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D Stella the villainess in Texas Tough returns to play a major role in Texas Tall and she is evil personified Determined to utterly destroy Will Tyler in order to avenge her brother s death Stella will stop at nothing including bribery blackmail kidnapping and murder to achieve her malicious oal Stella s wicked machinations ave me chillsBeneath the plot s many dramatic twists and turns the banked embers of Will and Tori s long ago love slowly reignite lowing ever stronger until they flame into a blazing passion that can t be denied Their sexual encounters though not explicit are a beautiful expression of their rekindled loveI enjoyed every minute of this book from its descriptive settings engaging characters except Stella and unpredictable plot to its satisfying Happily Ever After ending I m completely hooked by the Tylers of Texas series and will read Texas True next HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Best book I ve read in a long whileand I ve read a few Good characterization well drawn plot with some really sad characters without redeeming featuresexcept for Abner Read and find out why Can t et enough of the Tyler family Great book. I wont have a second chance to make it right With the ranch in trouble and his freedom on the line somehow fighting for her is the only thing that mattersPraise for the Tylers of Texas seriesBig bold and sexy Texas Trueis Janet Dailey at her bestKat MartinDailey does the enre proud with plenty of intrigue subplots twists and of course love Fans and newcomers alike will revel in the ride Publishers Weeklyon Texas Ta.

E read this one easily ranks in the top 50 Seriously IT S THAT GOODHere s a bit of the plot but no big spoilers I promise Most of the characters in Texas Tough play a role in Texas Tall including Beau and Natalie Sky and Lauren Jasper and Bernice But this story focuses on the relationship between Will Tyler head of the Rimrock Ranch and his ex wife Tori Tyler the woman he still loves Tori divorced him 8 years earlier because of his domineering nature and unwarranted jealousy but she still harbors feelings for him that Swing Sideways go beyond their mutual love for Erin their 12 year old daughterWhen Will is charged with manslaughter after he kills a man in order to protect Erin Tori serves as his defense attorney in a nail biting criminal trial that s a highlight of the story But there are many exciting subplots in this well crafted narrative a severe November storm kills prime cattle and puts the ranch s entire future in jeopardy a mysterious fire destroys the horse barn on Thanksgiving Day human remains provide mute testimony to a long hidden murder and a new man in Tori s life tempts her to break the fragile bond she shares with WillAs I expecte. And her desire for his strong sure embrace has never died Protecting him is second nature until an unexpected terror threatens to shatter them bothand Tori needs Wills fierce love than ever beforeHe cant let hero The sassy sexy wife he never meant to drive away the orgeous woman who haunts his memory and his fantasiesWill can accept the blame for the destruction of his marriage but he cant believe that he and Tor.

It s 201am and just finished book Couldn t put it down Won t bore you with rhetoric and need to sleep so et this book and enjoy it like I did Cannot remember the last time I have enjoyed such a series Cannot wait to start the next book in the series Enjoyed book was part of series that I have been reading Thinking this was the best of the series Just enough love suspense and finality I really enjoyed each character they fit their part of the story Dancing with Mr. Darcy great Hoping the rest of the series will be just asood Hard putting the book down A lot of problems A way a family can work together to solve problems and still love each other Enjoyed the story very much Well worth reading Great charactersWill Torilots of suspense family respect love for each other Didn t want to stop reading I ve enjoyed the whole series Don t hesitate Awesome book WOW Just when I thought nothing could surpass the Lesca gripping suspense of Texas Tough along came this seuel to prove me wrong I can t find words to express how much I loved this contemporary western novel filled with suspense danger courtroom drama and second chance romance Of the thousands of books I A deadly accident puts a cowboy on the wrong side of the law in this romantic suspense novel by the New York Timesbestselling author of the Calder SagaShe cant forget him The born rancher who stole her heart her ex husband the tough tender father of her childTori Tyler cant let Will Tylero to prison for a crime that was a simple accident But she cant deny that her feelings for the man run much deeper than loyalty.

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JANET DAILEY’s first book was published in 1976 Since then she has written than 100 novels and become one of the top selling female authors in the world with 300 million copies of her books sold in nineteen languages in ninety eight countries She is known for her strong decisive characters her extraordinary ability to recreate a time and a place and her unerring courage to confront important controversial issues in her stories You can learn about Janet at wwwJanetDaileycom