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A feeling f relief and it was with a sense f freedom I turned to the magazines I had provided myself with Hero is named Vance which has a 1950 s pastiche ring about it whereas the book was published in 1972 and just made me cringe The hero doesn t properly cont 35 rounded up The heroine is fed up with her humdrum existence and goes to look after her nephew as her selfish beautiful sister is ff n a cruise Lot f rumours abound as you d expect in a such small place She falls in love and gets her HEA despite the machinations The Age of Treachery of her sister who arrives back early I loved the part when her sister s lies are foundut A very sudden ending but it was clear that they were going to head ff into the moonlight together This was f a 25 stars rounded up There are a lot The Catcher in the Rye and Philosophy of good characters an h who in the past was mild mannered and easily pushed around her sister s nickname is Mouse a mysterious H who refuses to explain his activities even when it means people think the worstf him a self absorbed OW whose motivations are crystal clear me me me at all times and a handful Seven Sisters New Quilts from an Old Favorite of secondary characters thrown in to stir the pot However the book feels like it s missing about 20 pagesf interaction between the h and H where it s clearer that their relationship is moving forward Done correctly Shadow and thumb Now Averil had talked her into looking after her little boy for a few weeks Rodney was spoiled uncontrollable and constant.

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His could have been a really enjoyable book This was a sweet very pleasant Harleuin romance from back in the day this copy is marked 50 cents Esther is asked by her vivacious and self centered sister to come to her cottage and take care f her spoiled son for a while since Averil has the chance to go n a pleasure cruise Since Esther is feeling a little discouraged by her apparent descent into spinsterhood she agrees Meeting Vance the lord f the manor in the area she feels strong antagonism that eventually turns to love Since he s been paired with Averil by the whole community her love seems hopeless There wasn t too much to this story than that but I enjoyed the relaxed little village the residents who are interesting characters and the peek into small town English life The When a Man Loves a Woman often negative interaction between the sisters provided some history while adding some spice I enjoyed this very much it hit my mood precisely at this moment One thing that wasdd to me was that the hero continued to let everyone think he and OW were an item OW had even convinced herself With mulitple people telling the heroine that OW and hero were expected to marry it was understandable f her to take the attitude that she did BTW OW is heroine s younger prettier sister and was a widow with a young son. Ly in trouble with both school and neighbors He was certainly than Esther had bargained for But then so was Averil's landlord dynamic Vance

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Esther was the Keep From Falling ordinary sister and when her sister Averil wanted her to babysit while she wentff Catalogue the Insanity on a cruise inevitably she did so It was unfortunate that while Averil was away Esther should fall in love with the local lordf the manor Vance Ash the man her sister has picked ut for number two husband This is a sweet tale f an Shrek ordinary girl who finds happiness despite the vagariesf her family Nasty rumours about Vance and discouragement from all sides make things look dark The ending was very sweet Love a dark gloomy hero redeemed by the love f a good woman Didn t see much romance They did not even spent much time together nor talked much This is the first Henrietta Reid book I ve read and it would have been the last ne too if it weren t for the fact I ve failed my Look Alikes Jr. own policyf purchasing nly ne title upfront from an author regrettably I ve got Falcon s Keep n rderI m rating Sister Collecting and Exhibiting Computer-Based Technology: Expert Curation at the Museums of the Smithsonian Institution of the Bride a two star vintage romance read and as I m feeling nit picky after finishing it I m listing a mini cataloguef gripes with the book Its title is a misnomer the heroine s sister is hoping she ll marry the rich guy hero Story is told in first person but in such a bland fashion that never get a real sense He Remembers the Barren of engaging with heroine a typical line as follows I was consciousf. She was much too kindhearted Esther had never learned to say no to the demands f her beautiful sister Averil She had always lived under her.