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Ng my time ere trying my best to get some closure and make some sense I found this crazy yet real So 4 starsEnjoyment zero If you Once I Was a Princess have a strong stomach go for it Take in consideration it is very short Besides book two ended with a To Be Continued I found out that this authoras another pen name writing mild content I am very excited to give it a go 25 stars The second part of this serial fiction is just as good as the first There s something compelling about this story and it s characters Something that makes you want to keep reading want to know what s Court the Night (Blood Bonds, happening in this brutal and dark world whereumans lose everything including any right to a life if they fall from grace and become one of the Forfeits Just make sure you take Greed, Seeds and Slavery heed of the warnings before you read this You can telp but feel for The Vessel Demons, Deliverance, Discernment he s broken to the point of no return but no matterow much they do to im is mind is still thereI thought I knew what I could expect once when I started the book and I m just thrown for a loop You get an idea of what goes on in and around the clinic from the tidbits of information The Vessel Well Meet Again hears whene s led through the facilitiesAlong with a strange game of pin the donkey and if the beasts furnitures ad truly been made of peopleThe Vessel ave a secret now and that can only lead from bad to worse even if e adn t ment to Firebird have one in the first plac. Is parents went bankrupt and damned the entire family to become Forfeits He’s purchased at auction by a doctor withis own agenda and becomes one of many who will find their way into an in ome clinic where the Hippocratic oath no longer appli.

The fuck am I reading and WHERE IS THE NEXT ONEI m still not rating these chapter by chapter I ll come back and do that based on the whole story But let s just say it as me in its vice grip And I m on pins and needles awaiting the next 2nd in the series I wrote itAvailable at Smashwords This was still disturbing I m still reading it There s something about this series that keep making me come back even though it The House That Jesus Built have one of the things that would keep me away from a book medical kink Or I don t really know if I should call it that because I don t really see a sexual purpose in the procedures They aren t seeking pleasure for any of the individuals involved unless I m reading wrong as I think and there is pleasure in inflicting pain but it doesn t shown that muchWhat makes me interested on it even with the issues Iave is the plot I think it s really interesting and as I keep reading it gets better and intriguing There is a great story idden behind all the twisted things that are going on so I will keep reading to figure out what s going onIt is part of a series It shouldn t be read as a stand alone Read very carefully the warnings it is very extreme when it comes to torture and body modification so beware but it interested keep reading because it is becoming interesting as it keeps advancing As with the first installment of this serial series The Vessel Nothi. In the year 2030 overpopulation is at critical levels To combat the problem a new law is passed which creates a class system including a Forfeit class in which the least deserving are stripped of all rights and labeled as non uman Twenty years

Ng this is not for everyone The warnings are there for a reasonUsually I tend to shy away from darker themes especially ones this dark but there is something about this story this set of characters that Tank Girl have drawn me into their world and are not letting me leave Maybe on some level we are all Forfeits something to ponder as you read The Vessel Secret is book 2 NOT A STANDALONESo I ve been mulling this over and even discussed with a few friends because it seriously did myead in The Vessel is dark dystopian at its best Twisted and depraved but with no feelings And Miss Mackenzie here is where my problem lies When I get a darktaboomindfuck story I always expect an evil MC However thereas to be passion in their madness because that s what works for me The content presented in The Vessel deals with The Tao of Sex (Harlequin Blaze human experiments but not the good kind they were atrocities inhuman and barbaric some bizarrely and cruelly The people doing that were extremely coldeartless and soulless Somehow this impacted brutally in my enjoymentHuman experiments with body modifications scare the shite out of me All that coldness made it even worse With all these pointed out I still Jóias de Família have no ideaow to rate thisTherefore I am splitting this into 3 categoriesAs a person with no imagination I When Elephants Weep have to take myat off for creativity JFC WTF I just read 5 starsThe writing was solid too Otherwise I wouldn t be wasti. Ater the Elite class rules the world on the backs of the Worker class while the Forfeits are nothing than a consumable product to be used and abused with no restriction whatsoeverThe Vessel was a college aged boy with a name and a future before

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JH Black has never had an apple pie and ice cream existence He lives down a rabbit hole of the taboo where he happily coexists in the dark depths with his twisted perversions