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Ow broken and emotionally amaged Brooke is Her need for him The Sisters Brothers despite the abuse is tangible and the story is a fast paced wild ride filled withrugs rape murder and betrayal I loved it That being said it really needs an editor This would ve been a five star read for me if the problems were fixed and I m not just being picky about commas and grammar There were times when the story jumped from one character to the next with no Vapor Trail (Phil Broker, divider so confusing If not a new chapter a simple line of asterisks would suffice to help the reader out There were also some plot holes that need fixed howid Ronan break from jail the first time We Endgame (Jani Kilian Chronicles, don t know and that s kind of a bigeal Character names were mixed up a couple times as well again confusing but nothing that can t be fixed with a good editor Bottom line the plot is great the author has talent and with a little help this could be an amazing book 45 Stars WOW That was a great book The story and concept were very strong The characters were very well built up uite close to real life and had a strong image The story was a page turner hooked me completely right from first page till the end in the need to know what happens next I loved this book pretty much It was a 5 Star read for me apart from some errors The characters were so strongly sketched to life that you can feel the psychopath Ronan is You can feel the anger the terror the irritation The situations were so very well plotted that you can feel how helpless Brooke felt what she s been through how she s surviving You must read it to find out how s the world of Ronan and Brooke A beautifully ark story it was Yes Does they go together Beautiful and Dark It oes In this book It has that uniue combination of story This author truly has some great skills and a strong hand Well i say this about the authors who have the potential to write some remarkable booksIt could have been a perfect 5 star but there were a few editing mistakes the scenes switched without any Digger the Dinosaur divider while story jumped from one character to another character or pastpresent flashbacks without specifying that was a bit confusing but there was nothing that can t be corrected with a good editor And when Ronan escapes from jail twicethe author should haveefined a bit How it happened Apart from that it was a great book and i loved it pretty muchIt is efinitely recommended to all the readers who like Dark Erotic Read Grateful to author for providing an ARC for an honest review Okay I ll confess I have a very hard time rating this book Every rating I come up with seems too much or too little I am seriously hesitant becauseOkay let me start with what I expected from the bookI expected arkness twists turns insanity and passion I got all of those It had a bit from everything Lust enough craziness to make me go whoa and two protagonists that had me uestioning everything So my expectations where somewhat metWhat I LIKED about this book HmmI enjoyed the main hero In what sense Well let me tell you that Ronan White Die Sommer der Porters drove me insane with his witty lines hisark appettites and Mercury Retrograde (Dark Alchemy, dizzying insanity He wasguh He terrified me and excited me at the same time I want to confess another thing while I was reading this book every time Ronan spoke one of his lines I was extremely reminded of Ledger s Joker Don t laugh but that is who I could picture and that is not a bad thing in my book No sirNow our storyBrooke Avery is a lawyer but she had served for a time in Ira The war left its marks on her and so when her firm asks her to be Ronan White s lawyer she is not shy to jump into the opportunity Ronan White is a notorious criminal with singular tastes He is scarred and that has taken its toll on his relationships with women The catch Each one has turned upeadWhen he meets Brooke in prison he is The Cattle Baron drawn to her So gentle Ronan said and Brooke held her breath at the sound of his voice at once sidling andangerous silk Desire Me More (Desire Me, draped andragged across a gravelly A Teachers Guide to American Tapestry driveHe cannot explain it but he wants her and for the first time in his life he realizes that a woman wants him as wellespite his looks After their first conversation he is able to tell that the beautiful lawyer has issues serious issues I won t go into What Happens to Our Trash? detail but the rest of the story is a catch and hunt game between the characters and theeveloping affair between our criminal and his lawyerBoth characters are twisted both have been through a lot and their relationship is based on sex Their affair is warped and perverted but they cannot stay away from each other Brooke will go to extreme measures to save Ronan and he will The Pursuit of Mary Bennet do everything to possess her and make her submit to his wickedesires The thing is that Brooke has her own wicked Scandals and Secrets (Hearts Of Fire, desires to fight as well and they just happen to fulfil Ronan s expectations Tell meoes your firm often send you out to the wolves like this All alone Sometimes Usually on the initial interview Ronan tilted his head and looked at her the shadows from the overhead lights making his eyes seem enormous and frightening It seems strange for a woman Almost masochistic Do you like Shooting for a Century dangerous men Do you like them looking at you at your body Wondering what they mighto what they might be capable of if you turned your back on them for just One Instant The story had a lot of subplots POVs and that s where it lost me a little That is what I I, Partridge didn t like It switched points of view and scenes so abruptly and with no warning that I had aifficult time following the uick changes I think a better editing could help with that I highly recommend a little polishing so readers can read it without getting too confusedOther than that I enjoyed the Shadow of the Templar dark atmosphere and settings This is not a book for the faint hearted It isark and makes no excuses It is not romantic it is not a fairytale If you Unforgiven (Warriors for the Light decide to go in be prepared If you loveark reads then I recommend it because it is nothing like anything I ve read before I cannot push it into a category It s one of a kind What I Buried Sins (The Three Sisters Inn, do wonder is if the author willecide to continue Ronan Brooke s storyI will be there to read it if she Six Days in Leningrad decides to375 to 4 Stars from me I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review 45 starsGenre Romantic SuspenseSetting Detroit Michigan POV Third person multiple POVs view spoilerNine including the main characters hide spoiler. He overhead lights making his eyes seem enormous and frightening“It seems strange for a woman Almost masochistic Do you likeangerous men Do you like them looking at you at your body Wondering what they might The Darkness do what they might be capable of if you turned your back on them for just One Instant” Welcome to Wonderlandexplores themes ofark sexuality violence and ubious consen.

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45 Curiouser and Curiouser StarsOMGosh that was some seriously messed up shit and I loved itWhite Rabbit had the eviant monster that resides in the A Dark Sicilian Secret deepark recesses of my mind clapping its hands and shrieking in utter Wolf Creek Homecoming (Wolf Creek delight The phrase We re all mad hereoesn t even come close to the insanity of this particular rabbit holeBrooke Avery and Ronan White both suffered traumatic childhoods producing Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography dysfunctional andisturbed adults I found myself wondering which of the two was the At the Italians Command damaged character in the story Brooke was a former military MP turned attorney Intelligent strong independent and beautiful Yet she tended to make very poorecisions and would have submissive relationships with Oh Baby! dangerous unstable men who used and abused her both emotionally and physically Brooke was always ready and willing to please in hopes of being accepted and loved regardless of how horrible she wasegraded and treated In short she was a masochist I will say that when left alone and given the opportunity Brooke was as badass as they come How to Her Rancher Hero (Saddlers Prairie, describe Ronan charming witty charismaticangerous The Maid of Lorne drugealer rug addict irrational unpredictable murderer sadomasochist Ronan showed no signs of having an ounce of humanity He often randomly shot and killed his own crew as a stress reliever He is one of the most sickly isturbing and frightening characters that I have ever readThe story actually had the feel of 50s gangsters meets Suicide Suad with all of the crime corrupted politicians and violence I couldn t help but compare Ronan and Brooke to the Joker and Harley uinn Both are bat shit crazy and are explosive when they are together Ronan s physical How to Become a Virgin description reminded me of Heath Ledger s Joker tall lanky but well built body Dirty blond hair that cameown to his collar The left side of his face was Dangerous Disguise (Cavanaugh Justice, disfigured with one of the scars making him appear to be smiling all of the time As for the sex well I wouldn t call it sex or fucking andefinitely not making love It was raw primal violent Beautiful but in the ugliest of ways like a lust filled rage overtaking them and ending in a brutal and tormented climaxWhile I loved this book it The Bosss Baby Surprise did a have few flaws Editing issues Normally I m not bothered with typos but this was than just misspelling a word Author should really re editAuthor seemed to have favorite phrases that she over used throughout the book Theeal Ronan while being interrogated in exchange for information was just a little far fetched Ronan breaking out of jail not once but twice and Brooke leavinguitting her job were not explained The sex scenes were pages long often repetitive and became tiresome later on in the book I wish there had been of a mysterysuspense to the plot maybe a twist or some big revelation but the story was somewhat predictable in a Dark Knight kind of way White Rabbit is the first in the series the second book Lovely Alice is currently available so that means the story in continued but instead of leaving you hanging the story arc has an ending Lastly like other reviewers I must caution anyone interested in reading this book to heed the warnings This is truly a ark read It s not a love story there s no romance It is violent and brutal in and out of the bedroom Some of the subject matter circles around ubious sex rape incest mommy and Command Performance daddy influenced sexual situations and some really fucked up background stories This book is not for the faint of heart Review to come Copy received in exchange for an honest review Thank you Book 1 in the seriesWow this is aark read Very well written although there are a few wrong word mistakes or missing wordsWhat Brooke needs to survive in a world of murders and Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, drug lords and what she grew up with is incredible When she meets Ronan for the first time her future is formed in an instantRonan is the Boogyman Everyone is afraid of him What heoes to women and people who The Perfect Blend displease him is cruel and inhuman But he seems to have something that Brooke needsThisoes not have a cliffhanger but there is a second book That there is that can happen is obvious but I on t know if that is what the second book is aboutI have a few triggers that I have only recently found out affect how I read books with them in itThis book has 2 of mine but I still enjoyed reading it WOAH Ok so I will start with the warning about this book There is some serious ark twisted and beautiful ugliness between these pages It is raw graphic and unapologetically brutal in its Wanted (Sealed with a Kiss delivery There is rape torture violence murderubious consent and some history of inscest and that s just the tip of this book This is not for everyone and Rayuan Sang Bos [Seduced By the Boss] defiantly not for the faintheartedBefore I start my review I will address the editing Ion t want to Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover, drag on about the editing and take away from the brilliance of the story So yes there is editing issues that could have been fixed but over all the story is such an epic read I got over it pretty fast And now let s move on What happens when aamaged ex military MP meets a murderous psychopath A Love Story like no otherRonan and Brooke have both suffered traumatically in their childhoods which have shaped the beautifully flawed adults they grew into They each have their own Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm darkness and vulnerabilities theiristurbing and twisted needs and Whispers Of The Heart desires And just like a mothrawn to the flame these two are The Dukes Gamble drawn to each otherBrooke isn t your typicalamsel in Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, distress and thank fk for that She is real and for that I Flove her She is one tough and in charge kind of woman with the will to survive After being raped and abused at such a young age some would say she s a little messed up for allowing herself to be put back in the situation all over again in her adult life Personally I think she is perfectly fine She has her ownarkness which could have been influenced from her past but never the less she craves the roughness the violence the corruption and twisted bliss that only a man like Ronan can provide And not just in the bedroom Ronan sigh my crazy wild Let Go dysfunctional book husband He is like no other man you will ever meet Criminal mastermind murderer rapistrug Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition dealer are just a few of his traits He is psychotic calculating ruthless sadistic man who lacks all moral or ethical conscience for his actions You can feel thearkness the madness seeping from every. When Brooke Avery became lawyer to one of the most notorious criminals in the city she knew how Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh dangerous he was She knew all about his charm his brutality his infamous reputation with womenWhat sheidn’t know is how much her obsession would end up costing her or how their strange violent relationship would ignite the entire city“You are very beautiful Brooke” he said his

Single page It s intoxicating Yet when it comes to Brooke there is this almost gentleness as gentle as Ronan can be that is loyalty and love The love between Ronan and Brooke is a force to be reckoned with It s unconditional irrational and comes close to insanity but honestly what true love isn t like that True love knows no shades it Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward doesn tiscriminate on how ark and twisted your soul is or how crazy and wrong you are Love just simply is Love I on t want to give too much of this story away so I m going to wrap it up here by saying this book is full on in every single way It is fast paced and How to Disappear doesn t shy away from the graphicetails I know this is short and to the point but seriously Ronan has kicked my butt for two Act Like You Know days on this review I have re written 4 times and spent time playing with teasers see below and to be honest guys I just want to go back and finish my re read of them I m not ready to let them go just yet If you love your reads on thearker side with a big chunk of crazy and some sprinkles of A Guide to Americas Sex Laws danger then you really need to grab this book I can not recommend it enough poor Jen has got herself a shameless fangirl on her hands But pleaseo take the warnings seriously I would hate this book to get some negativity because someone Agewise didn t listen to howisturbing this book actually gets ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review For reviews news and giveaways check out Saucy Reviews on Kinky Korner at Blog Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram This is probably one of my favorite ark romances of all time The characters the ialogue the plot it s all perfect I wasn t even bothered by the repeat phrases the author kept using A Village with My Name: A Family History of China's Opening to the World dark and electric eyes hair aark wing his eyes were twirling he wore a mask of polite Anthropology as Cultural Critique disinterest because everything else was so awesome But I m not touching the third book in the series Apparently the hero gets with someone else and that book focuses on her instead of Brooke which completely ruins the first book in the series Brooke might come back later but there s no releaseate for the fourth book and the third book came out two years ago This author is brilliant which is why I m still giving this book five stars but I feel kind of betrayed by the way the series went Maybe I should give the third book a chance regardless but I couldn t bear to see it Anyone dismantle the beautiful love story between Ronan and Brooke that JD Sloane created in White Rabbit There s no better way to piss off a romance reader than to get them emotionally invested in a romance only to replace the love interest with someone new in the next book That s one of the reasons I stopped reading Sarah J Maas books since she has a habit ofoing that the other reason is that her books are long but on t have enough substance to warrant the length I still recommend this book though Even if it s just read as a standalone it s still very good TW ubious consent violence murder HOLY COW BATMANWhat Boggs did I read White Rabbit is what I can t even I spent the wholeay reading this little beauty I legit couldn t put it Battleground Chicago down I think at times I was annoying my bestie with all my rambling When I read and know someone has read it also I find it easier for myself to read and stop chat read stop chat because BOOK LOVERS prepare your mind to get jacked UPNow you all know Io not read books likes this often it is very rare that I will Albert Camus dive into some twistedark romance like thisI honestly Bitter Choices didn t think I was going to like it as much as Iid But holy sht Bill Veecks Crosstown Classic did I ever I am in aweee with the Mther Fcker l Ronan he is so scary and so very unpredictableI love him in a sick twisted way I thought wow Iig you Mr ScaryAnd then we have Brooke and gurlll I love her so She is so like crazy too but I just adore her She is one bad ass so strong from what she has overcomeI hated Donnie I wanted to see him get what was coming to him He was a total shady MF I was like the whole time shuddering from his creepiness And I Blood, Milk, Ink, Gold despised LiamRonan and Brooke are perfect for each other all the nutting and bjs and thatamn belt fansherselfDamn book lovers if you are looking for something twisted Mikhail Bakhtin dark hella hot romance this is the story for youI couldn t believe how addicted I was until I finished at 2am and went searching for book 2I really liked the story at times I was confused who was telling me the story and I had to stop and see what I just read but eventually I figured it all out I think the story was well paced and Brooke is aamn champ at giving BJs justsayingWhat happens when a lost ex military chick meets a murderous sexy scary psychoA lot of Passionate Raw Sex though it was like Rough and Carnival dirty like I want to punch you in the face and then nut all over youLike I said I really loved the story Brooke was hired to be Ronan s lawyer and then shit hit the fan and we have this epic roller coaster ride of all them feely feelsFrom the beginning to the end I was hooked each page kept me on the edge of my seat possibly keep the fan on or make sure you have access to something that will cool youown No seriously I mean it You may think I am crazy hey I know I am a little but the couple s chemistry ignites from the pagesYou sit there and want you want to know what s going to happen next Both Ronan and Brooke are jaded both are broken and both are emotionally challenged but Togetherworks It works so wellPraise to the author who it would have taken guts to produce something so gritty and Citizens and Paupers dark and stick to her guns and publish a really good story It could possibly my new favouriteark romance story I brought this because well I was told nicely that I had to read this and book lovers make no mistake I am freaking floveing it I am looking forward to reading the second oneI found thought there were some small editing problems so small But I can totally look passed that and give this book a 4 star story and a 1 star for that coverI am loving that cover I can t wait to get in on my book shelf I would say for everyone to go in with an open mind and give this story a try Yes yes there are triggers and cautions but Christ on a cracker its totally worth it all PNR Book Lover Reviews Ang Loved it but the editingThis author has some serious skill in capturing the essence of crazy You can literally feel how psycho Ronan is and empathize with Oice low and Brooke felt herself blushing beneath the weight of his stare She pulled her skirt Bargaining for Brooklyn down and then unfolded her legs completely while he watched her with a bemused expression on his face“Tell meoes your firm often send you out to the wolves like this All alone”“Sometimes Usually on the initial interview”Ronan tilted his head and looked at her the shadows from

Not really sure what to write here A lot of writers will tell you that they've been writing their whole lives and I'm no different But what that won't tell you is that they don't just want to write they have to It's like a compulsion Essentially you spend a huge chunk of your life trying to bring to life people who only exist in your mind So in that sense the only thing that really separ