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Last week I saw an old cowboy walking across the parking lot hand in hand with his silver haired wife and I smiled There s something Miniseries Cameron s Pride Wow Hopefully I can ead some books by this author hooked from the start and had a hard time putting down The story the characters and the setting was just wonderful I enjoyed this book very much C on AAR so 25 stars After having a chance to speak with several Harleuin Heartwarming authors at RWA last year I ve been curious to try some of the books in this line There have been discussions in Rom land both online and off about the market for non inspy books with a lower sensuality A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners rating There s definitelyoom in the market for books of all sensuality levels and I ll be curious to try from Heartwarming However Into the Storm just didn t work when it came to capturing my interestThe book opens as Colorado widower Jake Cameron is watching his grown sons compete on the. Can she finally stop unning Horse trainer Shelby Doucette never bothers to unpack her bags With no oots no ties and no fixed address but her granddad's old sedan she's avoided emotional connect.

Bull Au bagne riding circuit I had high hopes for the story as the brief opening chapter provided a window into Jake s pride in his sons his worry for his family and also the loneliness of life without his wife Things pick up as Jake finds himself injured when his truckuns off the Indistractable road in the snow Luckily traveling horse trainer Shelby Doucette enoute to a job comes across him and is able to help Since her own car is now broken down Shelby accepts Jake s offer of a Jacques Prevert ride once his truck is back on theoadThat ide soon turns into something When Shelby ends up having to leave her training job following sexual advances from the anch owner s son Jake steps in to escue her providing work and a place to live in an isolated cabin on his property It s obvious to pretty much everyone in the book that Shelby is unning from something but it s eually obvious that it will take a lot of time before she would ever trust anyone with her secrets Ions and eluded her past for fourteen years Get in do the job get out That's always been her way Until she meets Jake Widower Jake Cameron is unlike any man she's ever known but that doesn't mean.

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Ikewise Jake misses his wife desperately and struggles with keeping the family going alone but he also can t deny feeling very attracted to ShelbyInto the Storm could have been a very poignant story However the emotional potential of the storyline never feels fully The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1: The Pox Party realized and what we do get ends up being somewhat marred by unnecessary melodrama at the end The writing often felt choppy and ameteurish with lots of telling and not enough showing In addition the dialogue is sometimes so simplistic that I sometimes felt a little patronized Maybe people inural Colorado eally do talk this way but I ve never heard a character say Girl to a female character so many times in my lifeThis is a partial eview You can find the complete text at All About Romance Wonderful storyI loved this story about Shelby s unrealized strength and courage Everything she d been through had led to her happily ever after This is a very heart warming stor. He can be trusted He has a way of sneaking through her defenses a way of making her want to stay for good But being with Jake would mean finally facing her past And heading directly into the sto.

Born and raised a Kentuckian Helen DePrima fell in love with all things Western while spending summers on a ranch as a teen and later living in Colorado for ten years Retiring after 25 years rehabbing wildlife in New Hampshire she turned again to her earlier passions writing and the West