s wife Different Class dies a painfuleath The Essential Good Food Guide during the meal Josh is not a suspect but having been the only person to witness theeath Chloe feels that she must Textbook of Wisdom discover whodunnit I sailed though this book in 2ays would have been faster but I went to a concert last night hehe As always with this series I found it a totally enjoyable light read I will say that the ending made me sooooooooooo happy I really hope Josh is gone for good and that Chloe finally finds a In Defence of Dogs decent boyfriend And I m not talking about someone with regular work hours or anything Someone who actually cares about Chloe Josh seemed to only snap at her expect her too stuff keep her out of his real life or throw her a bone of niceness when he had to appease her Please This is the second book that I have read from this series It was a very fast. The latest in a series with all the right ingredients fresh characters a ash of humor and a sizzling romance Elaine Viets Part time student Chloe Carter is planning her best friend's wedding working for her parents and glued to her chef boyfriend Josh.

Easy read They kept my attention and I couldn t wait to find out what happened next Her writing style reminds me of Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum series Chloe is a student her boyfriend Josh is a chef with a tv series One of his contestants ends up ead and they try to find out what happened This is the fourth of book of A Gourmet Girl Mystery series Chloe attends the shooting of a reality show where her chef boyfriend Josh is a contestant The chef contestants are supposed to convince a grocery shopper to allow them to cook The City in Mind dinner for him and his spouse Josh meets shopper Leo who agrees to let him cook for him and his wife Unfortunately Leo s wife hates the food that Josh cooks andies soon after There is a clear foul play and Chloe wants to get to the bottom of it except she has too many balls to juggle she is preparing for her best friend s wedding where she is solemnising the marriage helping her parents with their landscaping project and managing relationship with an overworked JoshFood is the central theme of the whole story There are a lot of things left unexplained in the end including the motive which leaves a bad aftertaste on the palette However this book has a fast paced narration with Revenge (The Red Ledger dollops of humour which makes it edible I mean readable I give it 3 stars OK I m fed up Here s the thing Ion t normally read themed mysteries but I ecided to give this one a try This was sort of chick lit meets foodlove meets mystery and in the end it really wasn t enough for me Plus being the fourth book in the Gourmet Girl mystery series I was stuck with a RELATIONSHIP CLIFFHANGER ending that sort of annoyed me I thought I had about twenty pages and instead I was stuck with twenty pages of RECIPES Oh well Although parts of this were fun the mystery was predictable and I idn t really love the characters Reviewed by Je. As he competes to star in a new TV series The premise Josh hijacks unsuspecting grocery shoppers and prepares them gourmet The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity dinners Everything's going great until one shopperrops ead With the cameras on him from the beginning Josh is obviously innocen.

Jessica ParkJessica Conant Park graduated from Macalester College and has a master of Social Work degree from Boston College She is married to Chef William Park Steamed is the first collaboration in her new series with her mother mystery author