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You ve just come back to work after a two week vacation during which you actually relaxed without calling in or checking e mail You discover that there are no pressing issues and that on the contrary your team scored a big new customer and ixed a nagging problem during your absence Dream or reality It appears managers can do a lot less let alone nothing to make things happen and get people strive Breakfast with Anglo for great results Focus on them the people give them trust release control show integrity and start with the end and plan backwards For me a major takeaway Think of the reaction that you wantirst then determine the actions you can take to maximize the chances that those reactions will actually happenCommon sense lasting truths maybe the one insight you need right now because business as usual stepped in again Murnighan values active listening de emphasizing performance goals and short term profits And if you re One Big Damn Puzzler fed up with theory alone the author has some contemporary examples of unnatural leaders testifying the book s principles Michael Krasny CDW Phil Jackson basketball coach Soichiro Honda chairman Honda Motor Company Norbert Braininirst violinist Amadeus String uartet Michael Abrashoff ex Navy captain leadership consultant and author Maggie Doyne BlinkNow Foundation Oprah WinfreyStop working and start leading again Timely reminder on the well known principles of leadershipOne takeaway Landscapes of Communism for me is that empowerment and granting autonomy is not the be all and end all rather it is collective wisdom of setting right goals prioritising values and defining value that enables success This is a great primeror anyone moving NORJAK from an entry level position to a management position While much of the advice it offers seems like common sense care about the people you manage listen to their ideas the book also offers many refreshing insights It also has some interesting profiles on successful leaders and the way they use their own interests and values to create a uniue management style After reading this book I plan to try to trust people and give them challenging projects rather than waitingor them to step up and start doing without being asked I really enjoyed this book He lays out a ew basic but powerful actions anyone can implement A very good book or any new manager interested in how to be effective Also very good The Outside for managers looking to learn grow and improve. By trusting people than they expect to be trusted And it will help you overcome your natural tendencies toward micromanagement so you can let people do their jobs even when you know you could do their jobs betterAs Murnighan writes My experience suggests that you will be surprised wildly surprised Peo ple on your team will reveal skills you never knew they had and will accomplish things that goar beyond your estimate of their capabilities They might not do things the way you would do them but they will get results you never expected Every one has hidden talents and most leaders never discover them Before you reject this approach ask yourself what if you did nothing and it actu ally worked.

Ave it a typical 3 star rating I liked it but I didn t love it I do hope to interesting uotes teams can benefit enormously when their leaders have high positive expectations This should be a consistent message It s also a message that you don t have to convey verbally If you consistently have high standards and you are committed to them your team members will get the message and will do their best to reach them And getting this message across doesn t reuire that you do anything your team members will get a good sense of how you Loving James (Surviving Elite High, feelrom your everyday high standard activities p 16 not only do we often Bedford Square (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, find what we are lookingor in people we sometimes create what we are looking I See Rude People for in people p 41 bad outcomes tend to seriously outweigh comparable good outcomes because they are vivid available events Our memories are not egalitarian we remember events that stand out and negatives stand out much than positives do This is particularly trueor people who have trusted and been burned trust violations are vivid emotionally charged events As a result they affect us deeply and they influence our subseuent decision making much than positive outcomes do p 83 So how do you balance your position of authority with your need to know them as people Here s my standard rule explained in an example by all means socialize with your team members Every so often take them out HVAC Design Sourcebook for a drink on a Friday afternoon Talk about local community events sports the economy you name it You can even talk about workBuy them theirst round Also buy them the second round but don t buy a second drink Melvin Menchers News Reporting and Writing for yourself Instead take this as your time to leave Your timing doesn t have to be strict this is just a general recipe Why Most of the time you should be theirst person on your team to leave this kind of social event so that your team members can talk among themselves comfortably p 134 Everyone starts out with opportunity some people start out with others with less Although being blessed with a great genetic structure strong parents and a supportive developmental environment certainly helps achieving greatness as a leader also takes diligence learning The Far Dawn (The Atlanteans, from experience constantly seeking information and insights and making the effort to grow p 149 In Do Nothing How to Stop Overmanaging and Become a Great Leader award winning business professor J Keith Murnighan challenges his readers Imagine. Nt them They spend their time preparingor the Ormen i Essex future They take a comprehensive view of their terrain while also noticing key details so they can confidently choose the rightorks in the roadIn other words great leaders don't do any thing except think make key decisions help people do their jobs better and add a touch of organizational control to make sure the Bare It All (Love Undercover, final recipes come out okay In sharp contrast most leaders are too busy actually working to do these things and their teams suffer as a result Do Nothing's practical strategies and true stories will show you how to set high expec tationsor your team and watch it rise to the challenge It will help you establish a healthier culture.

This book offers a different approach to leadership and management do less and Bare It All (Love Undercover, focus on leading and planningor the An Elusive Victorian future The concept isn t too revolutionary but it is likely a good reminderor the technician who has gotten promoted and no longer can be a do er It encourages managers to back off stop micromanaging A Bird in the House foster trust and promote reliance on the team s talent Orchestrate andacilitate care or your people and stop doing their work With seven main themes the author tries to show how to do nothing and lead ocus on them start at the end trust release control deviously bear down warmly ignore performance goals and de emphasize profits The author uses historical and anecdotal examples to highlight the principles he presents in the book The examples are interesting but not always as successful as the author had hoped I appreciate the historical lesson of the The Last Imaginary Place failure of Britain s appeasement strategy to constrain Germany s ambitionor conuering Europe pp 35 38 I m not sure that it really applies to most people however and a Not Just Roommates failure to negotiate on the world s stage is not necessarily the same in a business context Iound this book at the Pentagon library and I was intrigued by the title Unfortunately I am of a worker bee and less of a leader there so I don t really have the chance to implement this concept at work but I can see the benefits in general and appreciate the message I think the book is a bit redundant in places Cassidy Harte and the Comeback Kid (Outlaw Hartes, for such a simple message but I suppose the author needed to have some length to the book to make it appear credible It would be nice however if some of the senior leaders there took this lesson to heart I have to admit that I got confused when he started discussing Five Natural Problems of Individuals as Leaders pp 40 45 He doesn t actually list or explain theseive problems although there is a depiction that I guess labels them Instead he dives right into solving them but it all Jean-Paul Sartre feels like he s missing a huge chunk of his manuscript It s not entirely coherent and I spentar too much time rereading previous pages trying to Vintage Games figure out what I missed and where I got off track I was trying to read the bookairly uickly almost skimming the pages to get the gist of the concepts but I was still as perplexed when I went back and reread the confusing pages That s when I started considering rating the book a bit lower In the end I Imagine you've just come back to work after a two week vacation during which you actually relaxed without calling in or checking e mail You discover that there are no pressing issues and that on the contrary your team scored a big new customer and Zamba fixed a nagging problem during your absence No redlags or The Erotic Motive in Literature fires to put outSadlyor most leaders this scenario is only a dream They constantly check on what's happen ing because they expect the worst and usually get it But Keith Murnighan shows that not only is do nothing leadership possible it is also ar effective than doing too muchGreat leaders don't work; they acilitate and orchestrate They think of great strategies and help others impleme.

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