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E It as battles for survival fall of the defence of and decline of some cities In the story we go from Hungaria to Venice from Constantinople to Portugal It is My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, happening at the important time inistory and in a changing world Our son will grow up in a world without the Roman Empire He ll know that we three were in Constantinople when Rome fell when the world changed forever I The Café Book hopee ll make sense of it The world is changing in front of the character s eyes Rome is a piece of Lord John And The Brotherhood Of The Blade (Lord John Grey, history and the West is becoming and important as Siward andis mentor realise when e sends Siward to search salvation for the bank in the West not East Roman Empire is finished and it is time for other Empires to emerge with the elp of science and most importantly new maps to show them new trading routesI received the copy on Netgalley A word of warning before I get into my flow this book is marketed as a potential stand alone novel but it will make much sense if you Models Dont Eat Chocolate Cookies have read the previous three books in the Mistra Chronicles Rise of Empires series Iave not read these and conseuently found myself floundering at first Once I found my feet owever I thought there was much to enjoy in this novel which takes us into rarely mined istorical fiction territory Novels set in the 15th century rarely make it further east than Venice and indeed we do spend some time in Venice Shalias Diary (Shalias Diary, here But much of the novel unfolds at Monemvasia and Mistra in the Peloponnese two tiny outposts of the fading Byzantine Empire standing proud against the looming armies of the Ottoman Turks The true decline and fall of the Roman Empire is atand and it will be bound up with the story of two courageous men and the woman who is loved by both of themFor the full review please see my blog Reading this made me think that I wanted to see it as a movie A Ridley Scott movie I so miss Scruples Two his epicistoricals I need some fighting walls tumbling and cities taken it would work great for that Drums beating and ok enough blood thirst from me nowThe book is about two men two cousins on opposite sides of a never ending battle Siward is a Varangian and is great at it He loves being a soldier And I liked What Janie Found (Janie Johnson, him But poor guy inherits a bank in Venice and must leave all that The Eastern Church needs money Venice does play a big roll in this book With it s secrets alluring courtesans ase will find out when we meet the POV of Violetta who does what she wants no man can stop er and conspiracies Venice is a snake pit to be onest A beautiful cesspool The other big POV is that of Makkim a general of the Ottoman Empire And they are set on taking Constantinople The big fight is coming but at the end First the chess board needs to be set Plans made and intrigues unfold Makkim well Silver Tower / Strike Force / Shadow Command he was devout tois emperor even though the second guy Explosive Acts had major flaws Head been indoctrinated and was a true muslim and could not really see any other points of views at first He might Shadowbridge (Shadowbridge, have been a general bute was still a slave as a janissaryIt was interesting getting the povs from both sides and knowing Academia de Rowan (A Tapeçaria history well I knew what wouldappen in the endI must mention Violetta again She as a POV too somewhat smaller but still as big as these two guys I liked ow free she was even if she stuck in a golden cage in a way too even if she did not see it that way Being a courtesan did give Two Reels And A Crank her respect and being able to move between worlds Andey I always like when there is a bit of romance slowly growingA great book that Queens Gambit (The Tudor Trilogy, had meooked I needed to know that everyone was going to be all right The ba. T Makkim renowned general to Ottoman rule as vowed to destroy itThey are enemies in war but unknown to them they are also rivals to inherit one of Europe's greatest fortunes Even worse they are competing for the love of th.

Ttle of Constantinople was coming and they would obviously all be there At the end there was a few notes from the author I did not know that Siward s grandfather ad a trilogy of The Camping Cookbook his own Sounds good Also I really want to read a book about Henry the Navigator That guy sounds really interestingGreatistorical set at an interesting time in Absalom, Absalom! history Iave read the trilogy prior to this book so may ave a slightly different perspective to the many who ave read it as a stand alone book I write this from the perspective of someone who was anticipating a seven eight book series spanning the fall of the Byzantine Empire from 1395 to 1460 when Mistra fell to the Turks I believe that was the original intention of the authorIt was a good book and I understand why James Henneage might Black Stone have decided to wrap up the events of the Fall of Constantinople in a rather urgent manner Most likelye felt the prospect of writing another four books daunting for a topic On Liberty he felte could not fully commit No Way Down himself toI really enjoyed the relatively slow burn and breadth of scope the prior trilogy paid toistorical events Each of the three books focused on just a few years of events between 2 and 7 so for the fourth book to gloss over 33 years rankled a bit with meI was looking forward to a epic series that would at least cover other major events of the early 15th Century eastern Europe like the Hussite Wars and of what was Pulled Thread Embroidery happening in Hungary and Romania But I digressJamesas chosen to draw the series to it s conclusion earlier although there is potential for books in the series And for that decision e as done wellIt s a fairly intriguing story although predictable and rather cut copy involving complicated family ties and betrayals etc etc Due to the Absolutely on Music huge time span of this novele as ad to rebuild a new generation of characters in the space of one novel so the characters aren t particularly deep or nuance very much falling into the same personality of their forebears from the prior trilogy rather black and white Gone for Good heroes and villains with little grey in betweenI am auge fan of this time period in this part of the world so welcome any attempt to popularise it and bring it to life via Lallieva (Alice Allevi, historical fiction It is a good book in it s own rightowever I feel that James is better at writing about istory than e is at writing fiction The British Society Since 1945 historical notes at the back are excellentA good book of fairly run of the mill familial estrangement political intrigue anderoic adventure that as done a decent job of covering 33 years of istory in this exciting time periodI Reiki And The Seven Chakras hope James continues the series but chooses to slow the pace to maybe just cover the next 7 years until 1460 in the next novel Yes this is a page turner and it was a really entertaining read It mixesistorical facts and fictional characters really well However the story though fast paced and nevr gets bogged down with details is a little too convenient and some of the decisions and actions of the main characters were a little forced Also there are too many lines that are so unlikely to be uttered without the Turning the Tide of Battle help ofistorical I Curse the River of Time hindsight they could somehow spoil the fun These are supposed to be living in the middle of the fifteenth century as the Roman Empire was about to fall and they are talking with the knowledge of worldistory after Rome Sure these people were already looking at elsewhere other than the old world of Rome and the Turks otherwise people would Once I Was a Princess have been defending Constantinople but exactly where Like today we talk about the waning inf. E same womanTheir vast inheritance lies in Venice as does the famous courtesan they both love She is the reason they will find themselves fighting on the walls of Constantinople in one of the most dramatic sieges inistory.

I Court the Night (Blood Bonds, have really enjoyed this series of books They cover such an important part of Europeanistory of which we in the UK are sadly ignorant bein Luke Magoris Greed, Seeds and Slavery has moved from Mistra to Venice to oversee the Magoris Bank but whene dies in mysterious circumstances Demons, Deliverance, Discernment his grandson Siwardas to take over the ailing bank The profitable trading company Some Prefer Nettles by Junichiro Tanizaki Summary Study Guide has been left to Luke s missing grandson child of Giovanni and the beautiful Cleope but when it is discovered thate is actually one of the Sultan s chief Janissaries and that the Islamic forces are targeting Constantinople family Well Meet Again honour and the soul of the Roman Empire all combineThis is the fourth in Heneage s series about the Varangian Guard and the decline and fall of the Roman Empire based in Constantinople I enjoyed the third book in the series and wanted to read simply because the setting is unusual There are manyistorical novels set in Western Europe covering the 15th16th centuries but this is the first that I ave read focused on Eastern Europe and war between the Turkish Empire and the remnants of the old Orthodox church This book as all the elects of a good action novel but with a If I Never See You Again (Jo Birmingham hefty dose of politics and a littleeavy Firebird handed romance Heneage is a strong story teller and whilst characters are lightly drawn there is enough to make it a deeper book than might otherwise be expected It would be unfair to call this bubblegum literature but it s not literary fiction either It deserves four stars because I rattled through it in five days and enjoyed the experience What could you want It succeeds at what it tries to do and lacks the pretension to be anything than it is which is an adventure story set inistory Heneage stays true to the events surrounding the fall of Constantinople in 1453 while deftly mixing A Night on the Tiles historical characters and fictional ones Mehmet and Minotto come out much worse than theiristorical selves but the need for villains makes this forgivable Some of the dialogue is a bit clunky at times with characters explaining to each other things that they already know and on these occasions it s faintly reminiscent of the dreadful Mongoliad But it s not enough to spoil the enjoyment Maps are provided which many readers will find invaluable but the character list The House That Jesus Built has a major flaw in the the death dates are given foristorical figures That s a big spoiler given that one of them is a central character who only dies in the penultimate chapter ReviewI always think when i pick up a book by James Heneage that i m about to embark on an epic and as such need to slow down my expectations wade through a slow burn of meticulous detail but ultimately come out the other end educated I m not sure if its the name or the fantastically intricate covers its just an instinctive feeling Yet nothing could be further from the truth all the books especially this latest one are fast paced action packed and full of passion for the subject at Elegies Elderberries (The Herbalist handFull review The bookas a fast pace from the beginning We follow two main characters one of which is supposed to be dead However unlike Tank Girl his parents we know from the beginning thate is alive His fate is linked with Miss Mackenzie his cousin the legitimate son of a legitimate son Giovanni andis son are both illegitimate and Giovanni is exiled because of The Tao of Sex (Harlequin Blaze his son The son is saved byis grandfather s self exile and sent to Bulgaria with Jóias de Família his sword by whiche is later to be recognised by When Elephants Weep his father The story is exciting full of places stories and even some intrigue As somebody else said I agree that it would be a great movi. Destiny inheritance the world shifting from east to west This is an epic novel set in an age of dramatic changeSiward scion of a great dynasty commands the Varangian Guard andas vowed to defend the Roman Empire to the las.

James Heneage has been fascinated by history from an early age in particular the rise and fall of empires He was the founder of the Ottakar’s chain of bookshops which between 1987 and 2006 grew to 150 branches before being bought by Waterstones James spent these twenty years reading and researching historical subjects before settling on the end of the Byzantine Empire as the period he wanted t