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Uch I absolutely oved this book series It was wonderful to follow Nephi and his family through their journey to the Americas The author used the actual story of Nephi and his family but gave their wives names and personalities It was adventurous as the family encounters the dangers of their journey but it was also emotional to experience the family breakup and all the troubles that brought I highly recommend this book series Loved it just as much as the first one I really enjoyed this book It brought to Investigating the Supernatural life the family of Lehi and what they might have experienced as they journeyed towards the promisedand It was easy to read too The author Sturm-Liouville Problems linked the vision of the tree ofife to their experiences in the wilderness which made the vision even real I would recommend not just this book but the series This is my own book so it was strange to determine a star rating Since this is the 2nd in the Out of Jerusalem series and took a greater tangent than the first volume Of Goodly Parents I ve had some readers balk But I do explain the research in the Preface Also the research on this book was incredible and took probably twice as much time as actually writing itReally this is a story of oss and incredible faith When Ishmael dies I can t imagine Beset Lehi’s and Ishmael’s families until the unthinkable happens a marauding tribe abducts Lehi’s daughter Elisheba Nephi and his brothers vow to bring their beloved sister back safely But as mon.


Nything sad than a family having to bury their father in a foreign and knowing they l never return to pay respects at his gravesiteStill makes me sad think about it I really enjoyed this series I found all four of the books in the series rivetting I was obsessed about getting them read and finished them in 5 days These books are based on the story of Lehi and Nephi and their family s journey through the wilderness to the promised and A great read Moore has researched various scriptures and fictionalized the reason it took eight years for Lehi s family to travel through the wilderness I often felt a similarity between Lehi s family particularly Laman and Lemuel and their Brainteaser Physics lack of desire to follow the Lord s commandments compared to the Children of Israel who wandered for 40 years Anyway Moore gives ideas of problems that could have occurred during their travel to theand of Bountiful I Collecting Shakespeare loved Moore s research and references to geography Helped the Book of Mormon come toife a The Phenomena and Diosemeia of Aratus little Holy speculation Batman I don t know Interesting theory and fanciful read I don t believe OR disbelieve the theory of Lehi s family being in captivity at some point during their 8 year sojourn in the wilderness Guess Il find out some day Can t wait to ask the. Ths stretch into years can theyFast paced and carefully researched bestselling author H B Moore delivers a heartpounding and thought provoking novel that is sure to delight fiction and history overs ali.

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Love this book ove this series It really brought the Book of Mormon to Early FM Radio life for me I feelike I know the people in the Book of Mormon better I understand the culture environment of the time much than beforeThe only problem now is remembering which parts are fiction and which parts are scriptural This is the second installment in Heather B Moore s series Out of Jerusalem Thoroughly enjoyed this one as well The author has Lehi and his family in servitude for five years in order to obtain the release of one of the daughters Elishaba who was captured at a oasis I wondered about this and I found out from Heather s father that he had suggested this plot twist to her The journey normally takes a few months to complete and they were gone for 8 years If you go online to the website maxwellinstitutebyuedu and type S Kent Brown you can read his excellent essay on Lehi s bondage in Arabia which provides clues as to why this could have been a very real possibility So fascinating This was the second book and it was still just as good as the first Heather Moore stated she wishes that the readers will study and ponder for themselves the Book of Mormon Again she did a very good job of portraying the familie s feelings their situations and the scenery and The exhilarating tale of Lehi and his family continues in A Light in the Wilderness the second volume of the acclaimed Out of Jerusalem series As they travel toward the promised and dangers and tempests.

Heather B Moore is a USA Today bestselling author of than a dozen historical novels and thrillers written under pen name HB Moore She writes women's fiction romance and inspirational non fiction under Heather B Moore This can all be confusing so her kids just call her Mom Heather attended Cairo American College in Egypt the Anglican School of Jerusalem in Israel and earned a Bache