Jennifer K. Harbury: Truth Torture and the American Way The History and Conseuences of US Involvement in Torture

Ncludes her expose of US complicity in and use of torture tactics with an in depth an The weakest part of this excellent book is chapter four concerning the law Yoo Gonzalez and the rest of the Bush cabal have again proven that winners shape and use law particularly when they shamelessly brandish that great cudgel of fear And Congress the creation of law is shamefully subservient to fear cowardice intimidation and job security And the law does not enforce itself When people are seen simply as kernels of information collateral accessories or unknowing instruments of terror law is irrelevant and the recollections in chapter three are being and will continue to be repeated I can t stop our violence but I can stop mine Ends don t justify means the means are the ends The most courageous acts of the book were by Ms Harbury herself not the petitions and speeches and letters and seminars No they were the hunger strikes Way of the Warrior indeed The title tells it al. E use of torture in any circumstances not only because it is completely inconsistent with all the basic values Americans hold dear but also because it has repeatedly proved to be ineffective Again and again'information' obtained through these gruesome tactics proves unreliable or false Worse the use of torture by US client states allies and even by our own operatives endangers our citizens and especially our troops deployed internationally.

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Le first She connects our lengthy history supporting torture in Latin America to US sanctioned torture in the Middle East and other places Very disturbing and very revealing Read this for my American Political Systems classIf The Defense (Eddie Flynn you can getourself to see the Oscar nominated follow up to an Oscar winning Enron The Smartest Guys in the Room documentarian s work Taxi to the Dark Side it has been highly recommended to me covers the changing definition and dare I say policy of torture in the post 9 11 climes as it examines the investigation into the homicide of an innocent taxi driver at the Bagram Air force Base in Afghanistan A telling look into the US s role in perpetuating human rights abuses from the Latin American Dirty Wars to todays wars in Ira and Afghanistan Jennifer Harbury peppers her insightful analysis with personal narratives of torture survivors including her own experiences as the widow of a victim of torture during Guatemala s civil war Harbury co. Completed when the first photos from Abu Ghraib were published; tragically many of Harbury's deepest fears about America's own abuses were graphically confirmed by those horrific imagesThis urgently needed book offers both well documented evidence of the CIA's continuous involvement in torture tactics since the 1970s and moving personal testimony from many of the victims Most important Harbury provides solid convincing arguments against th.

Highly recommend This book is still very relevant today If ou can t stomach the horrors of what this book shares then don t pick it up This is not for the faint of heart It is really grueling to read what people have shared in this book It is horrible to imagine the torture that women mean children went through actually lived to tell about it But that is actually not the worst part They sometimes relive what they suffered over over again to then wish they were dead instead Learning about the ways that the US actually allowed torture to happen on it s own watch is mortifying It is so upsetting to read how this has been going on for decades not just in recent wars in the Middle East I really can t even express my shock while reading this book It is so alarming that despite torture being illegal it still continues as if nobody is following the rules it s ju Jennifer Harbury s personal story fighting injustice is incredible read Searching for Everardo if possib. Jennifer Harbury's investigation into torture began when her husband disappeared in Guatemala in 1992; she told the story of his torture and murder in Searching for Everardo For over a decade since Harbury has used her formidable legal research and organizing skills to press for the US government's disclosure of America's involvement in harrowing abuses in Latin America Southeast Asia and the Middle East A draft of this book had just been.

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