Jeffrey Layton: The Faithful Spy Yuri Kirov #3

Ever the main characters conducted an inner dialogue Goodreads Kindle Copy WinFormer intelligent office for the Russian Navy Yuri Kirov is back He is hiding incognito in the US from the Russian government He is recalled to duty to infiltrate a Chinese naval base and install spyware on their latest submarineHe becomes a pawn in the game as his family faces danger in the States This is a uick paced spy thriller that will keep you on the dg. Gh stakes thriller that keeps you guessing” Leo J Maloney   “The Art excitement never stops high adventure at its very best” Gayle Lynds   “A page turner with as much heart as brains” Dana Haynes    “A fast paced adventure that will take readers on a thrilling journey” Diana Chambers   “Breathlessntertainment” Tim Tigne.

You would not want to mess with yuri kirov if you like books by brad thor brad taylor and God Is in the Crowd ernest Dempsey this author jeffrey layton is the one you want to read Anotherxcellent novel Completely unrealistic but a decent fast paced read if you are casting about for a thriller This might make a better movie than it did a novel Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC The Chinese were trying to ngineer a war between Russia AmericaNow Russia is re. A spy without a country    Yuri Kirov is a wanted man A former intelligence officer for the Russian Navy he is living incognito in the United States But the Russians are not through with him He is recalled to duty and ordered to complete one last mission infiltrate a Chinese naval base and install spy hardware on their newest nuclear submarin.

Taliating by trying to ngineer a war between China AmericaEither waypoor Americahaha I picked this up based on a review I would have benefited from reading the prior books in the series The writing style is good with a decent amount of suspense and lots of realistic detail regarding The Matriarchs (The Family espionage conducted underwater by sub and diving The story is typical for this genre The characters never came to life for me and the book lost momentum when. E   As a Navy veteran andxpert in underwater technology Yuri is the perfect man for the job But with his family in danger in the US he is also the perfect pawn By the time Yuri discovers the true purpose of his mission it is too late A new Cold War is heating up And it’s about to go nuclear   Praise for the The Good Spy “An xplosive hi.

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