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A tiny size The books text is displayed in a way that is not confusing to children and the images just provide a source for the students to visualize what is going on I think this book is great for transitional readers especially if they love adventure One other fun part about this book is that it provides a true facts section at the end of the book for students to read and develop new knowledge on The premise is really interesting and the book series is a great way to present science to kids in an exciting fictionalized way The one thing that drives me nuts though is how Thudd always always speaks in baby talk I end p altering that when reading out loud to my kids There are several things that are frustrating about this book1 A key character is a robot The robot talks in weird fragments and mispronounces words For example Andrew became Drewd and Judy became Oody This is just so dumb and confusing The robot is the one who tells Andrew and Judy interesting facts about science Dog roll in stinky stuff Stinky stuff hide doggy smell While reading this book I changed Thudd s words in to normal English 2 The ending is REALLY bad because it is to be continued Literally It reminds me of a sitcom where you have to wait ntil next week to find out what is going to happen It is not a real ending It is very lazy writing not to mention a nasty marketing techniue I have read in reviews that this to be continued continues ntil Book 43 I found a few of the science facts nauseating The bit about mites being everywhere and eating our skin flakes made me itchy and I immediately went and changed the sheets on my bed The part about mites living in the follicles of our eyelashes was justgaah I nearly lost my lunch However the good news is that the story is the right pace and the right amount of excitement for a first or second grader Some of the science facts in the form of Robot Speak were really pretty interesting DS wants to read the next book so their vicious marketing scheme has worked On to book 2 sigh UPDATE I gave my son a choice between the next Andrew Lost book and a Humphrey the Hamster book and he chose Humphrey I m saved My six year old science loving son absolutely devours these books He likes to read but often chooses to play insteadthese books have changed that He is fascinated and delighted by them I love seeing him with his nose in a book A bit older but still funAndrew builds a shrink ray then accidentally shrinks himself and his cousin They end Babys Watch / A Hero of Her Own up on the neighbor dog Harley and fight to get off of him and back to the shrink ray tondo what they ve doneEnds with a TBC cliffhanger ending I m guessing book 2 solves this problem but then starts anotherA bit Magic School Bus y with Andrew and Judy shrin. Drew and Judy find themselves lost on their neighbor’s dog where they encounter everything from colossal fleas to

I must admitI have mixed feelings about this book I liked this book It was kind of fun Andrew accidentally shrinks himself his cousin and his robot buddy to insect size and they end Desire Island - The Niece up on a neighbor s dog The reader learns a ton about dogs and people their not a lot of action to it mostly wired and gross things Andrew Dubble is a ten year old inuisitive boy who loves to invent things He has just finished creating the Atom Sucker when things go terribly wrong He and Judy his 13 year old cousin endp being shrunk and the adventure begins The neighbor Mrs Scuttle has a dog named Harley The two kids end Sweet Valentine up on Harley and learn all about a dog s smelling ability sneezing speed and even eyelash mites from THUDD THUDD is The Handy Ultra Digital Detective that comes inite handy to Andrew and Judy on this hair raising adventure As with all of the books in this series it is filled with scientific facts Learn about dog goosebumps and what colors dogs can see This book will provide interesting facts additional readings and the first chapter of the next book in the series Get involved in the science fair at your school Use some of the facts in this story to get you started Get a group of friends together to read the series Starting your own book club can be fun Visit the website of the author wwwandrewlostcom Science Make a list of some of the amazing facts shared in this storya dog s smelling ability a dog s sneezing speed skin flakes and dust mites a dog s senses goosebumps on dogsthe list could go on and on Share some of these ideas with friends You may find that they want to read the story as well This book was very interesting It would be a great book for transitional readers who are interested in dogs technology and adventure This book would be sed for independent reading Students in third or fourth grade would love this book because it holds the readers attention and it is nonfiction There are not pictures on every page and the sentence length is about six to eight words The words should be familiar to students in third or fourth grade The font size is smaller than beginning readers and the book is split into chapters This book is a good length for transitional readers it is ten chapters and 60 pages Some things I like about this book are the table of contents and the character introduction In this book the characters are each given a short introduction before the book starts I think this will help the student develop a sense for the characters and see the character development throughout the book This books story line should be familiar to students and it is not complex The only part of the book students may need help figuring out is a digital robot like character that shrinks the other characters to. When Andrew’s latest invention the Atom Sucker goes haywire Andrew and Judy are shrunk down to microscopic level An.

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King and exploring the dog Robot friend Thudd teaches them facts about whatever they re exploring with helpful pictures included It is a weird first book as it feel like it is picking p in the middle of the story Andrew Lost on the Dog is a great example of an adventurous text for children The author JC Greenburg begins the book with a short bio of each of the characters in this series of books which I thought was a great way to get students engaged in the text but also help them to have a better nderstanding of the character s traits and how they might effect the stories In this book Andrew Thud and Judy are set off on an adventure when they are accidentally shrunk by one of Andrew s inventions They find themselves traveling throughout the body of the next door neighbors dog as they try to make their way back to the shrinking machine before it s too late This a great read aloud book The students love the humor the author gives but that it also has some real information about the things the characters encounter such as dust mites being trapped in a oily hair follicle or the mucus of the dog This has the students wanting to go fact check this information and see if it s true which I think is a great way to keep the readers engaged and wanting to listen to This book was brought by a student in my classroom who that it was a great book and the class would like it and she was right We have ordered books from this series for our classroom I think the humor and adventure in this book makes it s WOW book The idea of giving the students real information but also interesting is a great way to keep reading fun Definitely a good read for students in grades 2 5 because it does have some complex vocabulary They are very short chapter books but very fun to read This is a cute story similar to Honey I shrunk the Kids movie The main character is Andrew a boy inventor His sidekick is a pocket sized robot that his ncle game him His partner in adventure is Judy his cousin Andrew takes his new invention a machine that shrinks things outside and it accidentally is triggered shrinking Judy and Andrew who find themselves on Harley the dog There are lots of scientific information about dogs throughout the story and at the end of the book in an appendix There is also a list of references about microscopic insectsWhile I liked the story I didn t like these things about it This is a beginning chapter book that ends in a cliff hanger You must read the next book to see how it resolves This seems a bit Some Like It Hotter unfair for a beginning reader The robot character is smart but baby talks misprouncing names etc This was a bit odd and annoying This book should appeal to 1st and 2nd graders who are moving into chapter books and who like scienc. Rab like eyelash mites Now they have to find their way back to the Atom Sucker and getnshrunk before it’s too lat.