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E GREEN KNIGHT beautifully translated into modern alliterative English by the always reliable Benedict Flynn and read by Jasper Britton in a masterly performance that is effortless energetic clear In listening to it images sprang to my mind like those from an illuminated manuscript as if I were sitting by the huge hearth of some local noble s house enchanted by the tale being told as the fire blazes crackles late into the night Yes this reading has the power to place you deep within the poem which is exactly what you want from this sort of work most highly recommended Reading this book made me feel like I had been let in on the secret known to every little boy. Y period Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a magical medieval combination of the epic and the uncanny A new verse translation by Benedict Flynn.

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Brilliant retelling of the classic story Easy to read A good introduction to the Arthurian legends A must for all legend lovers very good read i thought long live the knights of the round table and morality loyalty and kindness to mankind The introduction to this book is wonderful It does not tell you so much to give the story away but tells you enough so that you can understand the context the epic poem was written in New books are being published all the time but often they cost uite alot of money even on Kindle However there are some wonderful classics out there to enjoy for free and this is one of the best The Kindle text is not verse it is prose It is A mysterious knight all in green arrives at King Arthur's court and issues a bizarre challenge Gawain answers the knight but at what cost This

Ot the Marie Borroff verse translation of 1967 rather it is a prose translation dated 1898 revised 1900 Beware if you re looking for the original poem as well as the translation it is NOT here This contains ONLY the translation This is not made at all clear Disappointed Having read this poem long ago in various versions I still like the verse translations better than this one Having said that it did what I needed it to and gave me the description of Gawain s shield without too much difficulty to find It is easy to read but I sometimesd wonder whetehr easy means one misses less obvious imagery This is a robust stirring audio CD of the classic SIR GAWAIN AND TH. Ew translation keeps all the poetic power of the original's extraordinary alliteration One of the greatest stories of English literature from an.